Hello Girls, I was sent this ultra feminine web site from a clients. Take a look at  This site has many separate sections to observe–from panties to bras in silk and lace and sizes that fit the TG woman. Thank you to a client you sent me this information.

Stay tuned, I will blog next about going on a flight with a soon to be TS who had never been able to get on a flight, for fear of the screening process. When I saw her pulling back for fear of being “clocked” I would simply step forward using a very feminine voice, movements and walk. This set everyone at peace. On the flight home, she had over-come her fear.

I have had so many exciting consults, I will begin blogging (never using your name or city) and I am told this helps others. If any of you have any fears or have found a way to over come them, please do email your story. Also, read Robins Blog. She just recently finished a 100% professional photo shoot, wearing very feminine under-garments but in very good taste.

Stay tuned!

Denae Doyle/Founder FemImage

6 thoughts on “SECRETS IN LACE

  1. thank you Patrice- I also have purchased some darling silk boy panties which look great with thigh highs. There colors are great also and the silk feels so smooth. Thanks, Denae

    • This brings up a question that I have had – I find that thigh high stockings tend to lose their grip fairly quickly. Even when I wash them after use and even try to clean the silicone bands with alcohol. Is this also your experience or do you know any tricks that will keep them ‘gripping’ through many wearings?


      • Hello Claudia- Finding thigh highs–which stay UP..can be difficult. The # 1 suggestion I have…is to purchase the best quality band, from a retail store. Next, be sure and purchase thigh highs which has 3 silicone bands–not just 2 bands. If your legs are thin, you may select a smaller size. Also, for sexy belts to hold them up….you must get the metal, not the less expensive plastic snap hooks…as they will come off the first time you sit down! Thank you for writing!
        Denae Doyle

    • Many girls do not realize the new “lacy boys underwear…..are not only sexy, but they do not show a VPL (visual pantie line). Many wear a “gaff” under in a neutral color and add a colorful boy pant underneath. If you can find a bra that matches, even more fun!….Denae

      • Try Target for the underwear for women,the lacy boys underwear is wonderful, and I prefer them to regular panties, and they are very sexy and….. covers!

  2. “The Secrets in Lace” website was so helpful for me, Denae. I learned so much about some special undergarments for “girls” like me. Thanks for sharing. Loved the website. Patrice

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