Southern Comfort, TG Conference

Hello everyone! I wanted to remind you, the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta…is coming up early this year. Generally, it is the 3rd week in Sept, put put the week after Labor Day, for the big events. They are having excellent speakers this year, and I hope to see you there. If not, come to San Fran (actually I am south of San Jose, about 1 hour 15 mins past SF, and work with me privately on Voice and Movement, plus any other subject you need.

I am blogging, so keep an eye on my blog and please make any comments.
Have a great, fun, holiday. Remember, all the NEW WINTER CLOTHING WILL BE BROUGHT INTO ALL THE STORES, AT LABOR DAY. This enables you to have all sizes, colors etc…and is much better then waiting later in the season with picked over clothing and Christmas shopping. They have some great styles out, I went to a Fall Fashion Show, and they are showing a jean that has part jeans and part leggings….with lots of shine and design in the fabric. They are very slendering, and have wonderful colors. No more dark blue jeans, but fun colors!!

Let me hear from you!
Denae Doyle
831 479-1282

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