Thanksgiving Holidays

Hello from Denae. It is now Friday, Nov 22. If you’re going in femme anyplace for the holidays, begin planning now!
Here is California, it finally got cold. So, begin wearing leggings to be warm, and pull out your femme boots, perhaps a sweater with a skirt or leggings or jeans. Be comfortable!
And, have fun,
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PS: Remember your table manners, as I have blogged before…small sips of water and not gulps, take small bites to eat, don’t talk while eating, and “pat” your mouth, don’t “smear” with your napkins.

Beards–How To Cover Them For TG Women

Beards – God’s curse to cross-dressers. Many of us can’t
afford or can’t have electrolysis or laser treatments to remove our beards. But
don’t worry because cosmetics can help.

STEP ONE – Obtain the closest shave possible. Start
with a freshly washed face, and then moisturize. Next, using a multi-blade (or a
good electric razor if you prefer), shave using downward strokes then shave
using upward strokes afterward. Repeat the upward strokes two to three times to
get the closest shave possible. Pay special attention to your chin and the area
just above your lip, around and on the edge of the lip and under your nose.
Having a styptic pencil handy is good idea until you get used to shaving this
closely, a styptic pencil will stop any bleeding from cuts. I can’t stress
enough the importance of shaving very, very closely.

STEP TWO – With a pair of
cuticle scissors, carefully trim all nose and ear hairs. Many cross dressers
forget this, and even after you makeup is removed, having no visible nose or ear
hair is just a good practice to get into. Remington even makes electric shavers
designed just for this purpose.

Now look at your face very carefully in
a mirror. You are looking for stray hairs on your nose and between your
eyebrows. A tweezer will remove them quite easily.
I will talk more about
plucking eyebrows in a later article.

You must remember that all store
bought makeup, foundations and concealers are manufactured and designed with a
woman’s face in mind and will never cover medium to heavy beards, and will cover
light beards only for a very short period of time, so here’s what I suggest.

Start by applying a small amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck and
give it a minute to absorb. Reapply. I recommend that you use THE FANTASY GIRL
professional Pink Goo. In addition to helping conceal the beard shadow in
person, it hides it in photos as well. Camera flashes will definitely show heavy
shadowed beards under most makeup. Apply the Pink Goo to the beard and mustache
areas using a “patting” motion. You don’t need to apply very much, just a light
coat over the beard and mustache area will take the “shadow” out of the beard.
After the Pink Goo is applied, wait a few minutes until it dries. Next, using a
dry cosmetic sponge, or your fingertips, pat on the beard cover over the beard
and mustache area. After it sits a minute apply another thin coat if

– Next we apply the foundation, I use a cream foundation, it comes in many
shades, is inexpensive, and covers very well without having that “shiny” look
that many others have. Here at The Fantasy Girl salon we use a private label
cream based foundation. They go on lightly, and are easy to use and look great.
Using a cosmetic sponge, begin blotting the foundation over your face. Use a
patting method, to ensure even coverage. Make sure you evenly blend all over,
including the eyelid, eyebrow, and ear areas. What you are doing here is
creating an even skin tone all over you face. Our cream foundations are perfect
matches for our beard covers. You do not need very much, usually the residue on
the sponge after doing the beard area will be enough to cover the eye, upper
cheek and the area just under the jaw line. Most people can usually end the
cream foundation coverage just under the jaw line. Going lower risks getting
makeup all over your clothing, which is expensive and difficult to

– Apply a loose powder, which will set and smooth out the foundation. Our loose
powder is the perfect tone for setting our foundation crème. I use a powder puff
to apply the powder. Some people prefer placing a small amount of powder onto
their palm, then dipping a powder brush into the powder and pressing the brush
onto the face. The key is to actually push the powder firmly into the crème
foundation and face, melding the two. This allows the foundation to set properly
and slow down the process of your skin absorbing the cosmetics. Once again, use
sparingly, too much powder looks terrible, and will make any lines on your face
more pronounced. Take the powder puff and place in jar of powder, remove and tap
lightly to shake of excess powder. Then pat the powder puff all over your face,
starting at the top and moving downward. Be sure to use a “patting” motion – do
not rub your face with the puff, as this will cause streaking of the foundation.
Leave the loose powder on your face for 3-5 minutes to allow it to “set”. With a
large powder brush, using a downward motion starting at your forehead and
finishing at the base of your neck, brush any excess powder from your face. You
can use 2 or more tones of foundation to create contours on the face. Use a
darker tone on the jaw line and sides of the nose, and a lighter tone on the
cheekbone and eye areas.

This Tip provided by Sofie Taylor The Fantasy Girl
Salon, north of the Boston area.

TG Voice Training by Phone or Skype

Feminine Voice Training

Developing a feminine voice is important for passing  as a female in everyday situations. More people are disappointed not on  how they look but in being called “Sir” on the phone or in person. For many,  there are endless hours spent working on voice and still the “Sirs” continue  to come.

While Denae is not a voice  pathologist, she has worked on voice with her TG clients for over 12 years She has also studied the approaches of other voice teachers and in the process created a very effective way to create a softer, more   feminine voice. Her approach is simple to understand and with enough time and practice, will give you the feminine voice you desire.

In your  voice consultation, Denae will work with you on  establishing feminine resonance, pitch, and inflection. She will help you create   a more feminine voice and will offer you several voice exercises to work on.

Denae  uses a computer program, called Spectrogram, in all of her voice training sessions.  This tool takes the guess work out of developing more feminine pitch, resonance, and inflection. You can see what you voice looks like and when it is male or female. You can also keep a  library of your practice sessions to compare your  monthly improvement. Denae was the first voice  instructor to use Spectrogram for the TG community more 12 years ago, and now  others are catching on to the importance of this tool.

As part of your voice coaching consultation, Denae will provide a free copy of Spectrogram 5 for you to use during and after the consult. She will also provide instructions on how to setup and use the program. Instructions for downloading and running the program are here

Beyond just resonance, pitch, and inflection, movement is also key in developing a feminine voice. Simply put, moving in a feminine way while your speaking helps you sound move feminine.  By integrating aspects of movement and voice,  you will find voice training much easier to achieve and sustain. Voice and movement will require the most work on your part initially, but the  results are far more rewarding. Sounding female can be obtained while learning fun feminine expressions and mannerisms.

Denae offers voice training in both her private consultations as well over the telephone.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you on your feminine voice.

The cost is $50.00 for 70 mins, which can be paid by credit card (before you begin your session) or can be paid in advance by using PayPal: Denae’s PayPal email address:

Beauty Tip By Denae Doyle For The Breast Form Store. Small Tips You Can Start At Home

The # 1 Beauty Tip

I was recently listening to a radio show, on fashion. A beauty expert, asked what the number 1 beauty problem men and women have. Any quess?

It is yellow teeth! They also suggested getting Coconut Oil to whiten your teeth ~ apply it, leaving it in your mouth for 30 mins, and will have white teeth. They explained that having your teeth professionally whitened (and I checked with my dentist) will DRY OUT THE ENEMAL ON YOUR TEETH. Also, put a small amount of Hydrogen Peroide (brown bottle for 99 cents) every day will heal the gums and whiten the teeth. When you wear Lipstick, the colored lips…will cause your teeth to look darker.

So, do a Goggle search on your own, and check the wonders for Coconut oil for whitening your teeth, with quick results and or Hyydrogen Peroxide which is in Most ToothPaste For Whitening! I have seen the darkest teeth become very white in 6 months, simply put a small amount in your mouth while taking a shower!.

Also, anyone who has bad breath? This is a direct indictator of gum disease. Start the peroide immediately, and call your dentist for an apt. You will NOT loose your teeth because of cavities, but instead…. due to gum disease. The strong smell is from the bacteria from the inflamed gums. It is a terrible smell. (My father was a dentist). I dilute the hydrogen peroxide with 1/3 as it burns my tongue a little. I have been amazed the the difference in teeth, with the clients who use this every day…and no damage to the teeth…your gums will get healthier. In the health news…they are reporting bad gums can increase your risk for heart attacks, since the backteria carries.

So, begin with your hydrogen peroide today, and avoid having tooth decay, bad breath, but enjoy having very white teeth! Put a bottle (99 cents) in your shower, and fill your mouth, it will bubble, so you can spit some out, but continue. Try for 5 mins. I have seen very white teeth in  4 months, if done everyday. When wearing lipstick, you will LOVE the results…with your new, white healthier, inexpensive treatment–as the pink or purple lipstick– will only cause your teeth to look even darker!

Also, they reported Coconut oil, will whiten your teeth safely in 20 mins!! The problem with lazer whitening, can cause some teeth to dry out….and can thin the enamal on your teeth! So, these two natural (and they don’t cost hundreds of dollars) will whiten at home, and cost 99 cents. Also, any sign of bad breath indicates bad gums not tooth decay. If anyone you know has bad breath, tell them about these wonderful ways and help them get started today with the hydrogen peroxide asap! Bad gums will allow the teeth to loosen and fall out. The smell, is from the bad bacteria in the gums! For everyone else, try the peroxide and or Coconut oil, as a quick inexpensive way to whiten your teeth before you go out. With the peroxide, you must put some in your mouth, and leave it for about 5 mins.

And, you can avoid a trip to the dentist. Let me know about your reseults. This will perfect on my Vol 3 DVD on head, shoulder and wigs!!  Everyone, try my new Tips For Cross Dressers, Vol DVD or download for $30.00. My summer special, offers my favorite DVD Vol 3 for Speaking & Listening As A Woman for half price! Treat yourself, as these are simple tips that will help you have a more feminine look when you go out, speak, move, swing your hips, apply your lipstick and look fabulous–so take advantage of my Summer Special. Buy 1 and the 2nd DVD or download is half price. Return to my home page, by hitting the upper BANNER WITH THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE AT THE TOP….DO YOU SEE MY EYES TOO? For the more serious  TS, pre-op, post-op…come and spend a few hours with me. I will help you with everything, we can even shop and get something to eat….so we can practice everything we covered. It will all become habit, once those high heels go on! Yes, you can go back and forth (for the Cross Dressers) so no worry. Come and see me this year at Southern Comfort in Atlanta, 2013 Middle of Sept. A weekend, will help you to visit all the best speakers in each area from facial surgery, SRS, Feminine Movement, Dance Sways, Hip Swings, Makeup, Wigs, Partials…it is a blast! If you would like to work with me while you’re there (and you can’t travel to the San Fran Bay Area) you can email me, and we can work for an hour, after my seminar…and I can see your clothing, makeup, wigs and offer suggestions. As well as covering those two more difficult areas VOICE and FEMININE MOVEMENT AND GESTURES. I make it fun, but you will have so much fun. We can sit by the pool, and or we can dress up for the Sat night dinner, with live music, even break out your evening dress. Stay tuned, I took a photo of myself, in drag as a man.

The first words out of my mouth, as I looked at the photo (beard, short hair, suit and tie) was…”Do I Pass”? How many times have a heard that, but now I “get it”. I hope to see many of you soon, if you can get to Atlanta. Some of the girls will go out on the town on Sat night, after the dinner dance, to the clubs in the area. So, take a flight out…so you can sleep in until 8:00 or so!! Smiles and Fun. Some more experienced girls fly in femme…or not!Beauty Tips For The TG Woman by Denae Doyle of FemImage

Denae Doyle   click on the DVD button for Vol 3 Gestures While Speaking & Listening, and Sensual Movement, Hip Sways and more. Lets have a girls night, so do come!

Denae Doyle