Thank-you Elaine ~ She described part of a makeup session, with me!

Hello Everyone, this is Denae of FemImage. By accident, I found this clients (Elaine) account of a session she had with me several years ago (2002). This describes, the details I arranged during one of my “learning” sessions. Now, the wonderful makeup artist, she describes, is no longer at Capitola Mall, in Santa Cruz, CA. But, I AM HERE (smiles) to TEACH YOU EACH STEP YOU NEED IN all feminine areas important for any TG woman…such as: how to apply your makeup, and help you find supplies. In addition, in a consultation, we study VOICE which is so important for any serious TG woman…I use a computer software program which allows you to SEE and HEAR your Pitch and Resonance scores, Wardrobe colors and styles, how to move in a feminine, sensual photo poses, to moving in a feminine way with a few simple tips on feminine movement or sexy sways …to my favorite subject… SENSUAL MOVEMENT IN ALL AREAS…FROM WALKING AND STANDING TO GETTING IN AND OUT OF CARS, TO PUTTING A COAT ON AND OFF, TO GOING UP AND DOWN STAIRS GRACEFULLY. Please don’t hesistate to call me, at 831 479-1252, or email me at to discuss your private consult with me (Santa Cruz is about 1 hour 15 min South of the San Francisco airport.
We can put together a consult which will include everything you need, and discuss a fee depending on how many hours you feel–you will need.

So, herewith a clients story, of how feminine she felt, during her day with me. Again, I just found this article on the Internet today!

I Love Chanel Cosmetics And My Consult With Denae Doyle!

A lot of us girls (Trannie, like me, or Genetic) have questions about makeup. Colors, brands, how to apply.. my goodness, there is a lot to learn. The best thing I ever did was to go the Chanel counter and let the professionals show me. It wasn’t cheap, but it was certainly worth it to me. Let me tell you about it.

Like many of you, I learned about makeup through various resources. There are great web sites like Detailed instruction and examples can be found in books like Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson (which Denae recommended and is such an eye opener to what colors to wear, Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces, and Jane Campsie’s Hair & Make-Up. And of course there’s Oprah–I happened to catch a great segment on eyebrow waxing one afternoon, for example. These resources are wonderful for explaining it all and showing beautifully made-up faces that I would die for, but they don’t talk about my particular face. (An egregious oversight on their part!) I thought I was doing pretty good with a look for clubbing etc., but when I decided to transition to living as a woman full time, I began to worry about achieving a more natural look for everyday wear. My color sense just isn’t very good, so I needed help.

Fortunately, I knew where I could get that help. I had recently spent a gloriously fun afternoon with Denae Doyle of FemImage, working on my feminine poise and deportment. I remembered that Denae had mentioned a makeup expert she worked with from time to time, and that I might consider consulting her when I was ready. Now I was ready! I gave Denae a call. She told me she was thinking of Debi at the Chanel counter at Gottschalks in the Capitola Mall near Santa Cruz, where Denae’s business is headquartered. I thanked her and said I would go there and see Debi, but Denae generously offered to accompany me and oversee the process. We arranged to meet at the mall the following Saturday. (Denae called ahead to be sure that Debi would be available.)

We planned to meet at Chili’s restaurant at the mall’s main entrance for lunch. I arrived a little early and did not see Denae, so I took a quick tour around the mall. Quick is right! Compared to the fabulous Silicon Valley malls like Westfield and Standford where I usually shop, this seemed like a toy mall, just a little playpen of a mall. It only took 10 minutes to walk the length and breadth of the criss-cross layout, ducking my head into a few shops, but moving along quickly so I wouldn’t miss Denae. We eventually linked up, and it turned out we must have just missed each other several times. But all’s well that ends well, and we had a nice relaxing lunch at Chili’s, with lots of girly chit-chat.

After finishing with our lunch, we sauntered down to the Gottschalks end of the mall, window shopping along the way. We got to the Chanel counter in the department store, and Debi and her young porcelain-skinned comrade-in-cosmetics Linse greeted us with big smiles. At this point I began to understand the wisdom of trekking all the way down to Santa Cruz for this venture. I’m sure charming and talented makeup pros can be found at Chanel counters everywhere, but here in this little mall I received the undivided attention of these two lovely ladies all afternoon. At Westfield Macy’s, it’s an effort just to get enough attention to replenish my foundation.

Denae introduced me to Debi and Linse and they seemed genuinely happy to meet me. Other T-girls have reported similar warm welcomes at other cosmetics counters as well. I suspect the clerks spend so much time helping little old ladies select just the right shade of blue eye shadow, that they’re sincerely glad to work with a fresh new face, especially one that is eager to drink deeply from the fountain of their expertise.

Denae and the ladies got caught up on their gossip a little bit, and then the focus turned to me me me! Debi sat me in the tall makeup chair in the aisle and used some potions to clean off the light cosmetics I had applied that morning. She applied some magic “restructuring” creams and moisturizing lotions which use the most modern chemical technologies to extract huge sums of money from my pocketbook, and may possibly help me achieve softer, more youthful skin. (On the serious side, I figure that if good skin care delays the need for a face lift some number of years, it will be a worthwhile return on my investment.)

Starting with this fresh palette, the first and most important task was to select a foundation. This was the part that Denae had particularly wanted to watch over, as it so important to get this just right. She had confided to me that she had gone back and forth with Debi with some “slight” differences of opinion working on certain girls, and sometimes this process could be quite lengthy. As it happened I was easy, and Debi hit my color just right on the first try with Soft Bisque Intensity 3. Denae didn’t have to fight her a bit. We all agreed this shade looked very natural on me. Debi applied the foundation with a medium size brush, and I watched her technique closely as I had not been a brush-user up to this point. I was impressed with how smoothly the brush applied the foundation, and how it filled in all the pits and crevices that I deny having. I decided I would use a foundation brush from now on.

Debi dusted my face with a silky powder using a large puffy brush, just removing the shine from my skin. She used a little bit of concealer and highlighter to cover what remained of my upper lip stubble, most of my facial hair having been eradicated via laser at this point. I was amazed at how little concealer and powder she used, because I had been caking it on rather thickly. But I realized that I had developed this habit when I still had quite a bit of facial hair, and no longer needed to do that. The light application of makeup gave me a much more natural look. (The cost of Chanel’s liquid makeup has also encouraged me to go lighter and lighter on the foundation lately!)

Debi selected an auburn pencil to fill in and define my eyebrow arch, and she and Denae decided I definitely needed a waxing there. “Yes! yes!” I eagerly agreed, as this was something I had been longing to do but had not felt comfortable about as long as I was still doing guy-mode. Denae and I ran over to her manicure parlor and got this done right after we finished at Chanel that afternoon.

From a Tamises Trio eye shadow kit, Debi used a light, almost invisible shade over my whole eye-lid all the way up to the eyebrows to set off the arch. Then she added a dark blue–almost a gray–on the lower portion of the lid, just on the outside halves to make my eyes look a little wider apart. For eyeliner, a dark purple shade replaced the black that I had been using. Debi made a much thinner line than I had always done, and smudged it so that it was nothing more than a shadow. I thought this would not leave enough color to bring out my eyes sufficiently, but when she curled my eye-lashes and coated them with a dark brown-black mascara, I had to agree with the ladies that my baby blues looked plenty cute!

I think I mentioned to Debi that I had never been able to find a mascara I was completely pleased with. They never seemed to go on quite right, being too clumpy, or gluey, or too thin, or whatever. I was pleased to find out that I love the Chanel mascara. It seems extremely thick, yet it goes on very smoothly and looks quite natural. The Chanel foundation also strikes me as substantially richer and nicer looking and feeling than what the ladies disparagingly referred to several times as “drugstore cosmetics”. As for the rest of the products, I haven’t really formed an opinion as to whether they are or are not substantially better than less expensive alternatives.

Denae had previously cautioned me against red red lipstick, which had of course been my idea of “with it” up to that point. Debi chose a light sienna lip liner and lipstick for me. I noticed that the lipstick matched the liner exactly, and I recalled that Kevyn Aucoin claimed that the dark liner/lighter fill look was out of style. (Of course Kevyn also says there are no rules!) I also saw the control Debi was able to achieve using a tiny brush to apply the lipstick, and I resolved to become a brush gal in this also.

Debi finished me off with blush high on my cheekbones of a gold hue with peach undertones. She swept the blush up higher toward my temples than Denae thought prudent, but when we saw how subtle the shade was, we agreed it worked well. Finally a deeper plumb blush was used to sculpt in my cheeks just a bit. Debi blended the blush thoroughly with her fingers, so that it transitioned smoothly and looked simply like a trick of the light.

The girls all picked at my hair to fluff it up a bit, and declared I was a beauty. I wasn’t inclined to argue!

When I got home that evening I snapped a few photos to get a record of my make-over. Unfortunately I am lousy photographer, but the accompanying photo (the head shot with the rose jacket) can give you some idea of the results. I like all of the colors and products Debi helped me with that day, and that is what I continue to wear now, several months later. However I thought that Debi overdid me just a bit, for my tastes. A little too much blush, a little too much extension beyond my natural lip lines. So I tone things down somewhat in my daily wear, more like the photo of me in the gray suit. For clubbing, especially on Goth or fetish nights, I go back to the red red lipstick and black black eyeliner!

All this expertise, attention, and love did come with a price tag. Actually you are not obligated to buy anything when you have a makeover at the cosmetics counter. But the ladies work on commission, so it would be rather rude to take up their time and not compensate them. In my case I had deliberately let my makeup supply run down in anticipation of this event, and I let Debi know that as we got started. When we finished, lovely Linse presented me with a big drawing of a face which she had annotated with the exact descriptions of all the products which we had used as we went along. Debi asked me what, if anything, I wished to purchase. I told her, “I need everything. Load me up!” In this, I was not to be disappointed! I had been forewarned by a girlfriend that this could be a pricey experience. She told me she had spent $300 at the cosmetics counter on one of her initial trips. So I thought I was prepared. I asked Debi to ring me up but don’t even show me the bottom line–I just signed off the credit card slip. So it was not until I got home that I saw the damage. Are you ready for this? It was several hundred dollars–but it did reach that by the time I picked up a couple of things that they had not had in stock just at that time! I was glad that I had not seen this bottom line in the store, because it did rather shock me! But I decided that I do not regret a nickel of it. Let me explain that this included not just cosmetics, but a complete set of brushes, and the complete line-up of those very pricey high-tech skin care products. Also Chanel is no doubt the top of the line, most expensive cosmetics you can get and Denae Doyle and the girls at Chanel are the best and I am fortunately in a position where I can afford it, so why not the best? I figure it is like cooking–use the very best ingredients, until you get good enough that you can achieve the same results with more economical ones. I would encourage other girls to take advantage of their local make-up counters, Chanel or others, and don’t be put off by the money. You don’t have to spend anything like what I spent–but do buy at least a few things to compensate your gals (or guys) for their time. What color “foundation” is difficult, so getting help in what shade, would be my suggestion.

This little adventure took place over Christmas break last season. If I had any regrets about the money I spent, they would have disappeared once and for all at 8 am on January 2. That was the moment when I walked into the lobby of my new job, working for the first time as a woman, and told the receptionist, “Good morning, I’m Elaine!” Because whatever other doubts and uncertainties were facing me that morning, at least I had confidence that my makeup was fine.


Hips & Curves For The TG Woman….Sexy, Beautiful and Perfect For Summer

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Tips For Eating Out

Hello from Denae. I often, after hours of training, will take a short  30 minute break with my client– from shopping, to grab a snack. In a high percentage of times, this is where I see her training drop out, as hunger takes over. I suggest you be mindful of the many things all people do, when they are in a hurry, when they are hungry, tired, under pressure, driving, etc. When out, take this opportunity to observe yourself during stressful times, places. It is much easier to “forget and get back into guy mode habits” when under stress. This is very important– as only practicing in front of a mirror– is  not enough training for an outing for the new TG woman.

When we eat, I see many TG women Open their mouth, and insert their foot!! Herewith some suggestions, most genetic women are mindful. Men often choose too large of a plate and they also take too large of bite. Next, men often open their mouths too wide. Men often shovel and dip while their heads are learning forward into the plate. Often men will bring food to their mouth, instead of having a balance of bringing the food towards  their fork while also…. learning into the fork from the waist. This  also applies to drinks. No large gulps. While your out eating next time, be mindful of how men eat, and how a graceful woman eats (someone you would be happy to learn from). 

If you have any tips, let me hear them!


Thank you "A" for your post


Hi Denae,

I thought I would send you a message about my attending
San Francisco Ballet last night.  I had a couple of items
I wanted to wear, and I had not been out dressed in awhile.

I wore a silk blouse by Citrion which I bought at Nordstroms.
The blouse was black with a muted floral print.  I wore a black
skirt with sequins sown on a strip of black chiffon at the hem.
I accessorized with a silver sequined chiffon shawl I wore
draped evenly around my neck.

The night turned out to be absolutely fabulous, with the least
of that being the performance.  I deposited my coat at the coat
check and the lady in line behind me remarked how lovely my blouse
was and where did I get it.  We had a nice chit-chat about where
I got my blouse until she deposited her coat.  I went to my seat
for the performance.  During the first intermission the woman next
to me asked my how I enjoyed it.  It turns out she was a former
dancer and had moved to San Francisco about five years ago.  We
talked about the arts in San Francisco during that and the second
intermission, and at the end of the performance said our goodbyes.
I went to retrieve my coat and again ran into the lady I had met
earlier.  She again said how much she adored my blouse and I thanked
her profusely.

I relate this because I was able to keep in my voice all the way
through, and I found it was easier as I was more relaxed.  When I
told the former dancer I enjoyed opera, she asked me what would be some
good operas to see initially, since she had never been.  So I was able
to talk in my voice about things my boyself knew a lot about.

I thank you for encouraging me to find my voice and talk, rather than just
go through letters as one might go through scales on a musical instrument.
I know I made mistakes last night when I talked, but if they noticed, they
didn’t let on.  It was so much fun to go dressed in lovely clothes, and then
converse with other women about various topics.  I can’t wait to go to the

By the way, I called my fashion consultant at Nordstrom’s and told her about
the blouse.  She was very happy about the reaction I got.  One should always
thank people who help you in life.

Best always,


Going To The Symphony With Mary Part I


Hello Ladies;

I wanted to tell you about my work–not the instructional consults, but the outside coaching.  Part of my work, is to go out with clients who have trained with me previously and who want to experience more real life situations. I want to tell you about Mary and our consult going to the symphy. Mary is about 35-40 years old, she is about 5’8” and she wants to always dress classy.  And Mary has had several consults with me, on movement, makeup and voice,  and shopping consults. 

Mary recently contacted me because she wanted to go to the symphy and didn’t want to go alone. Now, Mary passes fine in public,  but this was her first large public gathering. She loves classical musical music and the symphony was playing one of her favorite pieces.

 So, Mary arraged for great seats, and I was excited about going. But, our first assigment was…getting Mary something new to wear…to make this a very special occasion for her. So, several days before the performance, we met at Macy’s to pick out her outfit. We didn’t want to select something very dressy that she couldn’t wear other places, but something that would be suitable for any late night event. As we looked around Macy’s, a sales lady helped us pick out three dresses which all of us love. .


The first was simple  basic black dress made of a form fitting fabric, that  accernuated Mary’s curves. Mary loved this dress, as she has just purchased some black pumps which would go with the dress perfectly. Our second selection was a light blue dress, with long sleeves….almost sky blue. The blue went well with the new blonde wig, I had purchased with her lasgt year and it brought out the blue in her eyes. I suggested, it would help if she added a touch of blue eyeliner. Wow, her eyes would just pop! The third dress was a green, wrap style… and she felt  the belt would  emphasized her new waist line. So, which to choose, since Mary looked good in all of them. In the end, we decided to go with the green dress, as she could dress it down and wear it other places. The sales woman agreed with our choice. 

We left Macy’s, said goodbye, and agreed to meet again on Sat for drinks before the performance. So, stay tuned, I will report on  details on how the evening progressed/