Beauty Tip By Denae Doyle For The Breast Form Store. Small Tips You Can Start At Home

The # 1 Beauty Tip

I was recently listening to a radio show, on fashion. A beauty expert, asked what the number 1 beauty problem men and women have. Any quess?

It is yellow teeth! They also suggested getting Coconut Oil to whiten your teeth ~ apply it, leaving it in your mouth for 30 mins, and will have white teeth. They explained that having your teeth professionally whitened (and I checked with my dentist) will DRY OUT THE ENEMAL ON YOUR TEETH. Also, put a small amount of Hydrogen Peroide (brown bottle for 99 cents) every day will heal the gums and whiten the teeth. When you wear Lipstick, the colored lips…will cause your teeth to look darker.

So, do a Goggle search on your own, and check the wonders for Coconut oil for whitening your teeth, with quick results and or Hyydrogen Peroxide which is in Most ToothPaste For Whitening! I have seen the darkest teeth become very white in 6 months, simply put a small amount in your mouth while taking a shower!.

Also, anyone who has bad breath? This is a direct indictator of gum disease. Start the peroide immediately, and call your dentist for an apt. You will NOT loose your teeth because of cavities, but instead…. due to gum disease. The strong smell is from the bacteria from the inflamed gums. It is a terrible smell. (My father was a dentist). I dilute the hydrogen peroxide with 1/3 as it burns my tongue a little. I have been amazed the the difference in teeth, with the clients who use this every day…and no damage to the teeth…your gums will get healthier. In the health news…they are reporting bad gums can increase your risk for heart attacks, since the backteria carries.

So, begin with your hydrogen peroide today, and avoid having tooth decay, bad breath, but enjoy having very white teeth! Put a bottle (99 cents) in your shower, and fill your mouth, it will bubble, so you can spit some out, but continue. Try for 5 mins. I have seen very white teeth in  4 months, if done everyday. When wearing lipstick, you will LOVE the results…with your new, white healthier, inexpensive treatment–as the pink or purple lipstick– will only cause your teeth to look even darker!

Also, they reported Coconut oil, will whiten your teeth safely in 20 mins!! The problem with lazer whitening, can cause some teeth to dry out….and can thin the enamal on your teeth! So, these two natural (and they don’t cost hundreds of dollars) will whiten at home, and cost 99 cents. Also, any sign of bad breath indicates bad gums not tooth decay. If anyone you know has bad breath, tell them about these wonderful ways and help them get started today with the hydrogen peroxide asap! Bad gums will allow the teeth to loosen and fall out. The smell, is from the bad bacteria in the gums! For everyone else, try the peroxide and or Coconut oil, as a quick inexpensive way to whiten your teeth before you go out. With the peroxide, you must put some in your mouth, and leave it for about 5 mins.

And, you can avoid a trip to the dentist. Let me know about your reseults. This will perfect on my Vol 3 DVD on head, shoulder and wigs!!  Everyone, try my new Tips For Cross Dressers, Vol DVD or download for $30.00. My summer special, offers my favorite DVD Vol 3 for Speaking & Listening As A Woman for half price! Treat yourself, as these are simple tips that will help you have a more feminine look when you go out, speak, move, swing your hips, apply your lipstick and look fabulous–so take advantage of my Summer Special. Buy 1 and the 2nd DVD or download is half price. Return to my home page, by hitting the upper BANNER WITH THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE AT THE TOP….DO YOU SEE MY EYES TOO? For the more serious  TS, pre-op, post-op…come and spend a few hours with me. I will help you with everything, we can even shop and get something to eat….so we can practice everything we covered. It will all become habit, once those high heels go on! Yes, you can go back and forth (for the Cross Dressers) so no worry. Come and see me this year at Southern Comfort in Atlanta, 2013 Middle of Sept. A weekend, will help you to visit all the best speakers in each area from facial surgery, SRS, Feminine Movement, Dance Sways, Hip Swings, Makeup, Wigs, Partials…it is a blast! If you would like to work with me while you’re there (and you can’t travel to the San Fran Bay Area) you can email me, and we can work for an hour, after my seminar…and I can see your clothing, makeup, wigs and offer suggestions. As well as covering those two more difficult areas VOICE and FEMININE MOVEMENT AND GESTURES. I make it fun, but you will have so much fun. We can sit by the pool, and or we can dress up for the Sat night dinner, with live music, even break out your evening dress. Stay tuned, I took a photo of myself, in drag as a man.

The first words out of my mouth, as I looked at the photo (beard, short hair, suit and tie) was…”Do I Pass”? How many times have a heard that, but now I “get it”. I hope to see many of you soon, if you can get to Atlanta. Some of the girls will go out on the town on Sat night, after the dinner dance, to the clubs in the area. So, take a flight out…so you can sleep in until 8:00 or so!! Smiles and Fun. Some more experienced girls fly in femme…or not!Beauty Tips For The TG Woman by Denae Doyle of FemImage

Denae Doyle   click on the DVD button for Vol 3 Gestures While Speaking & Listening, and Sensual Movement, Hip Sways and more. Lets have a girls night, so do come!

Denae Doyle

Get Ready Denver ~ This Update Information For Denver Events

News UpdateApril 18, 2012 
Membership Meeting& Board ElectionsSaturday May 12th, 1pmThis is our annual event where we elect board members and celebrate a great year!  It will be in the usual Picnic format with the main course, drinks, and supplies provided.  If you would like to bring a side dish we welcome your culinary gifts! 

We have three Board members up for re-election, Marv Allen, Christine Bland, and Krista Whipple.  This leaves three (3) seats available for those interested.  If you know of someone interested please have them contact us and be available for the voting Sat. May 12th.  We are looking for those with business skills and experience in accounting, banking, law, or the like.


Get ready Denver!Iconic lesbian comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer is coming to town for 6 shows!Thursday, April 19th at 7:30pm
Friday, April 20th at 8pm & 10:15pm
Saturday, April 21st at 7pm and 9:30pm
Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm

8246 E. 49th ave #1400
Denver, CO 80238
 (303) 307-1777


 Open HoursMonday 10 AM – 9 PMTuesday 10 AM – 7 PM

Wednesday 10 AM – 5 PM

Thursday 10 AM – 5 PM

Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

Saturday 12 PM -7 PM

Sunday – Closed

No appointment  necessary, you can drop in anytime! Someone is here to chat with you and/or answer your gender questions. We also have free wi-fi, snacks, coffee & beverages.


Our Interns Are Here to Support YouThe school season will be ending soon and several of our interns will be moving along, so stop by and say “Hi” while you still can! Click the title to see Beit Ani, Brianna, Jason, Liz, Debbie, Briana, Kathleen, Joshua and Sean!
 not so new – Pet Assisted Therapy ProgramFridays from 9am-3pmThe animal assisted therapy program has been a big success and we invite you to join us and meet Mickey.  The program is designed to make the Gender Identity Center more welcoming to visitors along with providing therapeutic benefits to our clients.  Our therapy dog Mickey will be present in the common room when not working a session. Animal assisted therapy has research proven benefits including improved social skills (such as building relationships) and mental health benefits (including relief from depression and anxiety). For more information, check out Audrey Fine’s articles, or Cynthia Chandler’s book on AAT in counseling
TransMan Support GroupThe next meeting is, May 20th (Third Sunday). Thank YOU for your participation, this is what makes these events great. The positive feeling that comes from supporting others alone makes this group worthwhile!  Share your tips for transition to those who can appreciate your journey. 
 GenderQueer Support GroupFirst Sunday @ 7-9 pm of each month.  The next meeting is May 6th!  Share in the support while exploring the depths of identity!  Be who you are.
 Transgender Career Advancement ProjectPreparedness workshops: Get ready for the job fair.  It is not too late to participate!In preparation for our upcoming job fair on May 5, they’ll be hosting a series of informational workshops, which are free and open to the entire transgender community regardless of registration for the job fair:we simply require an RSVP to Courtney Gray at

All workshops will be held at 6pm at The Center, 1301 E. Colfax

Monday, April 23rd: Attending a Job Fair
Monday, April 30th: Business Attire and Presentation
Tuesday, May 1st: Self Esteem and Empowerment

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado
1301 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80218
303-733-PRIDE l
May 5th
The day-of schedule for TCAP’s Transgender Job Fair will be as follows:

11:00-11:30 Employer check in at The Center

11:30-12:30 Employer training luncheon

12:30-1:00 Keynote speaker

1:00-3:30 Transgender Job Fair

3:30-5:00 Roof Top Reception on The Center’s rooftop

TCAP was created to assist Colorado’s transgender community find good-paying jobs with employers who have transgender inclusive policies in place. TCAP also assists employers in cultivating a friendly and inclusive work environment. TCAP will include several job preparedness workshops at The Center leading up the job fair itself in May. These workshops are free and open to anyone in the Transgender community. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to


Looking for a New Job?
Did you know that there are approximately 60,000 LGBT-friendly jobs listed on CareerLink? Check it out today!  Click the image above.

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado is proud to announce the expansion of programming to Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado.
The new additional location will allow The Center to provide services for seniors, youth, the transgender community and other LGBT constituents in Northern Colorado.  For more info click here

Intersex Support Group

When: Second Thursday of every month
Where: The Center Northern Colorado
Description: The peer led intersex support group has a meet and greet from 5:30-6pm and the meeting is from 6-7pm. For more information, please contact Dana Zzyym at (970) 221-3247 or

Peak Area Gender Expressionof Colorado SpringsPAGE has many activities, some of which actually take place in or near Denver, so for more on transgender events in Colorado Springs sign up for the newsletter by sending your request to: PAGE email 
Inclusive Services for LGBT Older Adults: A Practical Guide to Creating Welcoming Agencies
The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging has released the first comprehensive guide for aging service professionals, offering a range of tools and tips on creating affirming services for LGBT older adults. This guide, Inclusive Services for LGBT Older Adults: A Practical Guide to Creating Welcoming Agencies, can help agencies foster a welcoming environment for many diverse populations, including LGBT older adults.Answers the question: “How can our mainstream aging organization provide inclusive and welcoming services to older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults?” 
Sage of the RockiesLots of activities serving LGBT over 50, for more info click here
  Join us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter  Send us an Email1151 S Huron St || Denver, CO 80223 || 303-202-6466

The Gender Idenity Center Newsletter

Hello from Denae- I was sent this information for any TG women in the Denver area. If your group has a web site or newsletter, email it

Friends and Education are important when one is making decisions. This page has many other web sites and events in that area, and it sounds like Denver has a great web mistress along with all the volunteers, to help girls in the Denver area. Also, if your group has a newsletter or a website, please email me and I will post it on this blog. There has to be a group in any large center, if you need to meet others and ask questions. 

Denae Doyle/ Founder


Expirit 2011 in Washington State

Hello Everyone; Thanks to all of you who have emailed me, regarding your experience at Expirit, last week. The reports are wonderful, many say it is the best conference ever! Lots of places to travel, dinner, and dance. For anyone who wants a really private get away, put Expirit on your calender for next year. Safely, located a ferry ride away from Seattle–or by car. The board, really cares. Do, continue your emails about your experience at Expirit last week!


Come have some fun in Sacramento!

Hi Denae………..I hope everything is going well for you. I would love to get together again and continue where we left off. What you have shared with me the last time we got together has really made a lasting impact in my life. I feel so put together no matter what the circumstance. I seem to flow with confidence. Thank you for working with me and for all your continued support.

I would love to have you be my guest at this years River City Sparkle in Sacramento. Perhaps you can join us. The event is scheduled for October 9th from 5:30 to midnight. It’s a full evening of entertainment, dinner and dancing. I’m sure you will know many of the ladies in attendance. You can read all about it at  Just send me a note and I will take care of everything……………….Lady Di

San Francisco TG Conference

Hello All-

I will keep you informed, but the new South San Francisoco TG Conference, held at the Conference Center will be coming in May or June. Last year, it was a great success with speakers from all over the US. You can plan, a fun time in the city…too  More later, as I get this years details. If I have not met you, plan on attending one of my seminars!


Southern Comfort 2010 in Atlanta


Hello Everyone; Southern Comfort 2010 in Atlanta, where I gave two seminars… was really wonderful.  If any of you have SCC photos…you would like to share on do email them to me at: and add SCC photos in the subject line.

We had fun, with a Friday night dinner. Everyone was really dressed to impress (nicer than to kill). This was the 20th anniversay for SCC and on Sat night they took us through each year and the program. There were speakers from every state, many new to me.

 When, I first began SCC in 2000–the speakers were mainly me, Doug Osterhout, Toby Metzer, however now….there are doctors I have never heard of.  I do caution everyone, with any TG information to do your own research and talk to others.   Just because a surgeon has a web site, or speaks at a convention….doesn’t indicate how well experienced they are with TG work. Please ask others, check photos, and do your own homework with calling other girls or emailing.  Even, if you have to travel, or go into chat rooms where other girls have seen the good and the bad.  Go for experience, professionals that have been working withthe community for years. Oh yes, Dr. Doug Osterhout (Dr. O) has a NEW book out, of Feminization Facial Surgery (Amazon).  I want to thanDoug publically– for your only referral! I was so surprised, when he gave me his new book on the Fri night dinner. Doug said, “are you grateful”? “For what”, I smiled and aked? “For me recomending only one person.. you….. in my book”. I felt silly, not knowing this. What an honor. Thank you Doug–You’re The Best! We have worked with girls, together for over 11 years.

Oh yes, yes. NOW thefall fashions 2010 which JUST CAME OUT –in the stores! Early buying, gives youa betterselection or size and color. For everyone who wanted to know, where I got the black faux fur jacket, I wore at SCC, check out  they have it in brown this year, as well as black. Go for a Large Or xLarge, as BeBe runs small. Also, Love, Love, Love the knew boot heel/shoes. Not a boot, but a high-heel short boot-cut shoe. Great with very dark black or brown hose. Put withhot knee length dress or skirt–OR add the new  longer above the knee boots. Look for a zipper if you have wide calf. Easy fashions this year to find and purchase. Get the really dark panty hose in black, brown, grey. Boot, or shoe/boots. Great black dress or form fitting skirt.  Put a 2 inch belt with it, if you feel your waist isokay. Add, the new short fur jackets, Or the short, faux leather jacket with zippers on it. I love this look.  On the airline home–I was able to add in these same items with a pair or form fitting hot jeans–with the same shoe/boot, with the jacket, add a loose chain belt to the outside of the jeans. So, shop for lots of separates. Fun chains, and rings. One coat, with dress/skirt or jeans!!  For the dress I wore, go to and you will see, they carry very feminine, yet sensual dresses.

Life is sooo good this year, with low cost dressing and separates.

Let me hear about your SCC experiences and send photos!! Why don’t any of you blog back? I feel, like I am writing to myself. I hate that!! Show me you care, and blog me! If my “comments” is not working, email me so I can get my web mistress to correct any issues…at   blog in subject line!

Hugs from Santa Cruz, CA…The Northern California TG Hub. Denae, Doug Osterhout, Judy Van Maasdam (gender therapist at Stanford), Joel Beck,  Toby Metzer close by, and now–just moved here with us from CO is Dr. Marci Bowers. Come see us!


PS: Do any of you have a small Maltese?  I love them, and I’m addicted to buying them. So, just send me your cutest Maltese photo!! I’m serious. Show me your Maltese and if anyone is interested I will post a new photo of my new one.