New ~ Finding Longer Pants or Jeans Which Are A Perfect Fit For The TG Woman

Finding Longer Pants or Jeans Which Are A Perfect Fit For The TG Woman

29 Dec 2008 Leave a Comment

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Hello Ladies, I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.

I am often asked, how the TG woman…can find pants/jeans which fit around the stomach and are longer in the legs. Finding your size in a retail store, can be frustrating. It’s easier than ever to find that perfect-fitting pair of jeans. Fashion insiders have long used which surfs the Web for e-tailers that offer pants, jeans and leggings with your exact inseam measurements. The site will also sort your favorite brands of jeans based on the rise you want (low, mid, or high), ensuring fewer returns and costly trips to the tailor.

It is very important to measure youself, expecially in the waist. To measure your waist, bend to the side. This is the waist area I want you to measure for your pants and jeans. Wearing your jeans under your waist, if you have a large stomach, will only work if you wear a long, tunic blouse. If you have a large waistline (stomach) I suggest you purchase jeans and slacks that have a “partial”  stretch waistband…in the back, only. You can always cover the waistband with longer jackets, sweater, and blouses. The elastic waist band will give you a much better fit than trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans, that fits below your stomach. 

Janurary is the month, leather stores such as Wilsons Leather, will put their leather jackets, purses, computer bags, and winter boots on sale. This is a great month, to locate those expensive leather items…look for your winter coat, purse, winter boots, shoes…many stores will offer their leather items as much as 60 % off!



Feminine Hand and Arm Movements, While In Public

Hello Ladies, As Promised herewith more on Feminine Movement. I was eating here in Santa Cruz, CA yesterday when a well dressed TS woman walked in, and slide correctly into her booth. However, she ordered a pizza and a bottle of beer. Okay, we all relax, but the deal breaker was two-fold. She spoke to the waiter with a mans loud voice. Next, when drinking the bottle of beer, her elbow went straight OUT to the side while drinking large gulps.

The  bent elbow out, really did not blend with her beautiful appearance. Lets go back to Vol 1 on the blog. Remember, elbows IN, along with knees and feet. With just a few simple changes, this well dressed woman could have been all woman. Okay, I say it over and over. The two most important aspects of blending as a female when in public is your Movement & Your Voice. Makeup and Hair, you can pay for. However only you can create your own mannerisms and voice. Pull IN. We will cover some Voice in coming blogs when we are finished with movememnt. I have also had request for Wardrobe coordination. More later, and regardless keep your elbows in while eating or drinking and eat slower!

Denae Doyle Vol 1 DVD for more on feminine movement. See Vol 1 at

Hello To John/JoAnn

Hello John/Jo Ann-

Thank you for your
comments, regarding my blog and the helpful tips. There are two areas to find
years of articles on TG beauty and life style issues. First, you can look
under: CATEGORIES to find specific areas such as Voice, Movement, Wigs, etc.
Or, you can go back several years– to 2008– and find a treasure of articles
for TG women.

Also Jo Ann, thank you
for asking, about Who Denae is, what I enjoy outside FemImage.  I suppose, I never think
about writing a blog, about my daily life,
  and, my web site has tons of information. But, I understand, you want to know about things…other than bio information, etc.

Okay, I will begin to blog more about personal things–however I would love it if you girls could communicate with other girls
with your Comments on the blog and ask questions that others may also find interesting.

JoAnn, you asked what book I am reading at this time. I am reading The Bond by Lynn Taggart. I have a deep desire,
to learn metaphysical teachings–which will improve my consciousness to overcome many of the false illusions I believed, from parents, teachers, and friends. I find most of us drag our fearful, guilty, childhood impressions (real or imagined) behind us for our entire life—until we discover a way to choose a new future by changing how we think, feel about ourselves…. (which is mostly
feeling we don’t deserve to be loved).  Her research shows, we grow when we “bond” with other people and reunite with others– and she discusses how competition makes us weak when we compete. That competition causes us to isolate more. To join others in a social
community. to discipline yourself to meet others, and create
“bonds” in several different social communities, in your life.

I just started The Bond, and will let you know my final thoughts. She is currently on a book tour, in WA state and Canada. She is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful femininne message.


Thank You From Denae !

Hello Dearest Denae,

The DVDs were delivered as promised.  They and “you” are “Awesome”.  What a marvelous treasure, blessing and gift you are to me and others wanting to fulfill lifelong dreams!

Any and all feedback, suggestions, guidance will be gratefully appreciated.  Consequently, I will soon pursue your offer to monitor my progress on Skype.

How blest I am to have met your acquaintance! 

May today be the best day of your life and all your tomorrows better than today!

My 2010 Speaking Schedule ~ At TG Conventions

Hello all!  I have my travel schedule for 2010 planned out. Many of you, who can’t travel to the San Francisco area, like to work with me while at one of the major conventions…near you. I will be Feb 25 at:

Gold Rush, Denver Colorado

Espirit, in Port Angles, Washington

SCC  Atlanta Georgia

Be All…this is my first time to go east!! So many of you on the east coast have emailed me for years, so I will finally fly to your coast! Please email me ahead of time, if you think you would like to spend one hour with me.

I will be giving two seminars. One for CD’s and tips.

A 2nd seminar of Feminine Movement and Gestures. These are both NEW seminars, and will be lots of fun. Music and Moves!!

email me at:   Subject line: Convention

I look forward to meeting all of you!  Check my front page for dates and times!!