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Tips For Eating Out ~ While Dressed! Pay Attention Girls, I See This Lots Of Pretty TG Women…Start Eating Like Men…When They Get Hungry

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Tips & Tricks for Crossdresers & Transgenders

Etiquette and Dining Tips for the New Transgender Woman

Written by Denae Doylë

Are you really nervous about going out to eat en femme? Know you’re not alone, this is an important right of Transgender passage, and all “new women” have these normal concerns. I often see very well groomed Transgender women who have spent endless hours on perfecting their makeup and clothing, revert back to their male conditioned habits, when the food arrives. Etiquette is an extremely important aspect of being a lady, so next time– think about how you’re being perceived by others before you begin chowing down while you’re beautifully dressed. Here are some helpful dinning tips to consider before your next luncheon or dinner.

Before the Meal:

  • Check out the restaurant ahead of time. That way you’ll know exactly what’s on the menu, what you might want to order, what other women are wearing and where the rest rooms are located.
  • Always take your coat off when entering, and carry your coat and handbag to the table. Spread your coat open and lay it across the chair (sitting on the inside of the coat) placing the collar over the back of the chair. Place a small handbag next to you in your chair, or a larger one beside your foot. Please don’t hang your coat over the back of the chair, and don’t leave your purse on the table or on the floor where others could trip on it.
  • Be polite. Make an effort to speak softly and say “please” and “thank you” to your server as well as to your host and call them by name. Smile! A smile is an important part of being a woman. Always tip well, so you are welcome to return the next time you are dressed and want a safe place where you feel welcome.
  • Are you not sure what utensil to use?  My mother taught me an easy way to remember what to use when. Start at the outside and work your way in. Your salad fork will be on the far left; your entree fork will be next to it. Your dessert spoon and fork will be above your plate.
  • Generally, liquids are on your right, solids on your left. For example, your water glass will be on the right and your bread plate will be on the left.
  • The very first thing you do, once everyone is seated is put your napkin on your lap.
  • Remember what your mother spent years telling you – keep your elbows off the table, sit up straight and don’t talk with your mouth full!
  • Slow down. Men generally eat very fast. I recommend you eat a small snack before you go out and always stop fluids 2 hours before leaving.
  • Keep your voice soft. Set your utensil down between bites.
  • Pat (don’t wipe) your mouth with your napkin. Use a straw for your cold beverage.
  • If you need to, apply lipstick only at the table; do not apply other makeup. Excuse yourself to go the ladies room for makeup touch-up and hair. Ladies, always get in and out of the ladies room as quickly as possible. Limit your conversation in the restroom. Please realize women wash and dry their hands!

During the Meal:

  • Don’t order messy food – pasta with lots of sauce, chicken with bones, ribs, big sandwiches, large portions and whole lobsters are all dangerous. Try food a woman would order, such as a salad.
  • Do order food that is easy to cut into bite-size pieces. Ladies always leave some food on their plate!
  • The polite way to eat soup is dip your spoon away. There’s less chance of spilling in your lap that way too!
  • Break your dinner roll or bread into small pieces and eat a piece at a time.
  • If you need to leave the table, put your napkin on the seat or the arm of your chair.
  • When you’ve finished eating, move your knife and fork to the “four o’clock” position so the server knows you’re done.
  • Remember to try and relax, listen, and participate in the conversation. Females are very animated listeners. Smile!  You can always ask your dinner guest questions as this avoids bringing up the subject of your own transgendered expression and feeling the need to always discuss it.
  • If you take your cell phone, leave it off unless you have Caller ID or the caller is expecting a woman to answer. It could be embarrassing having to speak using a male voice.


  • It’s wise not to drink more than a glass of wine while out in your new femme role. Passing effectively while out is tough enough without adding alcohol to the mix. Also, if you will be driving you will enjoy the evening more if you don’t stress about being pulled over– while en femme.

After the Meal:

  • Put your napkin on the table next to your plate.
  • Realize many Transgender women forget their social graces when they are nervous and when they’re hungry. Again, please remember to eat slowly, with your mouth closed, while taking small bites. You may be able to speak with your mouth full-with your guy friends- but not so when dressed.
  • If a lady must smoke, she should be considerate of the feelings and needs of those around her.
  • Think of female conversation to have during and after dinner.
  • If you’re eating alone, have cash to pay for your dinner. Unless you have female ID and credit cards. (You might have to show your ID with a credit card). If eating with a gentleman, women can share in the cost of the meal, depending upon the circumstances. Women eating together will generally pay for what each of them has ordered, and most often will not split the bill, as men generally do.
  • Put your coat on at the door, not at the table.  Find your keys and place your purse into position before stepping outside.
  • Walking, gesturing, sitting and rising from your chair correctly will top off the perfect dinning experience. While passing is important; if you’re a kind and interesting person who dresses with integrity and respect, you’ll be accepted in most circumstances.  Don’t expect perfection the first time out, even the most refined lady might slip now and then. And remember-have fun and enjoy your dining experience.

New TG Lingerie Site Plus Clothing Which Will Fit

Hello All, thank you all for your emails.

I have been sent a sensual, beautiful… site for TG woman, as it has beautiful lingerie, clothing, and it will FIT!

http://www.  If you have a great site, do email me at

I have been doing professional photography photo sessions with several clients, teachng you how to pose, how to turn your head, shoulders, which leg to face the camera, all the little areas that make for a much more feminine photo…and they  are beautiful and tasteful. With my  expertise being a Photo Model in NY and LA, I have learned from the best. Some very soft, yet feminine under garments photos plus a casual look, perhaps one business look….you keep all the film. You will love the results and learn too!

Look at my Photo Posing CD on my front page, by hitting the upper SF Gate banner to return to my DVD page.

If you’re traveling, do visit to the SF area, and work with me, as I have a summer special of 15% off. This includes all your training on voice, feminine movement, makeup and photo posing! And, I help you with your hotel, and other important arrangements. Some girls need to go shopping, where they can try on clothing (which we do in the afternoon after you and I are comfortable walking into a store. Recently, I have found Marshalls an easy way to shop, as they have male clothing also, and here in the SF area…they do not say anything if we have female clothing to try on also. I can help you with your sizing too.

If you would like to discuss where you are in dressing, or if you need a phone consultation to understand how you fit into the GID lifestyle….you will find I offer a sensitive, informative answers to your questions. Aways go slow and do it right!

I can be reached Noon to Nine Pacific time, at (831) 479-1282.  I hope to hea from e you soon!

Denae Doyle/Founder

FemImage Consulting for the TG Woman

Creating A More Feminine Look For TG Women

Hello From Denae. Many of you email me, asking for more posing suggestions. Most photos I receive my a new TG client, has various things in the background–such as an un-made bed, a hotel room check out sign, a base ball cap, etc. Take a few minutes to create a softer, more feminine background. Another tip, is to touch something which gives you an anchor (to hold onto and to add interest). Be touching with one or two fingers on a chair, hold a colorful scarf. If you plan on touching your face, such as leaning on one hand, or framing your face with your hands, the trick is to barely touch your face.  Don’t actually lean your face onto your hand or you will distort your face, instead pretend to, just have the lightest contact so that you don’t move your facial skin.Remember to turn your body in several S surves, which I teach in my Vol 1 DVD.  The more S curves you have (turning mostly at the waist) as this makes you look more slender, lifts the breasts, and prevents both shoulders from facing the camera. In closing, a little sexy is sexier! Please visit my DVD button, for wonderful tips for the TG woman.

Denae Doyle/Founder


Having Your Feminine Photos~ Look Sexier

I take after photos of all my clients, so they can tell the what they have learned. I have stairs, and I always step up about 5 stairs and have my clients on a lower stair. This will make you look more feminine and more thin.

In simple words, you want your photographer to be higher, it takes pounds off. If you don’t have stairs, then have the photographer than on a chair. Never have your arm or leg, towards the camera….use the back arm or it doesn’t scream larger arm or leg. Herewith a few more tips for your next feminine photo session.

How to avoid the double chin?  Most of us, when a camera comes near us, in a defensive move, pull our head backwards and chin in toward our chest, which of course doubles our double chins.   Remember to push your chin out a little when having your photo taken to stretch your neck and eliminate extra chinage.

Remember, take the photo from above not below (or at least your head height) as this will further minimize double chins.  Never let anyone take your photo from below if you’re concerned about your chins or weight!

If you have questions on how to create that perfect photo, email me and I will blog.

Many girls try taking their own photos, keep your tripod around chin level.  Put on your favorite music, relax and have fun. If you take 20 photos and get 2 or 3, that is good!  See clients photos page from my home page. For my home page, click on the Golden Gate Bridge Banner!

Denae Doyle/Founder

Swinging Your Hips While Walking In The New 4 Inch Heels

Hello Claudia. I love your question. I am filming a new DVD on how to walk in heels, due to the new 4-inch heel that is on the market. Yes, it is difficult to walk with the heel toe, when wearing the 4-inch heel.

Here is what I want you to do. Take smaller steps. Reach with your lead foot (the foot which has no weight on it)– is the important change… instead of using the standard heel toe, heel toe technique–step out, place your weight on the ball of your foot.

Next, practice allowing very little weight going into your feet. If you need to use your arms for balance, then do so. As long as they are feminine. I use my shoulders, for better balance. See what works for you, to obtain balance. If you feel your shoulders while walking, you will find…they keep your center of gravity. Next, practice pointing your toe. Yes, it sounds silly, but many men do not know how to arch their foot while pointing their toe (such as a ballet point). This is very important, when wearing heels…and avoids the flat-foot walk (which most tg’s have). While watching television, simple stretch your toe and point it. You will find, as your arch stretches out, you can wear heels..while placing wait on the ball of your foot.

Many tg women, do better with a lower heel shoe, as they are more comfortable with placing their foot (flat foot gait)  striking on the heel….since this is how they walk in “guy mode”.  So, concentrate on arch and toe stretching, and balance while walking.  Also, select a pair of heels, which has lots of strap support. The newer shoes, acutally have a platform glued ….to the OUTSIDE BOTTOM  of the ball of the shoe, will be much easier WALK IN  4-5 INCH HEELS.  Many of the higher quality 4 inch heels, will have a small platform glued to the outside of the ball of the shoe, just look for them when shopping! Next, do exercises, where you’re wearing no shoes. Stand flat, then lift up onto the balls of your feet–really stretching your foot, ankle and arch. Repeat 20 times. This is great for helping your ankle, to be stronger….to  support your stride while wearing 4-5 inch high heels. Watch many tg women walk in heels, they just don’t have graceful steps. Walking flat foot… throws off their entire body–throwing their shoulders down..the way men walk…heavy shoulders and upper arms! Eeeek. Don’t do that. I am attempting to film this seminar, and will have it out in download for you soon. See in SF! I bet my heels will be higher than you’re heels~ Lets have fun!


  Remember These Points:

Don’t look down, keep your head up.

Remember, chest and breasts lifted up, shoulders back, head back, and your chin parallel to the floor, while reaching out with the upper thigh and placing the ball of the foot directly down. By lifting all the weight UP and OUT of your waist while walking your hips  free of any weight…therefore you are able to have a controlled  hip swing– as they have only a small amount of weight in them. This allows you to control the degree of swing in your hips.

For all of you, who have purchased Vol 1, go back and review my walking segment. I demonstrate how to use a pole pointed down, in front of one foot…while tilting the pole downward with each step. This determines the correct “length” you should step…in relationship to the length of your arm reach. When your legs and arms are coordinated, you can change your walk to short casual steps, medium, or long. However, as of this printing, I have begun having my taller TG clients, simply cupp their hands slightly behind their hips, this allows them to not have a long arm swing with their gait, and it hides some of their hands. Try walking,  with both arm/hand techniques–with bent elbow and some arm swing, and then try bent elbows with hands hanging loosly behind your hips. See which works better for you!

Let me know how your practice time goes!




Hello Girls, I was sent this ultra feminine web site from a clients. Take a look at  This site has many separate sections to observe–from panties to bras in silk and lace and sizes that fit the TG woman. Thank you to a client you sent me this information.

Stay tuned, I will blog next about going on a flight with a soon to be TS who had never been able to get on a flight, for fear of the screening process. When I saw her pulling back for fear of being “clocked” I would simply step forward using a very feminine voice, movements and walk. This set everyone at peace. On the flight home, she had over-come her fear.

I have had so many exciting consults, I will begin blogging (never using your name or city) and I am told this helps others. If any of you have any fears or have found a way to over come them, please do email your story. Also, read Robins Blog. She just recently finished a 100% professional photo shoot, wearing very feminine under-garments but in very good taste.

Stay tuned!

Denae Doyle/Founder FemImage