Just For Fun!

Hello From Denae. I am sure many of you may have already read this, but it is cute….for any new girl!
Something just for Fun Top 10
Reasons to Date a Crossdresser The top 10 reasons are as follows: 10.
Twice the clothes 9. They never complain about going shopping 8. They
want to get into your panties for more than just sex 7. They will
never complain about how long it take you to get ready (they take just
as long) 6. That cute new pair of shoes you have been wanting are
probably already in their closet 5. They only look at other girls
because they like their outfit 4. It’s like having your own full size
Barbie doll 3. They will never be embarrassed about having to wash
your underwear at a public laundry 2. You can just grab any clothes
you find in the dark after sex and it won’t matter 1. You get to have
a boyfriend and a girlfriend without cheating

2 thoughts on “Just For Fun!

  1. Very cute, Denae. Thanks also for the two great DVD’s I ordered. I watch them sometimes several times a day (dressed fem, of course) and pick up hints each time. You help me become more feminine each day. Kathleen Mary

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