Dressing Your Age

Hello Donna, thank you for your email…which I will share on my blog.
Your are dressing to young, to long of blonde hair, to short of dress at 65
You can still look Hot, with shoulder length wig….which is brown with lots of blonde highlights. The low color will bring out your eyebrows and lashes. Dark “roots” can really help also, as they keep one from having a washed out face when you go all blonde. Now, for in guy mode, the same. When we look at Anderson Cooper, few things are more noticeable about him than his perfect hair. While his personal style is excellent from the waist up, oftentimes his bottom half leaves a bit to be desired. However, his hair and desire to ‘age gracefully’ certainly helps him stand out. There is no denying that Anderson Cooper is the perfect example of people aging gracefully. What can this tell us about keeping up our image later in life?
Best of luck Donna, I enjoyed working with you.

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