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Summer Long Dresses

Hell everyone– The long dresses are in this summer and they are easy to wear..
Target carries them, and you can put something over your shoulders. They come in easy to wear cotton T. Colors are big this summer, and so are T-shirts….so pick colors such as apricot, melon, yellow, red. Try breaking out of your “comfort zone” with dressing. With the long holiday, there will be lots of sales. The stores will want all their summer items out, as they buy their next new Winter season in
Sept, so again, you will see lots of sales this weekend. Also, many of the less expensive stores, are really catching on and carry a lot of what you see at Macy’s, Nordstroms, etc. It’s not your grandmothers Target, K-Mart. Use the better end stores for your important items you will wear most days, such as a leather bag, leather shoes, nice coat. Now, have some fun and go shopping. I am going again Sunday, the items at Target were so great! Pay less for clothing such as blouses and dresses that have limited life. However, go strong on your items you will wear summer and winter for 2 years or more.

Feminine Shoes For Wide and Narrow Feet

For Wide Feet ~Try These Feminine Shoes On for Size!
One size fits all doesn’t work when your feet aren’t average, which is why shoes used to come in several widths. These days womens shoe sizes seem to run average (B), so you must be guided mostly by brand: Certain lines are better for broader feet, others for slim ones (and there are a few considerate makers that continue to produce shoes in a range of widths. Whatever your feet need, here’s how to hit your stride.
For TG Women, wider than a B…do research web sites which specialize in larger size shoes.

Wide Feet
What to look for:
• Suede or soft calfskin that stretches where you need it
• More covered styles—broad feet “spill” out of bare, low-cut shoes
• Moderately pointy toes to add length (but beware shoes that narrow radically in front; they can trigger pinched nerves)
• Shoes the same color as your skin, to make feet seem less prominent (great for TG women)
• Nonbinding design—feet bulge unattractively around straps
• Boots with stretch fabric, no zipper.
Where to find:

For Narrow Feet Feet
Narrow Feet
What to look for:
• A well-fitting heel—too loose and you’ll wobble (and risk a sprained ankle)
• Straps, laces or ties, so that you can adjust the shoe for a closer fit if necessary
• Leather rather than suede (the latter is too yielding to give adequate support)
• Round toes, which make very long, thin feet look more in proportion
Where to find:

Leather Handbags

Hello Girls: When you prepare to purchase a “REAL LEATHER HANDBAGg” don’t just lay them down in your closet with clothing or shoes on them. To mold a really good LEATHER HANDBAG–hang them on door handle IN your room– with something heavy in them. This will help a new real leather bag mold into the right shape. I have them hanging on all my door handles in my room!

Finger Nail Polish

Hello Everyone- I visited the nail salon recently, and had my artificial nails removed.
Sadly, I have worn nails for so long, the top layer of my own nails had torn off.
What to do? Always put on a BASE COAT–which is clear—which protects your nails-and -is very important. A TOP coat can then be added which ensures your color stays on with no fading. It is an extra step to your beauty routine, but it looks much better and protects your nails as well as your nail color.
Any base coat and top coat will work, however generally the higher quality in nail care is best to use. I also purchased a new nail moisturizer on a roll out stick (like lip stick) and it works wonders. You can carry it in your purse and one swipe on each nail and they have added moisture to avoid hails that dry out.No drip, no mess. Retails about $20.00.
Give all these products a try!


Hello everyone. I read in a magazine, the largest muscle in the body, is our tonque..with all the veins. Chaning your voice requires extra work, due to the laarger tonque area. Observe how much you do or don’t move it, how soft or heavy the tonque moves/e. Since a mans tonque is larger and the air way-way is larger, let as little air as possible circulate around the tonque.
No wide, open mouth or tonque as that gives “a larger air tunnel” for more air to pass through. Keep the tongue down in the cavity of the mouth, yet not hitting the top of the mouth. Voice takes practice but I have many students that have changed their voice—and I have too! Email my blog if you want more information on voice!