Watching People Walk

Since feminine movement is such a large part of my feminine consultations, I observe how women (and men) walk. Today, I was sitting on a bench at the mall, and watch the women walk by. So many women, walk with their pelvis (or stomach) tilted DOWN TOWARDS the ground! Okay, it will take being aware of how you’re walking, but TILT your pelvis in. You can actually take two fingers and push your upper breast bone back, and the other two fingers into your belly button….pushing your stomach back. Also, take a stick, and practice doing pelvic circles. Getting your pelvis back is easier, (when you tighten your tush pulled in ) This will help you get the feel of walking correctly. A dropped pelvis is not only un-attractive–but can cause lower back ache and allow your stomach muscles to “sag”. You will feel slightly slanted back–until you get the right amount of “tilt” for your feminine walk. Tell me if you have any pet peeves with feminine image! Denae

2 thoughts on “Watching People Walk

  1. I am a very big guy now, over 350 lbs unfortunately. When I was smaller, I tried putting feet in front of one another just a bit. I walked with palms of hands facing forward and up to reduce are sway. I tried to walk with my hips, not swing my shoulders. When I was aware of that, it helped my feminine walk appearance alot! 🙂 I appreciate your work!

    • Thank you. Pulling your torso up from the waist, rolling your shoulders up, back and down will have them in the right location.
      Curling the elbow in, is also a good idea for those who have large upper arms and or shoulders. Keep those fingers curled inward, as I show in Vol 1. This is such a important DVD as it helps you walk, go up and down stairs, in and out of cars, putting on a coat, and how to have your escort help you put your coat on. Lots of facial expression is so important. Voice, yes…that is important also.
      I have a new voice CD coming out in late 2014,

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