Converting your life to fulltime

I believe it is very important, to slowly re-do your home, to look (and feel) more feminine… than the way your home looked previously. I would begin with a bold color of paint, on an accent wall in your living room and also in your bedroom. Perhaps one color behind your bed with a bedspread with that color in it. Add some fabulous throw pillows from Pier One. In your living room against another wall… and find a colorful slip cover for your old sofa. Measure and find a new feminine color and it will slip over and fold into the sofa. Again, throw pillows in great colors! They will transform the old brown “guy” sofa.

Take all the clutter out of your house, all of it. Only hang a few things on the wall. A nice mirror, one or two paintings. I would remove photos from the past and find a special place in your bedroom for that. You want your living room, to have a new, statement. So, no baseball caps hanging on the rack! clip_image002[2]

If you go to the paint stores web sites, like Kelly Moore… they have a software program where you select the living room, or bedroom, etc. You click on the wall with the color your drag over. It will show you how the room will look with different colors on the walls and ceiling! What a wonderful improvement, to avoid wasting time and money and the wrong color or paint. It will help you with the baseboards also.

Clean out your home, removing the “clutter” and give it a new feminine touch! Also look through magazines for ideas for wall colors that are feminine. A bathroom is small and easy to paint in one solid color and then add a large vase with VERY long silk flower that are a second color to the bathroom wall color. Add towels the color of the really tall silk flowers. Again, no clutter!

Next, scented candles that smell yummy. Rose, lavender. A single woman wants her home to smell as good… as she does! Call a battered women’s shelter and clear out all the clothes that don’t fit,  and clear out all the clutter.

Now, when you come home and walk in, you will just FEEL better. This is important for all the full time girls, you want your home to feel, look and smell feminine. Oh yes, NO trucks! Trade them in for a smaller car!!

And, have fun with it. Being full time, is a full transition of home, car, clothes–not just you!


Denae Doyle


2 thoughts on “Converting your life to fulltime

  1. PS….I did take a lot of clothes to the local charity Thrift Shop…..some dresses, skirts, shoes, lingerie, etc. I think the volunteer woman knows I dress. We talk fashion every once in awhile, and she is amazed how much I know about women’s clothing, makeup, moods, etc……a nice source for me to share my “fem” feelings when in “drab”…..thanks, Denae

  2. Great advice, Denae…..I have my “girl” room tastefully decorated, as you mention, in a very, very feminine fashion. My makeup dresser and full length mirror enhance my “girl” side. Fluffy pillows, pretty curtains, a walk in closet nice and neat… (yes all my shoes) nicely arranged. Obviously, my lingerie drawers are just like any girl should have. I have a few dolls arranged pretty in my room… bathroom is also tastefully done in “girl” fashion. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate everything.

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