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What Shape Sun-Glasses Are Best For The TG Face

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I recently read, the # 1 reason for eye surgery is do expose our eyes to the sun, especially lighter eyes You need to purchase a GOOD pair of sunglasses, that will proect your eyes from

So, what is the best style, is best to wear in femme, with your face shape? Take a look! Also, select a pair that is wide enough to wear over your regular glasses….without having to take them off. Simply, put them over your regular eye glasses from your eye doctor with high quality lenses. . Now, herewith some tips for your face shape. Remember, when wearing large sun glasses, to keep your ear ring size to a medium-small. Again, purchase a pair you can wear over your glasses, and perhaps a pair you could wear in guy mode and girl mode…so they are the quality that will protect you from growing catarats (grown from sun exposure).
Take a look, at what face shape you have.

What Shape~ Feminine Sun Glasses ~For Your Face Shape?

But, what feminine eye glasses will go with your face shape? Herewith some basic tips to select the frame which will give you a feminine face shape!

Oval Face

If you’re one of the lucky tg women, who has the oval face shape, you can wear any kind of sunglasses and know you’ll look good. Younger can choose the latest styles and if you’re over 40 go for a more classic, timeless look.

Heart shaped Face

Such a pretty feminine shape- broader at the top tapering down to a beautifully slim chin. Rimless or sunglasses with very thin rims look good on heart shaped faces and will emphasize your best features. Wearing heavy rims can make your chin look ‘kinda’ sharp and pointed, which most TG women want to avoid–so avoid the heavier rims. The ultra hot aviator style is perfect for the heart shape face and feminine aviators look great on most TG faces.

Square Shaped Face

Many TG women will have a square jawline, and some of you also have a square forehead…. with your features equaling each other in proportion. Select the popular Jackie O style (round) styles, with colors, medium to heavy shape rims and try unusual shapes. Frames to avoid are sharp angular rims, especially anything square. Soften your angles with circular or ovals. Dark lenses look fantastic on you.

Oblong Shaped Face

You have the ability to wear todays coolest shape in shades. Big, glasses are made for you. You can wear loud colors, heavy rims and unusual shapes. Sunglasses with attitude could have been designed just for you. I have found, most TG women shy away from wearing hats. However, caps, berets, and feminine colored “base-ball” caps are the perfect combination (as they cover part of your forehead).. for the longer face with your glasses.

If you’re not comfortable trying on all these frame shapes… to find your best feminine frame, you can always try sun glasses (and reading glasses) on…. while in guy mode, and this can help narrow your search for the best shape… while in feminine mode.
So, protect your eyes, and your skin this Labor Day, from the Sun!
If you’re coming to Northern CA, (I am south of San Francisco) do come and work with me personally, on feminine movement, feminine voice, creating a natural makeup style for your face shape, learning to roll, curl and shape your own hair, wig or partial which will blend in with YOUR own hair, or to go shopping to create a new feminine wardrobe.
Feel free to call me to discuss any questions, goals ordreams you have.
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Simply The Best!!

Hello Ladies, for many of you who have attended my LIVE seminars, you may remember….. I always end each dance movement seminar with, Simply The Best, orginally By Tina Turner–as my clients would tell me, “Denae, You’re The Best”.

I found this version on UTube with Celine Dion. WATCH Celion’s WALKING, HEAD MOVEMENT, SHOULDER MOVEMENTS, SIDE HAND POSITIONS…you will see many of the techniques I have taught you in my Sensual Movements Vol 3.
Turn it up, watch her WALK (which is over-done for effect…but fabulous) she puts every movement possible into this clip.

If this does not work type in Utube or youtube Celine Dion Simply The Best Live

Southern Comfort, TG Conference

Hello everyone! I wanted to remind you, the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta…is coming up early this year. Generally, it is the 3rd week in Sept, put put the week after Labor Day, for the big events. They are having excellent speakers this year, and I hope to see you there. If not, come to San Fran (actually I am south of San Jose, about 1 hour 15 mins past SF, and work with me privately on Voice and Movement, plus any other subject you need.

I am blogging, so keep an eye on my blog and please make any comments.
Have a great, fun, holiday. Remember, all the NEW WINTER CLOTHING WILL BE BROUGHT INTO ALL THE STORES, AT LABOR DAY. This enables you to have all sizes, colors etc…and is much better then waiting later in the season with picked over clothing and Christmas shopping. They have some great styles out, I went to a Fall Fashion Show, and they are showing a jean that has part jeans and part leggings….with lots of shine and design in the fabric. They are very slendering, and have wonderful colors. No more dark blue jeans, but fun colors!!

Let me hear from you!
Denae Doyle
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Watching People Walk

Since feminine movement is such a large part of my feminine consultations, I observe how women (and men) walk. Today, I was sitting on a bench at the mall, and watch the women walk by. So many women, walk with their pelvis (or stomach) tilted DOWN TOWARDS the ground! Okay, it will take being aware of how you’re walking, but TILT your pelvis in. You can actually take two fingers and push your upper breast bone back, and the other two fingers into your belly button….pushing your stomach back. Also, take a stick, and practice doing pelvic circles. Getting your pelvis back is easier, (when you tighten your tush pulled in ) This will help you get the feel of walking correctly. A dropped pelvis is not only un-attractive–but can cause lower back ache and allow your stomach muscles to “sag”. You will feel slightly slanted back–until you get the right amount of “tilt” for your feminine walk. Tell me if you have any pet peeves with feminine image! Denae

Large Purses

Women with large breast and heavy shoulders should avoid carrying
short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to
accentuate your breasts and shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing
around your middle, or a clutch purse, which is carried in your hand.

How To Cover SideBurns

Powder To Cover Gray In Sideburns Or To Create Dark Roots

Hello Everyone, Like all of you…I hesitate to purchase a beauty product off television commercials. But, I had heard…from another lady….the Joan Rivers hair powder to cover gray or to simply give you dark roots..was excellent. So, I purchase her product Great Hair Day, Fill In Powder. To my surprise…it is truly a fabulous product for men and women. Perhaps, purchase it off the web to save in any charges.

I love, I can fill in…and give my hair dark roots. It does not come off if you touch your hair or if you’re out in the wind.. and is not liquid. I tried it on my eyebrows also….and it worked better than a pencil…especially if you have lighter hairs in your eyebrows which you want to cover up and give your eyebrow a natural feminine arch. ! I tried it on a CD who has gray sideburns  we wanted to cover …to pull a cute wig over. It did the job. Will wash out in one shampoo.  I never recommend a product, unless I have purchased it and used it on my TG clients (and on myself). Joan Rivers gets A-Plus on this new powder fill in for your hair!

She has Light, Blonde, Brown and Black. Try it,  it to be one of the products you keep in your makeup bag!


New Tape FingerNails….Perfect For One Day or More

Hello all, from Denae.

One of my biggest issues…is my nails. I have worn permanent nails for over 15 years, and have been forced to “give my real nails… a rest” as a demotologist said. So, as an image consultant….I went shopping and testing which press on nail is best…Glue on….Tape Press on….or both. What Brand, Kiss or Broadway. I use my hands a lot, as my right thumb and index (using keys) would always come off after a few hours into an event. I recently, gave up and have gone with my own, short nails with a clear polish. But, being a girlie girl, “I want my longer nails back”! Another image consultant told me about a new brand, so of course I bought several. They work! Ideal for one evening, or a weekend.

They are called Impress.They come packaged… in a clear finger nail bottle shape, with the nails inside. Peel off the tape of each nail and stick, press, and hold it on your nail. Easy on and easy off.

The shorter lengths work better and look more natural. For a TG woman, long, colored nails…are to much if you have large hands.

So, ladies…try a pair. I love them, and I can often use them twice by using masking tape doubled around so their is a sticky side all around, press the tape onto the bathroom sink tile, with one side on the tile and the other side up so you can store your nails for a second wearing.  For a second wearing, you will need to apply nail glue.

You can find them at most drug stores!

Perfect if your going out, but put your panty hose, and small clip on jewelry first, and leave your nails until last. Take a small bottle of nail glue in your purse, in case one comes off.

The bottle of nail glue is better anyway (instead of the messy tube of nail glue that comes in the box). The bottle of nail glue is clear and comes in a regular finger nail polish bottle!

The other two brands are Kiss and for wider nails…try Broadway.Use your finger tips and finger pads, and remember to have light, flowing hand movement. Keep rings to a medium size. Keep your sexy red hot colors….for your toes! Now, go and have fun!


TG Voice Training Exercises….Before You Begin Working On Your New Voice

Recently, while teaching a privvate voice consultation, I have realized the importance of voice and movement together– as I have included voice in all my movement consults. I suppose, I have taken pieces of the most important areas…… everything I have seen, heard, or read for the last ten years on TG voice training. Since this is a difficult subject for all TG clients, I am putting it in the easiest form– I have found useful in my private voice consults.

For now, prepare….. with the one most important thing. To daily  STRETCH YOUR VOCAL CORDS, WHICH creates THE RESONANCE and PITCH– TO BE MORE FEMININE.  I suggest, while driving to work or school,  simply practice with E E E E E E E. Start low and go up. WE want the larynx as thin as possible by stretching them out. Another exercise is- ME ME ME ME ME.  The only way, to maintain the feminine voice we create, is to first stretch with these exercises. By only starting with a few minutes,  you will not strain your voice. Then, go up to 5 or 10 mins of both exercises a day. Be patient, and don’t over-do it!

When you begin our next step, you will be ready to maintain your female voice and it will be softer and naturally higher.

Watch for me CD and my new web site coming up within 6-8 weeks!


Hello From Denae at !


If You’re Tall, Work It!  Here Are Somes Labels & Stores… That Measure Up !

If you’re shopping for…

Longer-length pants:
Akris, Neiman Marcus, 800-365-7989
Alice + Olivia, Neiman Marcus, 800-365-7989
Alvin Valley,
Garnet Hill,
The Limited,
Michael Kors,
Tory Burch,





Jeans with inseams 33 and up:
7 For All Mankind,
Calvin Klein Jeans,
Earl Jean, Macy’s, 800-622-9748
Earnest Sewn,
Lucky Brand,
L’Wren Scott, Barneys New York, 888-822-7639
Paige Premium Denim,

Jackets and suits that won’t fall short:
Ann Taylor,
Banana Republic,
Diane von Furstenberg,
Eddie Bauer,
Lands’ End,
New York & Company,
Old Navy,
Rick Owens, 212-627-7222
Shape FX,
Urban Zen, 212-206-3999

Banana Republic,
Ellen Tracy, for stores
Gap,; JCPenney,
Old Navy,

Athletic clothes:
Lululemon Athletica, for stores
Old Navy,

Tops and sweaters with length to spare: 
Banana Republic,
C&C California,
Eddie Bauer,
Lands’ End,
Lily McNeal,
Michael Stars,
Old Navy,
Saint Grace,


Just My Size,
Lands’ End,
Newport News,
Shape FX,
Victoria’s Secret,


Shoes up to size 14:
Kathryn Kerrigan,

Extra-long hoisery: 
Donna Karan, for stores
Le Bourget,

Skirts and dresses that flatter a tall frame:
Banana Republic,
Eddie Bauer,
Lands’ End,
Old Navy,

Plus, check out…

Websites with extensive tall collections:
Ann Taylor Loft,
Banana Republic,
Eddie Bauer,
Old Navy,
Catologs and online boutiques: