New Tape FingerNails….Perfect For One Day or More

Hello all, from Denae.

One of my biggest issues…is my nails. I have worn permanent nails for over 15 years, and have been forced to “give my real nails… a rest” as a demotologist said. So, as an image consultant….I went shopping and testing which press on nail is best…Glue on….Tape Press on….or both. What Brand, Kiss or Broadway. I use my hands a lot, as my right thumb and index (using keys) would always come off after a few hours into an event. I recently, gave up and have gone with my own, short nails with a clear polish. But, being a girlie girl, “I want my longer nails back”! Another image consultant told me about a new brand, so of course I bought several. They work! Ideal for one evening, or a weekend.

They are called Impress.They come packaged… in a clear finger nail bottle shape, with the nails inside. Peel off the tape of each nail and stick, press, and hold it on your nail. Easy on and easy off.

The shorter lengths work better and look more natural. For a TG woman, long, colored nails…are to much if you have large hands.

So, ladies…try a pair. I love them, and I can often use them twice by using masking tape doubled around so their is a sticky side all around, press the tape onto the bathroom sink tile, with one side on the tile and the other side up so you can store your nails for a second wearing.  For a second wearing, you will need to apply nail glue.

You can find them at most drug stores!

Perfect if your going out, but put your panty hose, and small clip on jewelry first, and leave your nails until last. Take a small bottle of nail glue in your purse, in case one comes off.

The bottle of nail glue is better anyway (instead of the messy tube of nail glue that comes in the box). The bottle of nail glue is clear and comes in a regular finger nail polish bottle!

The other two brands are Kiss and for wider nails…try Broadway.Use your finger tips and finger pads, and remember to have light, flowing hand movement. Keep rings to a medium size. Keep your sexy red hot colors….for your toes! Now, go and have fun!