New Tape FingerNails….Perfect For One Day or More

Hello all, from Denae.

One of my biggest issues…is my nails. I have worn permanent nails for over 15 years, and have been forced to “give my real nails… a rest” as a demotologist said. So, as an image consultant….I went shopping and testing which press on nail is best…Glue on….Tape Press on….or both. What Brand, Kiss or Broadway. I use my hands a lot, as my right thumb and index (using keys) would always come off after a few hours into an event. I recently, gave up and have gone with my own, short nails with a clear polish. But, being a girlie girl, “I want my longer nails back”! Another image consultant told me about a new brand, so of course I bought several. They work! Ideal for one evening, or a weekend.

They are called Impress.They come packaged… in a clear finger nail bottle shape, with the nails inside. Peel off the tape of each nail and stick, press, and hold it on your nail. Easy on and easy off.

The shorter lengths work better and look more natural. For a TG woman, long, colored nails…are to much if you have large hands.

So, ladies…try a pair. I love them, and I can often use them twice by using masking tape doubled around so their is a sticky side all around, press the tape onto the bathroom sink tile, with one side on the tile and the other side up so you can store your nails for a second wearing.  For a second wearing, you will need to apply nail glue.

You can find them at most drug stores!

Perfect if your going out, but put your panty hose, and small clip on jewelry first, and leave your nails until last. Take a small bottle of nail glue in your purse, in case one comes off.

The bottle of nail glue is better anyway (instead of the messy tube of nail glue that comes in the box). The bottle of nail glue is clear and comes in a regular finger nail polish bottle!

The other two brands are Kiss and for wider nails…try Broadway.Use your finger tips and finger pads, and remember to have light, flowing hand movement. Keep rings to a medium size. Keep your sexy red hot colors….for your toes! Now, go and have fun!


16 thoughts on “New Tape FingerNails….Perfect For One Day or More

  1. So great to see so many hints from you, Denae. And also to see great comments from “girls” like Barbara, Amanda, Stephanie… much fun having “girl chat”… are and angel…Jennifer

  2. Just great words and advice from Amanda and Samantha. It sounds like, Barbara, that your friend might be familiar with “girls” like us, or at least would love to experience “helping you enjoy the world of feminine life” with a real girl. Take advantage, sweetie, Girl hugs for you. Jessica.

    • Jessica, Thank you so much about your suggestion/advice of having my friend “help” me….I’m anxious to find the right situation where we could set up a “play date to dress me”….it would be so much fun. I was thinking about leaving a Cosmo on my desk, along with a “girly” magazine, with those gorgeous bodies on the cover……also, perhaps the little extra eye shadow…I’ll keep you informed….Hugs, too. Barbara

  3. Hello Denae, I’m a CD for more years than I want to remember, but so glad I can enjoy my “feminine” side pretty often. I’ve never worn nails, but would love to try sometime. One time, after a “girl” weekend, I forgot to remove my pink nail polish and showed up to the office. I was mortified and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, one of the girls, who I think might suspect that I am a transvestite, very discreetly left nail polish remover on my desk. I quickly used it and smiled innocently at her. She acknowledged my sign of thanks and, believe it or not, showed a little of a her pantyhose in a special way as I walked past her desk. I think she just wanted to make me feel comfortable that she helped me. I’m thinking that maybe she would like to “help me dress” sometime in near future. Any “girls” have any thoughts on that? Thank you, Denae. I just love your “blogs” where girls can be girls, as simple as that….. Barbara

    • Barbara, I think your coworker was trying to say that she understands and wants to help you. Why don’t you wear pantyhose (I’m sure you do under your male slacks) and let her see that you are wearing stockings. Each day, become a little bit more feminine. Perhaps a little eyeliner, or wear a padded panty, and I’m sure your coworker will notice more and more. Perhaps you could go shopping at lunch break, and ask her to help you pick up some makeup for a friend. That will be the winner. I bet having this “gg” help you dress will be forthcoming. Hugs, Samantha.

      • Samantha, also try to not use the ladies room with this coworker, until she has complete faith in you. Creating a professional career womans look is so important, to get the respect from the other ladies at your job. Go slow, and take your time to really learn how to create a feminine voice and walk. There is lots to do, and there is no rush for the job. If you transition, it does take funds to pay for all the help.
        Best of luck,

  4. Denae, Thanks so much for the help on nails, one of my favorite feminine treats. I have tried quite a few brands, and will definitely go out and buy a pack or two of “Impress”. However, as a “girle girl wanna be”, I have to put on my bra and panties and pantyhose before the nail tips. I seem to have difficulty clasping my bra with the nail tips. Oh well, practice makes perfect. This “girl” loves all your helpful hints. I’ve tremendously enjoyed our phone consultations – tremendous. Talk to you soon. Hugs


    • Dear Amanda, this is Denae. In this blog regarding the new press on nail “impress” you commented on how you liked them. If you can offer any additional information on this new stick on finger nail kit, please give us more information. Did they offer several colors, and how long did they last? Thank you for your comments! Denae

      • The Kiss brand and Broadway, have the new Impress nails. The tape will really hold the nail down, next file each side down so you don’t have shart edges, i suggest an oval shape
        Perfectly easy to take off, if you’re a CD.
        I like the short white tip, looks very natural. Called athletic nail. No more glue, YEA!

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