Large Purses

Women with large breast and heavy shoulders should avoid carrying
short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to
accentuate your breasts and shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing
around your middle, or a clutch purse, which is carried in your hand.

2 thoughts on “Large Purses

  1. Most of the time I like to carry a small purse, with some of my needed essentials, of course, when I’m just running about locally doing some of my “girly” things. When dressed to go out for the evening, I like a small handbag with straps, which I can obviously carry over my shoulder. I like removable straps on that type of handbag. When wearing slacks or shorts with pockets, I like to carry just some cash, a credit/debit card, and my license (just in case) in my pockets…….As far as carrying makeup, etc., when wearing shorts or slacks, I usually just keep a lipstick. You are always so helpful, Denae. I wish I lived closer for a one on one personal consultation session. I think, in near future ,when it is a good time, I’d like to arrange a phone session. With much appreciation.

    Rosemary (named for two gg’s who have helped me tremendously)

    • Rosemary, we can accomplish so much in a phone consultation. I would love all of you to come to SF perhaps on vacation or business travel, and we work in person. Again, a phone consultation is very helpful, and I can answer all your questions, and help you with any areas which are getting you “read”.

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