Clothing Tips…for the tg woman

Colors Tips For The TG Woman, Which Helps You To Look Thin.

Will I be the focus if I wear this? If the outfit is the clear attention winner – pass it by.Some TG women wear clothing that is to sexy in public.
Do I feel a sense of confusion looking at this? Yes – pass it by.
Is it ugly? Yes – pass it by.
If I wear this will my best or worst features be highlighted? No need to give you the answer here.
Will I get my money worth in wearings from these pieces, or, it it a one season only look? One season – pass it by unless you have plenty of cash to spend.
Can they be separated to create other outfits?

To appear harmonious the colors and/or shapes within an outfit need to look as though they belong together.

Here are a few basic guidelines to follow:

If you are a novice max out at two patterns.
The busier or more complex the pattern/print, the better you are to coordinate it with a solid colored garment or a garment with a simple pattern or texture.g, pin stripe

When mixing prints and patterns look for a characteristic that you can use to unite the patterns. This may be a color (the easiest), the theme or design line.

Texture should be considered a pattern if the pattern is obvious when you stand 1 meter (3 feet) away from the garment.

Different textures are often easier to mix than different patterns.

One pattern should be dominant so the eye has a place to settle on first. And that place should be your best area given that’s where the focus will be.

Adding a solid color accessory or skin between patterns can lock them together and/or calm the overall effect.

Ask store assistants if there were other items that were designed to team with the garment you have chosen. Often designers put a story together that consists of several mix and match garments but always keep your in mind that every item in your wardrobe should go with at least three other items if they are to be a good purchase.

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