Beauty Tip By Denae Doyle For The Breast Form Store. Small Tips You Can Start At Home

The # 1 Beauty Tip

I was recently listening to a radio show, on fashion. A beauty expert, asked what the number 1 beauty problem men and women have. Any quess?

It is yellow teeth! They also suggested getting Coconut Oil to whiten your teeth ~ apply it, leaving it in your mouth for 30 mins, and will have white teeth. They explained that having your teeth professionally whitened (and I checked with my dentist) will DRY OUT THE ENEMAL ON YOUR TEETH. Also, put a small amount of Hydrogen Peroide (brown bottle for 99 cents) every day will heal the gums and whiten the teeth. When you wear Lipstick, the colored lips…will cause your teeth to look darker.

So, do a Goggle search on your own, and check the wonders for Coconut oil for whitening your teeth, with quick results and or Hyydrogen Peroxide which is in Most ToothPaste For Whitening! I have seen the darkest teeth become very white in 6 months, simply put a small amount in your mouth while taking a shower!.

Also, anyone who has bad breath? This is a direct indictator of gum disease. Start the peroide immediately, and call your dentist for an apt. You will NOT loose your teeth because of cavities, but instead…. due to gum disease. The strong smell is from the bacteria from the inflamed gums. It is a terrible smell. (My father was a dentist). I dilute the hydrogen peroxide with 1/3 as it burns my tongue a little. I have been amazed the the difference in teeth, with the clients who use this every day…and no damage to the teeth…your gums will get healthier. In the health news…they are reporting bad gums can increase your risk for heart attacks, since the backteria carries.

So, begin with your hydrogen peroide today, and avoid having tooth decay, bad breath, but enjoy having very white teeth! Put a bottle (99 cents) in your shower, and fill your mouth, it will bubble, so you can spit some out, but continue. Try for 5 mins. I have seen very white teeth in  4 months, if done everyday. When wearing lipstick, you will LOVE the results…with your new, white healthier, inexpensive treatment–as the pink or purple lipstick– will only cause your teeth to look even darker!

Also, they reported Coconut oil, will whiten your teeth safely in 20 mins!! The problem with lazer whitening, can cause some teeth to dry out….and can thin the enamal on your teeth! So, these two natural (and they don’t cost hundreds of dollars) will whiten at home, and cost 99 cents. Also, any sign of bad breath indicates bad gums not tooth decay. If anyone you know has bad breath, tell them about these wonderful ways and help them get started today with the hydrogen peroxide asap! Bad gums will allow the teeth to loosen and fall out. The smell, is from the bad bacteria in the gums! For everyone else, try the peroxide and or Coconut oil, as a quick inexpensive way to whiten your teeth before you go out. With the peroxide, you must put some in your mouth, and leave it for about 5 mins.

And, you can avoid a trip to the dentist. Let me know about your reseults. This will perfect on my Vol 3 DVD on head, shoulder and wigs!!  Everyone, try my new Tips For Cross Dressers, Vol DVD or download for $30.00. My summer special, offers my favorite DVD Vol 3 for Speaking & Listening As A Woman for half price! Treat yourself, as these are simple tips that will help you have a more feminine look when you go out, speak, move, swing your hips, apply your lipstick and look fabulous–so take advantage of my Summer Special. Buy 1 and the 2nd DVD or download is half price. Return to my home page, by hitting the upper BANNER WITH THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE AT THE TOP….DO YOU SEE MY EYES TOO? For the more serious  TS, pre-op, post-op…come and spend a few hours with me. I will help you with everything, we can even shop and get something to eat….so we can practice everything we covered. It will all become habit, once those high heels go on! Yes, you can go back and forth (for the Cross Dressers) so no worry. Come and see me this year at Southern Comfort in Atlanta, 2013 Middle of Sept. A weekend, will help you to visit all the best speakers in each area from facial surgery, SRS, Feminine Movement, Dance Sways, Hip Swings, Makeup, Wigs, Partials…it is a blast! If you would like to work with me while you’re there (and you can’t travel to the San Fran Bay Area) you can email me, and we can work for an hour, after my seminar…and I can see your clothing, makeup, wigs and offer suggestions. As well as covering those two more difficult areas VOICE and FEMININE MOVEMENT AND GESTURES. I make it fun, but you will have so much fun. We can sit by the pool, and or we can dress up for the Sat night dinner, with live music, even break out your evening dress. Stay tuned, I took a photo of myself, in drag as a man.

The first words out of my mouth, as I looked at the photo (beard, short hair, suit and tie) was…”Do I Pass”? How many times have a heard that, but now I “get it”. I hope to see many of you soon, if you can get to Atlanta. Some of the girls will go out on the town on Sat night, after the dinner dance, to the clubs in the area. So, take a flight out…so you can sleep in until 8:00 or so!! Smiles and Fun. Some more experienced girls fly in femme…or not!Beauty Tips For The TG Woman by Denae Doyle of FemImage

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Denae Doyle

Walking In Heels, Holiday Parties, Get Your Feet Ready!

Thanks Shelly- for sending this article about our favorite subject…high heels!!! I love them!Denae

What women doesn’t love the way her legs look in a dress with a great pair of high heels? It creates a longer line, great calve’s curve and sleek appearance. With the holiday season creeping in, there will be more parties, galas and long work days with your feet balancing on the most adorned shoes. Although some women will wear flats or sneakers to and from events, the fact remains we are still wearing our heels.

A survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association showed some 42% of women admitted they’d wear a shoe they liked even if it gave them discomfort; 73% admitted already having a shoe-related foot issue.

So what’s a girl to do? Give up her Jimmy C’s or Christian’s and wear calf-flattening shoes? I myself being in the fitness industry for almost 30 years have made the switch to office heels “clackers” as they say in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and found three simple steps to help avoid foot pain.

1. Self massage: Use a golf ball or tennis ball each night before your go to bed. Stand on one leg and put your foot on top of the ball. Roll the ball with slight pressure under the ball of your foot massaging the plantar tendon. Small circle motions that lead up under the heel. Roll the ball under each foot for about 30-60 seconds.

2. Toe Pulls: Before you go to bed, lie on your back and pull your toes towards your shins with legs extended. Do not point your toes but flex your entire foot. Perform 20 repetitions with toes pointing towards the ceiling, another 20 with toes pointing outward and last 20 with toes turned inward.

3. Heel Walk: Each morning on your way from the bed to the bath and back to your room, lift your toes off the floor while you walk. This simple shin strengthening exercise helps stretch the calf muscles that become tight from wearing high heels.

Television Show On Bravo ~ That Girl Can Walk!

Okay, I admit it. My newest vice is watching the HouseWives of ALL the cities. I really enjoy observing  how differently the women dress, in various cities. And, how they express their femininity differently due to their weather, culture, and how they were raised. Orange County has lots of blonds in jeans. New York has lots of boots, coats and natural color hair.

I have to admit, the newest show…HouseWives of Beverly Hills (which just aired late Sept 2010) is now my favorite to study. Why, you ask? Yes, of course, these ladies are spoiled rotten and over the top–that is a given. However, the feminine movement of several of these ladies is so graceful, natural and feminine. This is how I was trained, to move. In the first week of the Beverly Hills show, they introduce each housewife, each having their very own look, style, personality and life. But, watch for “Taylor” —   her walk is perfect, she obviously has been trained and it shows! I am often asked, who is truly feminine. This show, has 3 ladies out of my top 10 list. Perhaps, they spent some of their money, learning how to move and how to look great in the right clothing.

So, if you want to have fun, see some over the top styles…watch for The House Wives of Beverly Hills, currently on  Bravo on Thurs nights. Email me, who is your favorite and why! Bravo is running re-runs of the HouseWives of Atlanta, not such a good study.

Bravo, to Bravo!


Walking In 4-Inch Heels

Hello Everyone; To continue on…with the information regarding the Physics Behind Walking In Heels. Again, thanks for Jess Kofold for her research into the Physics and scientific research explaining what role heels have in creating the infamous high=heeled gait, or strut. Unfortunately, the dynamics behind these shoes also explains the pain associated with wear. The good news is this. New shoes are now being designed that will help mitigate the negative effects of the physics behind these shoes. Also, I have been working on creating a more comfortable way to walk in the higher heels, and I will explain how this is accomplished,  at the end of this article.

We reviewed the Sance, Upper Body and Lower Body.

 Next, is Bounce.

During normal stance, body weight is spread evenly from the heel and ball of the foot. So, the center of pressure (COP), which is the average location on the foot where the most weight is distributed, is located in the middle of the foot. When standing in a heel, pressure moves toward the ball of the foot. On a high heel, 90% of the weight is focused on the ball of the foot. When walking in heels, the COP’s location at the ball causes the contact phase to be felt mostly by the ball and the push-off phase is  performed almost entirely from the ball. This transforms the smooth step sequence into a more “jerky” stride. (Picture the difference between a ball that is bounced rather than rolled). When rolling the ball. there is a smooth transition between different parts of the ball touching the ground, just like shifting between steps of the ground and feeling most of the impact, similar to the ball of the foot in a heeled shoe. Just like the basketball, having the contact phase felt by mostly one section creates a walk with bounce to it.


Each gait cycle in a heeled shoe is faster than cycles in flat ones because of the shift in the center of gravity. “To initiate a walking step, you lean forward until you lose your stability. You begin to fall forward, and you step with one foot to catch your fall and reestablish your stability”. Because a shift in the center of gravity makes a person less stable in heels, stability is lost more quickly when walking in high-0heels instead of flat shoes. More gait cycles are covered in a given distance, so someone walking in heels has very quick steps that cover a short distance.


Aside from the quick, bouncy step, the supermodel walk needs showy hip swaying, better known as a sashay. Once again, the shift in the center of gravity is the main cause of this action. Pelvis and hip movement contribute greatly to maintaining balance and standing posture by exerting continuous muscular action to ensure equilibrium When walking in heels, the muscular action taken is turning the hips and pelvic region more, scientifically known as “torque”. The new cat walk, was actually created….because of the newer 4 inch heels. The main purpose of the cat walk is to keep itself balanced. The hip swaying, swift bouncy strides, and pro9minent stance are all in reaction to the shift in centers of gravity or pressure. The illusion of muscular legs, on the other hand, is a result of positioning of the heel of the foot.

 Now, most TG women have muscular legs, and this is a positive in helping with balance. However, it is important for all TG women to practice moving their center of gravity, into their hips. I teach my clients, hip sways and hip rolls (like a belly dancer) to help “open up and move the pelvic/hip area”. Also, to avoid the supermodel walk, for your everyday life……it is important to practice creating “your” balance…using your shoulders and head. Just as many women, have carried water pots on their heads (and books on their heads in modeling school) this head balance, helps  maintain balance when walking in higher heels. In Vol 1 I speak about feeling a string of energy going through your body, up and out the top of your head. As if there were a string pulling you UP from the top of your head. Pulling your inner energy up. This was the most important lesson I learned when practicing walking in heels.  I did not have balance as a teen age girl. In modeling school, learning to pull this energy field UP from my pelvic through my chest and out the top of my head…was the answer for me to obtain a balanced, graceful walk.  Centered. Balanced. Holding your chin up. Feeling the “spirit” in your feet and upper thighs, while you reach with your upper thigh and foot on each step.  Feeling the string pulling you up– inside your body, lifting you up, creates the same effect as–using your shoulders for balance or using a book on your head. In addition, this helps you pull your chin back and parallel to the floor, using your eyes to glance down…to see better.

Now that you understand the Physics Behind Physique, get your favorite pair of heels and strut your stuff! Or, come and work with me privately. This is not easy for everyone, and it looks silly…when we can’t walk well in heels! I know, I was one of those girls who had to learn!


Walking In 4 Inch Heels!

Hello All-

So many of you email me directly, instead of posting on the site. If you’re unable to post, please email me and tell me if something is wrong on the blog. I don’t see what you see!!

Next, so many of you have emailed me regarding walking in the new 4 inch heels.  I have decided to give this as my next new Seminar At Pacific Coast Living Conference, in San Francisco, CA  July 10th 2010. If you’re in the area, bring your highest heels, and come join us! Herewith some suggestions ~ on walking~ from a recent email.

Hello Claudia. I love your question. I am filming a new DVD on how to walk in heels, due to the new 4-inch heel that is on the market. Yes, it is difficult to walk with the heel toe, when wearing the 4-inch heel.

Here is what I want you to do. Take smaller steps. Reach with your lead foot (the foot which has no weight on it)– is the important change… instead of using the standard heel toe, heel toe technique–step out, place your weight on the ball of your foot.

 Next, practice allowing very little weight going into your feet. If you need to use your arms for balance, then do so. As long as they are feminine. I use my shoulders, for better balance. See what works for you, to obtain balance. If you feel your shoulders while walking, you will find…they keep your center of gravity. Next, practice pointing your toe. Yes, it sounds silly, but many men do not know how to arch their foot while pointing their toe (such as a ballet point). This is very important, when wearing heels…and avoids the flat-foot walk (which most tg’s have). While watching television, simple stretch your toe and point it. You will find, as your arch stretches out, you can wear heels..while placing wait on the ball of your foot.

Many tg women, do better with a lower heel shoe, as they are more comfortable with placing their foot (flat foot gait)  striking on the heel….since this is how they walk in “guy mode”.  So, concentrate on arch and toe stretching, and balance while walking.  Also, select a pair of heels, which has lots of strap support. The newer shoes, acutally have a platform glued ….to the OUTSIDE BOTTOM  of the ball of the shoe, will be much easier WALK IN  4-5 INCH HEELS.  Many of the higher quality 4 inch heels, will have a small platform glued to the outside of the ball of the shoe, just look for them when shopping! Next, do exercises, where you’re wearing no shoes. Stand flat, then lift up onto the balls of your feet–really stretching your foot, ankle and arch. Repeat 20 times. This is great for helping your ankle, to be stronger….to  support your stride while wearing 4-5 inch high heels. Watch many tg women walk in heels, they just don’t have graceful steps. Walking flat foot… throws off their entire body–throwing their shoulders down..the way men walk…heavy shoulders and upper arms! Eeeek. Don’t do that. I am attempting to film this seminar, and will have it out in download for you soon. See in SF! I bet my heels will be higher than you’re heels~ Lets have fun!


  Remember These Points:

 Don’t look down, keep your head up.

Remember, chest and breasts lifted up, shoulders back, head back, and your chin parallel to the floor, while reaching out with the upper thigh and placing the ball of the foot directly down. By lifting all the weight UP and OUT of your waist while walking your hips  free of any weight…therefore you are able to have a controlled  hip swing– as they have only a small amount of weight in them. This allows you to control the degree of swing in your hips.

 For all of you, who have purchased Vol 1, go back and review my walking segment. I demonstrate how to use a pole pointed down, in front of one foot…while tilting the pole downward with each step. This determines the correct “length” you should step…in relationship to the length of your arm reach. When your legs and arms are coordinated, you can change your walk to short casual steps, medium, or long. However, as of this printing, I have begun having my taller TG clients, simply cupp their hands slightly behind their hips, this allows them to not have a long arm swing with their gait, and it hides some of their hands. Try walking,  with both arm/hand techniques–with bent elbow and some arm swing, and then try bent elbows with hands hanging loosly behind your hips. See which works better for you!

Let me know how your practice time goes!