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Women’s Shoe Sizes by Denae Doyle

Women’s Shoe Sizes by Denae Doyle Consulting

Many women have difficulty finding a pair of shoes that do not hurt their feet. Nothing will destroy your “feminine stride” like a pair of tight shoes! To avoid this common mistake, I recommend most TG women select a WIDE width when wearing closed toe heels or boots. Or, select an open toe shoe or sandal. Men generally have wider feet than most women. If you have a flat foot, it is important to select a higher quality woman’s shoe. Also, add padding to your heels, such as Good Feet.

There are very few US retail stores that carry a WIDE width in woman’s shoes in larger sizes over size 10. Through my work, I have located the two best stores– for the larger and/or wide shoe which anyone can purchase over the internet. Nordstrom’s for the more expensive shoe and Payless Shoe Source for the less expensive shoe. Another great tip—use their web site! Both stores have wonderful large color photos showing what sizes are available from their entire data base and often ship for free. and Nordstrom’s has many quality shoes in the $85.00 and up range.

Woman’s Shoe Size Chart For US & European Woman’s Shoes

Antural Color Skin Tape To Lift Your Face, Eyes and Neck

Hello Ladies–How to have sagging skin over 45-50 disappear without surgery. 

At your local drug store–. purchase double sided skin tape…by ” Nucare.”.

Pull your excess skin, back skin behind your ears or hair. This works wonderful.

Cost is about ten collars. Keep the oil off your fingers- You can apply a double layer pulling the skin back —and press.

Go across about twice–press- and re-do about every 6 hours You can lift your eyes upward to cat-eyes. 

Experiment pulling the tape different directions….., your face will take new shapes, even hidden neck skin.

If you later decide on any facial surgery, take your tape in with you to give your TG Facial Surgeon how you look with different directions and how much to pull..

Have Fun! I purchased mine in CA at Walgreens. At first it may be difficult to get the tape to stay–but later, you can totally change any desired look on your face. 

Have fun! Nexcare.Remember to keep fingers with no grease or oil Or, you can apply alcohol to your finger tips. .