What Shape Sun-Glasses Are Best For The TG Face

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I recently read, the # 1 reason for eye surgery is do expose our eyes to the sun, especially lighter eyes You need to purchase a GOOD pair of sunglasses, that will proect your eyes from

So, what is the best style, is best to wear in femme, with your face shape? Take a look! Also, select a pair that is wide enough to wear over your regular glasses….without having to take them off. Simply, put them over your regular eye glasses from your eye doctor with high quality lenses. . Now, herewith some tips for your face shape. Remember, when wearing large sun glasses, to keep your ear ring size to a medium-small. Again, purchase a pair you can wear over your glasses, and perhaps a pair you could wear in guy mode and girl mode…so they are the quality that will protect you from growing catarats (grown from sun exposure).
Take a look, at what face shape you have.

What Shape~ Feminine Sun Glasses ~For Your Face Shape?

But, what feminine eye glasses will go with your face shape? Herewith some basic tips to select the frame which will give you a feminine face shape!

Oval Face

If you’re one of the lucky tg women, who has the oval face shape, you can wear any kind of sunglasses and know you’ll look good. Younger can choose the latest styles and if you’re over 40 go for a more classic, timeless look.

Heart shaped Face

Such a pretty feminine shape- broader at the top tapering down to a beautifully slim chin. Rimless or sunglasses with very thin rims look good on heart shaped faces and will emphasize your best features. Wearing heavy rims can make your chin look ‘kinda’ sharp and pointed, which most TG women want to avoid–so avoid the heavier rims. The ultra hot aviator style is perfect for the heart shape face and feminine aviators look great on most TG faces.

Square Shaped Face

Many TG women will have a square jawline, and some of you also have a square forehead…. with your features equaling each other in proportion. Select the popular Jackie O style (round) styles, with colors, medium to heavy shape rims and try unusual shapes. Frames to avoid are sharp angular rims, especially anything square. Soften your angles with circular or ovals. Dark lenses look fantastic on you.

Oblong Shaped Face

You have the ability to wear todays coolest shape in shades. Big, glasses are made for you. You can wear loud colors, heavy rims and unusual shapes. Sunglasses with attitude could have been designed just for you. I have found, most TG women shy away from wearing hats. However, caps, berets, and feminine colored “base-ball” caps are the perfect combination (as they cover part of your forehead).. for the longer face with your glasses.

If you’re not comfortable trying on all these frame shapes… to find your best feminine frame, you can always try sun glasses (and reading glasses) on…. while in guy mode, and this can help narrow your search for the best shape… while in feminine mode.
So, protect your eyes, and your skin this Labor Day, from the Sun!
If you’re coming to Northern CA, (I am south of San Francisco) do come and work with me personally, on feminine movement, feminine voice, creating a natural makeup style for your face shape, learning to roll, curl and shape your own hair, wig or partial which will blend in with YOUR own hair, or to go shopping to create a new feminine wardrobe.
Feel free to call me to discuss any questions, goals ordreams you have.
Denae Doyle
831 479-1282
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