Television Show Tonight night

Hello from Denae It will be summer next, andit is hard to believe it is almost Christmas!
Herewith two web sites you may be interested in. They select experts in each field to write.
I will be writing some new material, and do let me know of any.
Follow TG Life and TG Reporter.

Follow TG reporter’Tonight (Monday Night) on one of the larger magazines. It is on a major cable tonight, so search for it on your cable station.. One of my clients,( her name now is Bobbie) will be high lighted as the next Renee Richards. She is also opening a clinic to help tg’s. She thanked me, fpr helping her get out of the sinking quicksand, and wants to help others. She has already done Good Morning America, Dateline, and several other major news shows. She is also a physician. They are going to cover her, as the next working tg.
Should be shown frm 7 to the 10 pm time slot. She wants to encourage girls, that have a job….that will allow this. So, watch tonight. You will see how I work!
Stay Tuned,

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