Winter Clothing Comes Into The Stores Sept 1 2013

Hello girls. Many of you have been asking about buying clothing. It is always best to purchase clothing at the beginning of each season, so items are not “picked over with few sizes”. Begin shopping for your winter clothing for cooler weather as early as Labor Day. You will see summer clothing at large discounts, as they want to clear out the summer clothing and make room for the Fall clothing. The same goes for shopping for Spring and Summer. You should begin shoppping for your summer clothing, at Easter.

Herewith a few tips for finding your new individual feminine style!

  • Exude your personal brand with style.  Get the inspiration and direction you’ve been longing for that modernizes and revitalizes [and in some cases actually discovers] your authentic personal image.
  • Be recognized by your consistent personal style.  With the right tools and mentoring to help you build confidence, you’ll be poised to attain your professional and personal goals.  Make stronger professional and social impressions, or get more positive attention from a romantic interest by developing, exuding, and being consistent with your personal style.
  • Have an ideal, current wardrobe that suits your personality, goals, and lifestyle.  Own and wear clothing that consistently supports your personal image and style, giving you the extra confidence and daily comfort to dress for any situation with ease.
  • You put your effort into looking great, not endless hours of shopping.  Managing your self-care is time consuming. If you have problems with selecting female clothing, hire an image consultant. Or, many stores such as Macy’s has a free, personal shopper. Tell them, your tg and considering transitioning, and you need help putting some pieces together. This is such a big help, as they know every piece of clothing in their store. I use them often, when I am shopping for myself or for a client!
  • So, prepare for your winter shopping. Boots, coats, warm caps, gloves, lots of accessories and not spending a lot of money on ONE outfit. With accessories, you can add this or that, and use the same black skirt or pants, with everything! For the beginner, i take my clients to a less expensive store, such as Marshalls, Ross, etc. until you establish your unique feminine style.
  • And, have fun!  Denae Doyloe

7 thoughts on “Winter Clothing Comes Into The Stores Sept 1 2013

  1. Actually, I see my mom left the DVD’s in my “girl” room…can’t wait to start learning from them…I must have missed the mailman…PS, my mother likes her “son” when he becomes her “daughter”. I’ll tell you more when we have next phone consultation, hopefully soon

  2. Thank you, Denae. I’ll be waiting at the mailbox for Volumn 3… Can’t wait…you’ve been such a great help to me, sort of like a big sister….will keep in touch.

    • Dear Susan, this is Denae Doyle. Thank you for your order of my DVDs. You maay have forgotten, but when you called me to p[lace thee order–I hadd told you to begin i with Vol 3. Then start with Vol 1 and 2. Vol 3 is easy, and is sensual, i aam told very sexy annd easy to learn.
      So,. Miss Susan, let me know how you do with Vol 3!!

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