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Beards–How To Cover Them For TG Women

Beards – God’s curse to cross-dressers. Many of us can’t
afford or can’t have electrolysis or laser treatments to remove our beards. But
don’t worry because cosmetics can help.

STEP ONE – Obtain the closest shave possible. Start
with a freshly washed face, and then moisturize. Next, using a multi-blade (or a
good electric razor if you prefer), shave using downward strokes then shave
using upward strokes afterward. Repeat the upward strokes two to three times to
get the closest shave possible. Pay special attention to your chin and the area
just above your lip, around and on the edge of the lip and under your nose.
Having a styptic pencil handy is good idea until you get used to shaving this
closely, a styptic pencil will stop any bleeding from cuts. I can’t stress
enough the importance of shaving very, very closely.

STEP TWO – With a pair of
cuticle scissors, carefully trim all nose and ear hairs. Many cross dressers
forget this, and even after you makeup is removed, having no visible nose or ear
hair is just a good practice to get into. Remington even makes electric shavers
designed just for this purpose.

Now look at your face very carefully in
a mirror. You are looking for stray hairs on your nose and between your
eyebrows. A tweezer will remove them quite easily.
I will talk more about
plucking eyebrows in a later article.

You must remember that all store
bought makeup, foundations and concealers are manufactured and designed with a
woman’s face in mind and will never cover medium to heavy beards, and will cover
light beards only for a very short period of time, so here’s what I suggest.

Start by applying a small amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck and
give it a minute to absorb. Reapply. I recommend that you use THE FANTASY GIRL
professional Pink Goo. In addition to helping conceal the beard shadow in
person, it hides it in photos as well. Camera flashes will definitely show heavy
shadowed beards under most makeup. Apply the Pink Goo to the beard and mustache
areas using a “patting” motion. You don’t need to apply very much, just a light
coat over the beard and mustache area will take the “shadow” out of the beard.
After the Pink Goo is applied, wait a few minutes until it dries. Next, using a
dry cosmetic sponge, or your fingertips, pat on the beard cover over the beard
and mustache area. After it sits a minute apply another thin coat if

– Next we apply the foundation, I use a cream foundation, it comes in many
shades, is inexpensive, and covers very well without having that “shiny” look
that many others have. Here at The Fantasy Girl salon we use a private label
cream based foundation. They go on lightly, and are easy to use and look great.
Using a cosmetic sponge, begin blotting the foundation over your face. Use a
patting method, to ensure even coverage. Make sure you evenly blend all over,
including the eyelid, eyebrow, and ear areas. What you are doing here is
creating an even skin tone all over you face. Our cream foundations are perfect
matches for our beard covers. You do not need very much, usually the residue on
the sponge after doing the beard area will be enough to cover the eye, upper
cheek and the area just under the jaw line. Most people can usually end the
cream foundation coverage just under the jaw line. Going lower risks getting
makeup all over your clothing, which is expensive and difficult to

– Apply a loose powder, which will set and smooth out the foundation. Our loose
powder is the perfect tone for setting our foundation crème. I use a powder puff
to apply the powder. Some people prefer placing a small amount of powder onto
their palm, then dipping a powder brush into the powder and pressing the brush
onto the face. The key is to actually push the powder firmly into the crème
foundation and face, melding the two. This allows the foundation to set properly
and slow down the process of your skin absorbing the cosmetics. Once again, use
sparingly, too much powder looks terrible, and will make any lines on your face
more pronounced. Take the powder puff and place in jar of powder, remove and tap
lightly to shake of excess powder. Then pat the powder puff all over your face,
starting at the top and moving downward. Be sure to use a “patting” motion – do
not rub your face with the puff, as this will cause streaking of the foundation.
Leave the loose powder on your face for 3-5 minutes to allow it to “set”. With a
large powder brush, using a downward motion starting at your forehead and
finishing at the base of your neck, brush any excess powder from your face. You
can use 2 or more tones of foundation to create contours on the face. Use a
darker tone on the jaw line and sides of the nose, and a lighter tone on the
cheekbone and eye areas.

This Tip provided by Sofie Taylor The Fantasy Girl
Salon, north of the Boston area.

Soma Bra Helps Women In Need. Don’t Throw Out Your Old Bras

Please check out ……and check the top bar–giving bras to poor and homeless women in shelters, any bra that is in good shape and is clean.  Don’t just throw your bra away!  Help women in need. The bra has to be usable. Look at the top bar for donate now! You can mail them in, or drop them off. Also, Soma has so many new, fabulous bras in all sizes. I find most TG women, wear an underwire or a soft-dup bra…both hold breast forms if needed.. Pass the good deed on!

Give Today!

Donate a bra and support women in need.

Learn More

July 8th–28th

Bras are the most needed, yet least donated item of clothing for women. Please help Soma Intimates and the National Network to End Domestic Violence support women in need by cleaning out your top drawer. Simply bring new or gently worn bras to any Soma Intimates boutique across the country to benefit domestic violence shelters in your community.

Half a million stories

Every bra has a story. See how donated bras have made a difference for women in need.


“A client came to our shelter in her pajamas late at night and did not have any other clothing with her as she did not have time to pack. Due to the bra donations, she was able to receive a bra the very next morning thanks to Soma.”

– NNEDV Shelter


“I came to the shelter with almost nothing. I had to leave so fast it was a choice between my belongings and my life. Receiving a bra and the comfort that came with wearing it was an amazing feeling. Just knowing that someone who didn’t even know me, cared about me …that someone actually thought to help. That made a huge difference in my choices and my future.”

– Anonymous Survivor

Tulsa, Oklahoma

“A victim entered our shelter with her two young children late at night after a violent situation at home. She was shaken, scared, unsure and in need of some hope. The next day the bras from Soma were distributed. Being able to select her own new bra was fun and helped take her mind off her situation for a little while.”

– Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc.

Punta Gorda, Florida

Consignment shop owner Kay Hill reached out to her customers to collect an incredible 642 bras. “One woman teared up as she shared her story of leaving in the middle of the night to escape a domestic violence situation. For me, that is when the power of the Soma Bra Donation became a reality.”

Washington, D.C.

NNEDV Headquarters. “The Soma Bra Donation means women all over the country who left home with nothing but the clothes on their back are going to have something to help them feel beautiful when everything else looks bleak. Donating a bra tells a woman, ‘You’re worth something beautiful. You’re worth everything.'”

– Kim Gandy, NNEDV President and CEO

Baltimore, Maryland

After hearing about the Soma Bra Donation, a Soma customer rallied her coworkers at the Maryland School of Medicine. Together they donated 193 bras for women in need, and wowed the Soma associates with their contribution!

Dayton, Ohio

Our loyal and caring customers in the Dayton, Ohio, area love to support women in need. Their generous contributions have given our boutique at The Green the title of most bras collected. Thank you!

Nashville, Tennessee

“I cannot thank you enough. The women of the shelter were thrilled to receive the five bags full. Know you are helping provide them with a better sense of dignity through their transition.”

– YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee

Birmingham, Alabama

“You have given us over 200 bras. For someone who is struggling to put her life back together, undergarments mean you are looking good as you go to job interviews, court appearances or children’s school activities. Thank you for understanding the needs of this very special group and meeting those needs in your very special way.”

– YWCA of Central Alabama

Atlanta, Georgia

A collegiate from Atlanta, Georgia, saw information about the Soma Bra Donation on Facebook and was inspired to help. She decorated boxes for collection in her sorority, and drove to her nearest Soma with bras collected from her sisters.

Chicago, Illinois

Long before Soma officially kicked off a nationwide event, an associate at Chicago’s Water Tower Soma boutique began asking customers to donate bras for women in need. The 500 bras the boutique collected on its own put the Soma Bra Donation on the map. Thank you!

Gilbert, Arizona

Elaine Birks-Mitchell founded Bra Recyclers to give bras to women and children in transition. “The letters we get from women who have received the bras are so appreciative. I like to think of myself as part of a bra-volution.”


“A client came to our shelter in her pajamas late at night and did not have any other clothing with her as she did not have time to pack. Due to the bra donations, she was able to receive a bra the very next morning thanks to Soma.”

– NNEDV Shelter


“I came to the shelter with almost nothing. I had to leave so fast it was a choice between my belongings and my life. Receiving a bra and the comfort that came with wearing it was an amazing feeling. Just knowing that someone who didn’t even know me, cared about me …that someone actually thought to help. That made a huge difference in my choices and my future.”

– Anonymous Survivor


Share Your Story


= Soma Bra Donation stories from survivors, shelters and more
= Soma Boutiques (219 Locations) = Soma Corporate Offices, Fort Myers, FL

Giving Is Beautiful

A group of breast cancer survivors who had suffered through mastectomies learned about the campaign and donated all the bras they had left from before their surgery. How wonderful that survivors of breast cancer could support survivors of domestic violence!— Alternatives Incorporated | Anderson, Indiana

A victim’s husband had burned all of her underclothing as a means of humiliating her during the abuse. She was so thankful to receive new bras.— A shelter in Indiana

A 36-year-old woman stated she wasn’t given enough money for food in the home and it had been four years since she bought a bra. She cried when presented with four beautiful bras of her choice. She told us she felt like a woman.— A shelter in Ohio

Donating a bra can make a world of difference to women who have to choose between buying a bra and putting food on the table.— Laurie Van Brunt | President, Soma Intimates

Help us support women in need

Give Bras

Start collecting bras now and bring them to any Soma boutique during the Soma Bra Donation

Donate Online

Give to the National Network to End Domestic Violence by adding a donation to your purchase.

Mail Bras

No Soma boutique near you? Mail new or gently worn bras to:
Soma Bra Donation Bra Recyclers 3317 S. Higley Rd, Suite 114-441 Gilbert, AZ 85297

Where do your donations go?

The National Network to End Domestic Violence is the leading voice for survivors of domestic violence, representing over 2,000 shelter programs throughout the United States.

Learn more at Find a NNEDV shelter near you

Converting your life to fulltime

I believe it is very important, to slowly re-do your home, to look (and feel) more feminine… than the way your home looked previously. I would begin with a bold color of paint, on an accent wall in your living room and also in your bedroom. Perhaps one color behind your bed with a bedspread with that color in it. Add some fabulous throw pillows from Pier One. In your living room against another wall… and find a colorful slip cover for your old sofa. Measure and find a new feminine color and it will slip over and fold into the sofa. Again, throw pillows in great colors! They will transform the old brown “guy” sofa.

Take all the clutter out of your house, all of it. Only hang a few things on the wall. A nice mirror, one or two paintings. I would remove photos from the past and find a special place in your bedroom for that. You want your living room, to have a new, statement. So, no baseball caps hanging on the rack! clip_image002[2]

If you go to the paint stores web sites, like Kelly Moore… they have a software program where you select the living room, or bedroom, etc. You click on the wall with the color your drag over. It will show you how the room will look with different colors on the walls and ceiling! What a wonderful improvement, to avoid wasting time and money and the wrong color or paint. It will help you with the baseboards also.

Clean out your home, removing the “clutter” and give it a new feminine touch! Also look through magazines for ideas for wall colors that are feminine. A bathroom is small and easy to paint in one solid color and then add a large vase with VERY long silk flower that are a second color to the bathroom wall color. Add towels the color of the really tall silk flowers. Again, no clutter!

Next, scented candles that smell yummy. Rose, lavender. A single woman wants her home to smell as good… as she does! Call a battered women’s shelter and clear out all the clothes that don’t fit,  and clear out all the clutter.

Now, when you come home and walk in, you will just FEEL better. This is important for all the full time girls, you want your home to feel, look and smell feminine. Oh yes, NO trucks! Trade them in for a smaller car!!

And, have fun with it. Being full time, is a full transition of home, car, clothes–not just you!


Denae Doyle


My Boudoir Photoshoot – Lights, Camera, Action!


This is Robin and this is the latest update on my boudoir photo shoot.

After over two months of thinking, planning, worrying, excitement, fear, it was finally time for the photo shoot. I had driven like mad from San Francisco to the Concord Hilton Hotel where Denise was waiting. I carried my garment bag and pulled my suitcase into the lobby where I met Denise and her young (~3 years) son, Billy. I had a momentary sense of panic since the thought of doing the boudoir shoot with a young boy being in the room was really uncomfortable for me.  I quickly relaxed when Denise said that her husband was going to come by the hotel and pick up Billy.

Between Denise with all her photo gear and me with my dress bag and suitcase, we had a lot of things to get to the room. Fortunately a bellman with a cart was there to help and we were quickly in the room. I unpacked my dress bag and showed Denise the different outfits. She agreed to go with the blue skirt suit and silver/blue formal. I hung them up in the closet and sat down to wait for the hair stylist and makeup artist to arrive. The stylist, Cassandra, was the first to arrive and so we started with the hair.  I had worn a slightly longer wig than I normally wear since she could do more with a longer wig. Before starting to work Cassandra asked me about my wig since she was concerned that if it was made with synthetic hair then styling with her curling iron could damage it. I assured her it was all human hair and so she could do anything she wanted with it. She put wrap around me and went to work on my hair. She mostly curled it and fluffed it out a lot. It was fuller than I normally wear but quite suitable for the occasion.

The makeup artist, Natalia, arrived soon and they were both working on me at once. It was quite  a nice experience, Denise has a picture of it on her Facebook page (, scroll down to “lucky lady”).  I wanted my makeup to be relatively natural and so Natalia’s  job was easier. I was already wearing my own makeup and so she mostly touched up the foundation to even things out. The eye makeup was likewise pretty simple, just a little color. The new thing (at least to me) was the false eyelashes. In all my years of dressing in the closet and in public, I had never used false eye lashes (I rarely even use mascara!). They mostly seemed like too much work and so hence violate my “20 minutes to get dressed” rule. I was also slightly worried that they would not come off.. (I know it is a silly thing to worry about). Anyway Natalia trimmed them, glued them on, and then applied the mascara. I was surprised how good they looked. I may even try them again sometime.

During this whole process Billy was lying on the bed watching the TV (you can see him on Denise’s Facebook page). At one point he asked his mother what was going on. Denise told him that girls liked to get pretty and Cassandra and Natalia were helping Robin get pretty. He was satisfied with that and returned to the TV. It was really cute. Soon after that Denise’s husband arrived and picked up Billy.

My hair and makeup were nearly complete when I remembered I was wearing a t-shirt that needed to come off before I could put any of my other clothes on. Cassandra said to just take it off and then she would touch up my hair. “Boudoir time” was about to start and after a moment’s hesitation, my t-shirt came off and I was standing there in my bra in the presence of 3 young women, two of which I had just met. To my pleasant surprise none of them missed a beat and continued on as if it was the most natural thing in the world. They were soon touching up my makeup and hair as Denise continued to setup her photo lights and other things.

It was now time to get ready for the first scene. I picked up the skirt suit, underwear, and shoes and went into the bathroom to change. Somehow it seemed safer to change in private even though I was about to take most of it off again. Don’t ask me to explain… I quickly changed into the suit, checked in the mirror that everything looked good, and was ready to go.

I had asked Natalia and Cassandra to leave while the photo shoot went on and so they soon left. I thought I would have a hard enough time relaxing with just Denise without adding two more people I had just met. Denise said they often like to watch the shoot so they can fix up hair and makeup as thing progress. In retrospect it was a silly thing to worry about but at the time it seemed important.

Denise says on her web site that she will not leave you standing around waiting and she is right. From the time I stepped out of the bathroom, there was constant movement and posing. She poses each shot and you have to “hold” it while she positions herself and takes the picture. We started with a picture of me entering through the door, then another of the same scene, then I sat on the table while she snapped a couple more pictures, then to the closet holding up the formal for another shot, then  remove jacket, click, then unbutton blouse, click, then unzip skirt, click, click, click, click until finally I am lying on the bed in my bra, panties, and garter belt trying to look my sexy best. No time to think, to worry, or to be embarrassed. Before I knew it the first scene was over and it was time for the formal dress. I realized I had just undressed in front the camera and nothing bad had happened!! In fact I was feeling rather good about the whole situation.

I gathered up the skirt suit and set it aside and got the formal from the closet. The bra and panties were exchanged for the blue “merry widow” and the formal went over it. I had Denise help me zip the dress up and then the next sequence started. Stand by the closet, click, sit on the sofa, click, click, turn sideways, click, unzip dress click, drop dress to floor,  click, lay on sofa, click, move to bed, click, click, click. Before I knew it that scene was over. By this point I was much more relaxed about the whole process. It was lots of work but also lots of fun. I started to feel a little sad that it would all soon be over.

The Rene Faire scene took the longest to get ready, mostly because there was more to put on:  camisole, chemise, pantaloons, full skirt, and  lace up bodice (with lots of ribbon to lace up). There was also the rough fabric to lay on the bed to make it more “rustic” plus the candles plus some other props like a purse and flowers for my hair (very peasant looking)…

The scene went by quickly as well with Denise posing me for every shot. Sit here, click, lift skirt, click, unlace bodice, click, click, click (it takes a while), lift chemise over my head, click, click,… Before I knew it that scene was done. Only one scene left 😦

The construction worker scene was intended to start out as a very masculine image and then gradually become more feminine with the hard hat, work shirt, and jeans being left behind to reveal a red bra and panties, sort of the “woman within”. In talking about the scene later with Denae, I realized it was sort of a TG metaphor but I was not coImagensciously thinking about it that way. It just seemed like a really different kind of boudoir photo shoot.

I entered the door wearing my hard hat, tool belt, and work clothes, click, click. Then I sat down on the sofa and took off my boots, click, click. Then I laid back and “watched tv”, click, then opened my shirt, click, then I moved to bed with my shirt more open, revealing the red bra, click, click. Then ….the hotel room door opened…

It was Denise’s next appointment, my two hour photo time was nearly over! Cassandra and Natalia walked in the room along with young woman who was to shoot after me. In a typical hotel room, there is not a lot of room for 5 people, including one who is partially undressed! I briefly glanced at her and I suddenly felt very old and ugly. She was young, trim, beautiful, and had long brown hair. She was made for boudoir photos… She was doing the shoot as a gift to her husband on their first wedding anniversary. She and the stylists slipped into the bathroom to start work on her hair and makeup while Denise finished with me. We clicked a few more pictures but my time was done and so I had to pack up and leave. We sort of left the scene unfinished which was okay since I really wanted to get out of there. I  stuffed everything in my suitcase and garment bag  as quickly as I could. I put my shirt back on from the construction worker outfit.  I was ready to go in no time at all.

As I was packing Denise mentioned she had taken over 250 pictures in the 2 hours we were shooting. That works out to a picture nearly every 30 seconds or so and that does not count time spent changing outfits. No wonder I was tired. It is hard work being a model!!

I thanked Denise and slipped out of the room, down the elevator, and headed to my car. I spent the next 15 minutes in the parking lot repacking my clothes into a more orderly arrangement. Despite my rushed exit, I felt really good about the whole time. It was fun, it was relaxed, and I wondered what exactly I had been worried about. I was treated wonderfully by Denise, Natalia and Cassandra. All my fears and worries turned out to be completely groundless.

Next time, getting the pictures and some  final thoughts on the whole experience.

I have included a few more pictures from the shoot.


TG Voice Training by Phone or Skype

Feminine Voice Training

Developing a feminine voice is important for passing  as a female in everyday situations. More people are disappointed not on  how they look but in being called “Sir” on the phone or in person. For many,  there are endless hours spent working on voice and still the “Sirs” continue  to come.

While Denae is not a voice  pathologist, she has worked on voice with her TG clients for over 12 years She has also studied the approaches of other voice teachers and in the process created a very effective way to create a softer, more   feminine voice. Her approach is simple to understand and with enough time and practice, will give you the feminine voice you desire.

In your  voice consultation, Denae will work with you on  establishing feminine resonance, pitch, and inflection. She will help you create   a more feminine voice and will offer you several voice exercises to work on.

Denae  uses a computer program, called Spectrogram, in all of her voice training sessions.  This tool takes the guess work out of developing more feminine pitch, resonance, and inflection. You can see what you voice looks like and when it is male or female. You can also keep a  library of your practice sessions to compare your  monthly improvement. Denae was the first voice  instructor to use Spectrogram for the TG community more 12 years ago, and now  others are catching on to the importance of this tool.

As part of your voice coaching consultation, Denae will provide a free copy of Spectrogram 5 for you to use during and after the consult. She will also provide instructions on how to setup and use the program. Instructions for downloading and running the program are here

Beyond just resonance, pitch, and inflection, movement is also key in developing a feminine voice. Simply put, moving in a feminine way while your speaking helps you sound move feminine.  By integrating aspects of movement and voice,  you will find voice training much easier to achieve and sustain. Voice and movement will require the most work on your part initially, but the  results are far more rewarding. Sounding female can be obtained while learning fun feminine expressions and mannerisms.

Denae offers voice training in both her private consultations as well over the telephone.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you on your feminine voice.

The cost is $50.00 for 70 mins, which can be paid by credit card (before you begin your session) or can be paid in advance by using PayPal: Denae’s PayPal email address:

New Website

Hi Girls,

I am redoing my web site and I am looking for some of your pictures to add to it. Please send me your best TG Feminine photo (in good taste, no nudity) and I will post them. The best pictures will be displayed at the top of my new photo page.