New Bra For Holiday Dresses

Hi All, as I blogged yesterday, I have been looking for a sensual but sophisticated holiday dress to wear (for Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, or even maybe New Years Eve). I have found, from previous years….that it is very smart to buy a red, black, type dress…about this time of the year, as women shop early for the holiday dresses, and shoes. You will get to wear it so many times. As I told you, go to if you’re looking for a really sensual but fabulous looking dress. I bought one on the cover and one other solid black. Okay, herewith the problem.
Most of the evening or cocktail, or dressy long dresses have a low front. What Bra to wear??
I was shocked, a normal bra is to high in the lower cut fronts of these dresses. So, I shopped on line to SOMA. They have the best. sexy, bras. For the lower cut dresses for any TG woman, I would suggest a push up bra, in black. Wear pads if needed. I recently lost about 10 pounds, so I am now a cup size lower, so I will be putting pads in my strapless bra too!
Try for great bras and panties. If the dress is short (two or three inches above the knee) shop for thigh highs that will STAY UP. You may have to pay a little more, but when you cross your legs while sitting, they will not come down.

If you have any holiday party or New Years party, start shopping now!!
I love shopping for bras!

5 thoughts on “New Bra For Holiday Dresses

  1. I just love Barbara’s comments…..she is so lucky to have a “supportive wife”….I’m so jealous…I’d love to “dress” with my wife, and play “girl” all the time…Oh, well, those are the cards I’ve been dealt with (wish one was Queen of Hearts – lol ) Bye, all…

    • Many TG women, find they can’t share this with their wife. There are some, and a lot of trust, communication, and even couples therapy. The main issue with a spouse….is they think you will “run away with a man”. Assuring her of your honesty is most important. Book a night out in advance, so she can plan something and not get resentful just staying home. Some girls start in Jan with their calender and mark off time, for short trips to a TG friendly city or place….like seeing Denae in Santa Cruz, CA

  2. Denae, I love hearing that you lost 10 pounds and a cup size smaller. Tremendous for you. My wife (very supportive) for many years just reminded me that we both need to get new bras for our holiday dresses we recently purchased. I completely forgot. I’m so lucky to go dressed with her and today is the day. We go to a favorite lingerie shop where they know about me and treat me as one of the “girls”. Today, I need a strapless bra (36B), hopefully, in a satin green to go with my strapless green gown. I’m wearing shimmery hose and a control panty/garter combo, as per my wife’s suggestion. The girls at the store think it is so nice when a man and woman can shop together and try on bras together. They treat me so much as “the woman I wish I was”. Of course, my credit card comes out of my purse when the two of us put all our new purchases of hose, garters, bras, panties, etc on counter for check out. Well, I think I’ve said enough for now. Thanks for your updates and I wish you a “Merry Christmas”. PS. I hope I get some “girly” thinks in my “stockings” this year. Bye, Denae.

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