Photo Posing For The TG Woman

As many of you have been reading, Robin had a beautiful, sexy, photo session…and today we met and picked the best of all the photos taken. However, Robin will be planning another photo session…as there were small details that can give away the TG woman. Example, I showed her how to always face a shoulder or leg AWAY from the camera (when twisting at the waist). Also, have your photographer be higher than you….as you will appear smaller and shorter. Close up those fingers, remember to cup the hand and fingers slightly. Keep your head up, back and slightly to the side–so you don’t  bring attention to your neck area.

Visit my web site for my DVD on Photo Posing, there are so many small details which will help you appear more feminine and will help you learn the tricks of hiding larger hands, or perhaps larger shoulders. The # 1 area which will help all of you, is to practice smiling. Men do not smile much, and this can ruin your wonderful photos. So, take some time to practice:

Tilting your head slightly, Smiling with your mouth open and closed, looking forward with both eyes looking towards one side, changing the shape of your lips…with pulling them in slightly (or out). And, most of all….as I teach in my Vol 1 Sensual Feminine Movement….stand with your weight on ONE foot not both feet–and practice pointing your toe. If your toe and knee are pointed in the same direction, WOW your entire feminine figure will change. Study how women cross their ankles, and the various hand positions with different foot and leg positions. I show all these items in my Vol 1 for the TG woman. Simply put, break out of your guy mode of moving, smiling, standing. You will feel more feminine and look more beautiful. If you’re in the Northern CA area, come and work with me!   831 479-1282

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