Today, I went shopping. Again, I am new to Target…but it really does have some very up to date styles. They carry, swimsuits, colorful flowered shoes, matching tops….and my all year favorite item…the hip to the ground long skirt. This does hide so much. You can wear the low skirt under you low on your waist, or even pull it up and under your arms, again(the top has plastic….with colorful shoes, a big with brim sunglasses! Don;t let this scare you, the long top to button long skirt, covers everything and can be worn from the beach out to a place to eat. I wear my why skirt so many different places (in warm places).

Dating Tips For The New TG Woman

Flirting Tips and How To Read A Woman’s Body Language
Contact: Tips For Singles – How to Break the Ice With a Girl You Just Met – How to Read a Woman’s Body Language

The old saying is “Actions Speak Louder Then Words,” and nothing could be more true. If you can learn how to read what a woman’s body tells you, you will always know which women are interested and open to your advances, and which women you’re wasting your time with.
They’re gestures that signal a willingness and openness to talk to you. They can also be strong indicators of attraction, so keep your eyes open for them, you’ll know what you’re doing is working! Basically, approach invitations are the same for both sexes (after all, we’re more alike than we sometimes like to give ourselves credit for!), but here’s a short list of common gestures to be on the lookout for:
* Touching the hair
* Smoothing the clothing
* One or both hands on hips
* Foot and body pointing towards you
* Extended intimate gaze
* Increasing eye contact

Another big thing to note is that excited interest and attraction causes pupil dilation and a flushed appearance in the cheeks, so when talking to a woman, always note what her eyes are doing. The more the pupils are dilated, the more attraction she is experiencing! Pupil dilation is always a big indicator of interest because women have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over it! It’s an unconscious bodily response to stimuli that they can’t control. Now, keep in mind, if it’s dark or she’s under the influence of drugs, her pupils will naturally dilate. But all things being equal, this is a great sign to look for. We’ll go more into pupil dilation later on.
Another big sign is the Head Toss. This is when the head is flicked to toss her hair back over her shoulders or away from her face. You’ve seen this type of action in pretty much every shampoo commercial ever made. The funny thing is, even women with short hair do this! So keep an eye out for the tried and true head toss. Another sign of attraction is when a woman exposes her wrists to you—a sign of submission. A woman will gradually expose the soft, smooth skin of her wrists towards men she is attracted to.

This also exposes the palms of the hands, which is an “accepting” gesture, like she’s offering you to take her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. You’ll often see this signal with women who smoke. Watch their wrists. If they expose their wrists to you while she’s holding her cigarette, she’s telling you something! This next one should be pretty obvious. OPEN LEGS! If a woman’s legs are open towards you, guess what – that’s a pretty big “GO” signal. Now, don’t expect a woman to go full spread-eagle on you when giving you this signal. Usually it’s very subtle, like if she uncrosses her legs to expose a slight gap.
Look at a woman’s hips when she walks as well. The hips naturally have an accentuated roll to them when walking. This is nature’s way of highlighting a woman’s pelvic region. If a woman is walking with an obvious roll of the hips, she’s signaling something to every man in eyeshot – she’s looking for a guy to sweep her off her feet! The sideways glance is another fantastic approach invitation. Its kind-of like a “peek-a-boo” motion. This is when a woman will hold a man’s gaze just long enough for him to notice, then looks away. This is a typical flirting look, and she may do it numerous times, as if she’s seeing if you’re going to come talk to her or not. Watch out for the sideways glance that occurs over a raised shoulder! When she’s almost turning around to face you, that’s a sure sign she wants to talk to you!!!
Pay close attention to a woman’s mouth, and you will get a good idea if she’s open to your advances. A slightly open mouth with wet, glistening lips is a definite sign a woman is open to being approached. It gives off a distinct sexual invitation. Pay attention to whether or not a woman licks her lips while taking to you, and you’ll know she’s getting aroused.
Look at what her hands are doing as well. Women who fondle cylindrical objects, such as cigarettes, fingers, drinking glasses, and a number of other thin objects, are signaling an unconscious indication of what they may have in mind.
One of the biggest signals to look for is how women cross their legs when they sit. If you look at how guys sit, we will often sit with our legs apart, displaying our crotch for all to see, because we’re always open for business! But when women cross their legs, it’s a gesture of protection for their genital area. When women position their legs in ways that make their genitals more vulnerable, you have a major GO signal.
The first big leg cross signal is the knee point. This is when one leg is crossed under another, taking the shape of an upside-down “L,” where the knee of the leg that’s tucked in points at the person the girl is interested in. This knee point position is a relaxed one that you’ll see girls use often.
When a woman crosses her legs and presses one leg firmly against another, so that the calf of her crossed leg is pressed against her other leg, this gives the impression of high muscle tone in the legs, and can drive some men crazy at the sight of it. In this position, women are also able to expose more of their thigh, which is meant to communicate sexuality.
If a woman is playing with her shoe or gently stroking her thigh while her legs are crossed, this can be an indication of interest as well. Both actions are meant to call attention to her legs (and by the same token, her genital area). Also, notice if she crosses her legs slowly in front of you. This is a major signal that she wants you to notice what’s between there!
Remember the golden rule of picking up women: PAY ATTENTION! Keep your eyes peeled for the gestures and signals women who are open to meeting you give off. It will make your job a million times easier! When I was playing around with the girl at the mall, I was not paying attention to her in the slightest. I was too busy thinking of witty things to say to notice the signals she was giving out.
But the simple act of paying attention to her movements and her body would have told me I was doing much better at attracting her than I thought I was.
Learning to read a woman’s body language cues is VITAL to your success.

>>> Where Can I Find Single Women?
One thing every man should understand is that obtainable women surround him all the time. We just don’t realize it yet. To be successful with women you need to recognize these endless opportunities to meet new women. Start taking every opportunity to meet new women. Granted, many of these women may not be your type or have anything in common with you. Just because you meet her does not mean you will go out with her. But you owe it to yourself to get out there and interact with women.

There are many different places and ways to meet women. This chapter discusses ways you’ll make yourself more available to different types of women, and how you can “target” the type of woman you desire. Remember, this chapter covers many different approaches to meeting and dating women. Not all approaches may appeal to you, but it never hurts to try everything once.

Organized Dating Groups

Organized dating services can be great, provided they aren’t too expensive. You shouldn’t waste your time and money on telephone dating hotlines, or on classified personals, because you can’t see what you’re getting involved with. It’s better to have a photo of her or to interact casually with a woman before actually asking her out. We all know that looks are important, especially when looking for a woman you are attracted to!

There are many social groups geared towards singles. They are usually formed around a common interest such as hiking, music, photography, or some other favored pastime. A group like this can be good because you’ll already have a common interest to talk about when you meet a woman. To find out about clubs in your area, try your local community center or newspaper.

There are also many online dating communities to join. You can chat, exchange photos, and get to know women without actually meeting them. The Internet is a great place to practice hitting on women where there are no egos involved. Who cares if you offend her? She simply won’t write you anymore. If you have an Internet connection, this is a great low-risk place to practice. It is also a great way to narrow your search by process of elimination; however, you still can’t be sure of what you’re getting.

No matter which type of singles groups you choose to join, you may still not find your target woman. A more focused approach will be discussed at the end of this chapter. Essentially, you only go after your desired type of woman. While targeting on a specific type of woman can be good, as it won’t waste a lot of time, you never know where you’ll meet the woman of your dreams. She could bump into you when you least expect it. That is why the Shotgun Theory cannot be overlooked or underestimated.

Shotgun Theory

The Shotgun Theory emphasizes hitting as many targets as possible. This theory is perfect for hitting on women, and it can also effect your success when job hunting. You want the biggest spread! So, what does this mean to your dating approach? Talk to every woman you find attractive! Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are going to see women you find attractive. Once you see a woman you are interested in all you have to do is approach her, talk to her, or get her phone number. How to approach her is coming up later, but for now recognize that anywhere and anytime is the right place and the right time to meet women.
With this approach, you’ll have endless numbers and endless dates! To increase your odds with this approach, you should go to where there are greater numbers of women. Such places include aerobics or dance classes, acting and theater groups, singles events, and singles bars. Also, you should always dress to impress every time you leave your house. It’s an unwritten truth that you’ll meet the woman of your dreams when you are least expecting it. You want the confidence that looking great will give you.

With this enthusiastic approach, you’ll always have at least one woman on the go, and you’ll always be meeting new women. What if she isn’t interested? Don’t take it personally. Every man gets rejected some time. The foundation of the Shotgun Theory is to never give up.

You may give up on one woman, but not on your quest to get the woman you desire.

Bars and Night Clubs

Bars and clubs are a great place to meet women and to practice your Shotgun approach. There are always single women making themselves available by going to singles bars and nightclubs.

If you want to be successful picking up women in bars, you should try going to those that aren’t too noisy to talk. Some bars have live bands that can play extremely loud. This creates the need to yell back and forth, thus taking away from the seductive behavior. You need to be able to carry a conversation with a woman if you expect to pick her up or get her phone number.

Another factor that contributes to a comfortable atmosphere is lighting. You don’t want a bar to be too dim. Again, you want to see what you’re getting. Try to find a club that has a little brighter room. Also, try to find a club that has a cozy area with couches or tables where you could suggest having a drink with a woman. If the lighting is adequate, you will see her well enough to decide if she is worth your while, and if the music isn’t too loud, you will be able to have a conversation with her. Already, without any commitment, you know if you’ll like her or not.

Coffee Shops

Believe it or not, coffee shops are prime locations to hook up with a woman. The caffeine has a big part in this, as it triggers the pleasure center of the brain by releasing a substance in the body called phenyl ethylamine. The coffee creates a body rush – her breathing will quicken, as will her heart rate – and she’ll be more receptive to your advances than if you had met her elsewhere. Women in coffee shops tend to be more open to meeting.

Coffee shops are also a great place to meet women because it often means you live in the same neighborhood, therefore there is a greater chance of bumping into her more than once. Coffee shops are a casual environment, and it is easy to approach a woman. You simply ask her if you can sit on the stool beside her at the coffee bar, or offer to share a table with her. Often, women are in coffee shops to take a break from her hurried day and good conversation can be a welcome advance.

Grocery Stores & Laundromats

Ah, the necessities of life. Every woman must buy food. This reason alone is bound to attract your attention – If every woman is, at some time, walking the isles of a grocery store then you have a chance to meet her. The next time you are shopping for food and you see an attractive woman, simply push your cart up beside hers and smile at her. Then say something charming to break the ice and start a conversation.

Laundry is another required chore that we all must carry out. Laundromats can be very casual environments to meet women. Most people spend about an hour and a half doing their laundry, which gives plenty of time to spark up conversation. It can be much easier to approach a woman when she is relaxed and just being herself. If you decide to approach a woman in the Laundromat, be sure not to approach her while she is folding her personal clothing, though. Most women will feel uncomfortable if you do this. If you do meet a great woman in the Laundromat and you don’t get her number, at least be sure to ask her about her regular laundry days, then perhaps plan to meet again “same place, same time.” As with coffee shops, meeting at a Laundromat indicates that you live nearby to her.

>>> How To Get A Date From A Woman You Just Met
You really want to talk to this woman again, but you don’t want to seem too eager. The best time to call a woman is when you said you would call her. If you did not tell her when you would call her, then the best time to call a woman is within 3 days after getting her number. It might freak her out if you called a woman within twenty-four hours. Don’t call the very next day, unless you had plans to talk. You want to wait another day for good measure, and then call her after a few days. So, if you met a woman on Friday or Saturday night, then you would probably call her on Tuesday. Waiting a full week is usually too long, and a woman will take this as a sign of disinterest. You want her to know that you are interested, but not desperate.

When you decide to call, you want her to answer. If you have her work number, be sure to call during her work hours, and not at lunchtime. You want to have the best chance to get her on the line. If you have her home number, try to call when she will be home. Be careful not to call too early or too late, though. You don’t want to wake her up. You want her to be in a good mood when you talk to her, so do not annoy her by calling at some odd hour. If you phone a woman and you have to leave a message, either on her voicemail or with a roommate, be sure to keep your message brief. Leave your name and when you are calling, and say you will call her back. You don’t want to leave a detailed message because then you are relying on her getting the information. If you don’t leave your number, you won’t expect her to call you back. This way, there is no waiting game, and you simply call her again. Always call a woman when you say you will call her to demonstrate reliability.

When you do finally make the call, and you have her on the line, what are you going to say? What are your goals of this phone call? It doesn’t take much time to make a few notes to your-self before hand. Write down what you want to say to her before you call her. It helps to have a guideline for your conversation, especially if you get flustered and aren’t sure what to say next. You should already have an idea for a date before your call. Allow room for compromise but always have a good suggestion to start from.

When you decide to pick up the phone to call a woman, you want to make sure that you won’t be distracted. You want to be able to give her your undivided attention. Make sure the TV, roommates, or other background commotion won’t distract you. Go into a private room and then dial her number.

When she answers, make sure the first thing you do is say who you are. Don’t expect a woman to recognize your voice right away. Say your name, then don’t hesitate to remind her where you met. Once you are beyond introductions, make sure that you aren’t interrupting her. You already know that she wants to talk to you, because she gave you her number, so make sure that it is a good time for her. You don’t want to call during her favorite television program, or while she’s eating dinner, and have her feeling rushed to get off the phone. You want her to be relaxed so you can have a nice, casual conversation.

Once you re-establish your connection, and make small talk, you want to stick to your goals of this phone call. You need to ask her out on a date. When you ask her, be direct and enthusiastic. The best way to ask out a woman is to suggest an activity. Don’t get her to commit to a time just yet. You want to see if she is okay with the idea first. Suggest going for a hike, or for coffee, and ask her when she would like to meet to do this. You don’t want to be overbearing or bossy. Give the woman some control so she will have a better feeling about going out with you. Ask her how she would feel about meeting for coffee, or ask her if she would be interested in checking out a new restaurant in town for lunch on the weekend.

Once she accepts your invitation, the two of you can work out a mutual time to meet. Don’t be offended if it’s not right away. Remember that this woman has her own life, and she may be very busy. Once you agree when you will go out, be sure to figure out when and where you will meet. If you agree to pick her up, you should always phone before you leave to make sure you know where she lives. If you plan to meet somewhere, it doesn’t hurt to call earlier that day to confirm the place and time. This will show her that you are looking forward to your date and that you will be there on time.

By this point, your conversational goals should be attained. You have talked to her, you have got her thinking about you, and you have got a commitment for a date. This is the time to wrap up the phone call; you don’t want to drag out this first conversation. Save the getting-to-know-each-other talk for when you are together. Maintain control of the situation and let her know you have to get going, but that you are really looking forward to your date.

>>> Guys – The Key To Success With Women

Once, one of my super-scoring buddies invited me to go to a party with him. Not having much of a social life anyway, I accepted the invitation, and besides, this guy REALLY knew how to meet the hottest girl. I sort of looked at myself as being one of those small sucker fish that attach themselves underneath a shark’s mouth and live off the bits the shark spits out.

Anyway, we were wandering around this huge apartment complex, looking for the party. We were walking down a hallway when we passed an open door, and there was a party going on, but it was definitely NOT the party we had been invited to. This was a formal affair; everyone was very well dressed, and my buddy and I were both wearing jeans and scruffy tennis shoes.

Through the doorway I saw a stunning blonde in a low cut dress, surrounded by guys trying to hit on her. My buddy saw her too, looked at me, and went right into action. I saw him walk in the door, cut through the crowd of guys, say something to her that I couldn’t hear, and hand her a card and a pen. She wrote something down, and out came my buddy, smiling ear to ear. He had gotten her phone number!

I asked him what he said, and he told me, “I just walked in there, looked at her, and said, `Excuse me. I saw you through the doorway, and unlike these gentlemen here, I don’t have time for small talk. I’d like to take you out. Can I have your home phone number?’

Now, it’s not always necessary to be that direct. But it is necessary to grasp and use the attitude my buddy had, the super-attitude which will get you laid more than any line, trick, good looks, fancy car or fortune. The attitude is:

I make no excuses for my desires as a man.

I make no excuses for myself.

I move through the world without apology.

Do you really want to get laid with all the women you could ever possibly want? Then STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF! Don’t make excuses for wanting to look at a beautiful woman. If you’re caught looking, and she asks what you’re doing, tell her!! Tell her you’re enjoying studying just what a perfectly beautiful body she has, and to heck with her if she’s too uptight to appreciate a real man who doesn’t apologize for knowing what he wants!

Stop making excuses for wanting to meet a woman! Stop making excuses for wanting to ask a woman out, and most of all stop making excuses for wanting to be with any woman you want! This kind of direct, powerful, go-for-it-attitude is an incredible turn on for women that can’t be beaten!

Listen! It isn’t even the words you use that convey this attitude! It’s your tone of voice, your facial expressions, your posture, the speed at which you speak, everything non-verbal about you will show this attitude far more than words.

This doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant, or lack a sense of humor. You can be warm and friendly at the same time you are being direct and powerful. The key is finding the balance. Once you do you will not be able to keep women away from you.

Now, it’s easy to talk and tell you that you should have this attitude, but that won’t help you to actually get it. That’s why the next couple of chapters are so important. They will show you how to install this attitude in yourself so that you automatically find yourself living by it in your approach to women. You won’t even have to try or to “think about it.” It will just happen.

Here’s the other attitude/belief you’ll want to master if you really want to be a success at scoring with women like a madman.



I remember watching a TV show where the host was interviewing a movie star/karate champ who shall go nameless. The host asked him what the secret of his success was, and the karate guy looked at him in that wooden way of his and said:

“When I first started out competing in Karate Tournaments, I wasn’t that good. I got beat a lot, but I always learned from my mistakes. Instead of crying over my losing, I just studied what I would have to do differently the next time, and whenever I met the same guy again or a different guy in the same situation, I ALWAYS creamed ’em.”

Look – unless you are unusually lucky, chances are you are going to make a few mistakes as you practice the ideas in this book. And, as great as these tricks are, they won’t work every single time. Unless you know how to learn from your mistakes and accept and occasional loss, you will get nowhere. The most successful guys I know at scoring all have two great strengths: They have the first power attitude we’ve just looked at, and they also know how to accept getting rejected without it bothering them and they learn from their mistakes.

Ok. As I promised, let’s get on to the next couple of chapters which will show you how to actually live these attitudes instead of just reading about them.

>>> Flirting and Networking
There’s a lot of crossover between good listening skills and good flirting skills, but there are also clear differences. For example, if you’re in a job interview you’re obviously going to be listening “actively,” but nobody is going to confuse this with flirting. It’s the “romantic spark” aspect of flirting that distinguishes it from standard “good listening.”
An expert once shared some interesting ideas on the importance of “validating what the other person wants to be.” This means looking for specific ways in which how someone thinks of themself as unique and valuable is consistent with their actual behavior and history.
Body language was brought up several times. Aligning your body towards the person you are interacting with, leaning slightly forwards (which usually happens naturally when someone is interested in what another has to say), using open posture, etc. were all mentioned. When people who like each other are listening especially intently to each other “mirroring” tends to naturally occur; body language, gestures, and breathing tend to synchronize between the two people. It is difficult to do these things consciously seeming forced; the discussion along these lines was therefore mainly descriptive.
Eye contact is also important. Looking into someone’s eyes just a little longer than would ordinarily be considered customary or comfortable seems to be a common element of the flirting process.
Go ahead and ask questions that are “almost too personal” . The idea is that humans progress to greater levels of intimacy by sharing vulnerabilities, and that if someone is interested in you they are unlikely to turn down the chance to make the conversation more personal (unless you REALLY push the envelope, obviously.
There is an importance of giving sincere complements. Going along with the idea of flirting being a learnable skill, it’s also worth mentioning that a good way to practice flirting is to do it a little bit every day, perhaps with friends or perhaps with the mailman.
Social networks usually expand by cultivating friendships which are serious enough for your new friends to introduce you to their friends. For this reason, activities that allow prolonged contact with other people are valuable. Political action groups or volunteer groups or special interest/hobby groups are especially worthwhile because you get a chance to meet folks in a more prolonged and sincere context, because you already have a shared interest, and because if nothing good flirting-wise comes out of it at least you either learned more about your hobby or did some good for your community.

>>> Confident Body Language
So here’s a few tips you can do tonight to have women noticing you and even approaching you.
Take advantage of the fact that people naturally look as a new person enters the room.
Women are constantly assessing the balance of value in a venue. When you enter what signals are you sending out? You want the signals to be that of high value and confidence, this will build intrigue in whoever is watching.

When we enter a new space the natural tendency is to look around to assess if there is potential danger. Don’t Do This!

Step in, take a slow breath to relax you.
Look around with your eyes rather than your whole head – it may feel a little weird at first but from an external point of view you’ll look a lot more self assured and project confidence immediately.
If you’re with friends engage and talk to them without breaking your stride. Go and approach your first group at the back of the room.
If you’re on your own have a playful smile on your face walk calmly through the venue and open your first group or single girl towards the back of the room. Move slower than usual.

Use high value body language. Tilt your chin slightly above the horizon – this creates a mild aloofness which you can then completely shatter when you open warm, fun and playful. It’ll be a great surprise to anyone who made a snap shot judgement just from seeing you.

Remember it is better to be perceived as Higher Value and to “Bring them up” to your level than to be seen as Lower Value and have to work your way up to theirs.

Think of the way Russell Crow, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, and Mel Gibson walk, and you’ll get an idea of what this is. Its standing straight, shoulders slightly back (not hunched over), walking and moving with an easy confidence that’s sure to get people’s attention. Keep your hands out of your pockets. When you put hands in your pockets, you look like you have something to hide. By the same token, don’t cross your arms. Crossed arms make you look guarded and stand-offish.
Best of luck and have fun!
==>> Osmond Frey is a writer on dating and relationships. His articles can be found at:… A Recommended Relationship Expert. Check this site out!

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Best Flirting Tips – Must Do’s and Don’ts For Your First Date

Congratulations! If you are reading this article, then you may have a date ahead. Just follow these simple rules to make this date a start and not an end. If you don’t have a date, still you can use it when you get one.
Rule 1: Find a nice place
You can never do this wrong. You have to find a nice place. It should not be too noisy and too crowded. It is your first date and you want to keep her attention to yourself. And select a place where you can be comfortable with. A theme park or a nice restaurant will be my choice.
Rule 2: Get Physical
I am not telling you to get all over her. Make it look like you are comfortable with woman. Don’t be nervous (you’ll be but don’t show it). You can select a place with dance floor and can ask her to dance. But do not go to a discotheque. There will be too much of distractions.
Rule 3: Enjoy a stroll on a Beach or Park
You can have a nice long stroll on a beach or park. You can hold hands but don’t insist on holding hands in the first date. If she takes the initiative and holds your hand, don’t refuse. Usually a long stroll will improve blood circulation and makes her let go of her inhibitions. I said stroll. So do not hurry. It is not a race and no one is going to win. So go with the flow and go at a comfortable pace.
Rule 4: Discuss Likes and Dislikes
You can and should discuss likes and dislikes. But never overdo it and do not criticize her likes or dislike. It is your first date. You can ask why she likes or dislikes and you can tell your opinion. Never dictate. Respect her opinion. Discussing likes and dislikes is the best way of getting to know each other.
Rule 5: Go with the Flow
This is very important. You have to go with the flow. Don’t interrupt and start a conversation in a different direction. Just go with the flow. When you don’t have anything to talk, then you can start a new topic.
Rule 6: Be yourself
Because being you is very easy. There is only one you and don’t lose you. This is not a dating or flirting rule. It is a general life rule. Don’t change your behavior for someone you just met. If you want to change yourself, do it. Not for others but for yourself.
Rule 7: Don’t hurry for a Kiss
Of course every first date is supposed to end with a kiss. But don’t hurry. Or else she may think (know) that you are desperate and believe me you don’t want her to know that.
Follow these simple rules and you can have a wonderful first date.

Flirting is fun. To keep it that way and to be a successful flirt, you have to keep in mind these ‘Don’ts’ in mind and avoid them.
1. Don’t ever invade their space.
Nobody can be in the flirting mood always. Everybody have the right to have their space. Don’t ever invade. If someone tells you to find someone else, most probably they need their space and they mean it. If they have flirted with you yesterday, it doesn’t mean that you can invade their space today. Everybody needs their space and respect the boundaries
2. If you don’t like her tell it.
If you don’t like a woman tell her and move on. You might have started it. If you don’t like the way she talks, or you don’t like her for any reason, just tell her. Instead of dragging the conversation you can save a lot of her as well as your time in flirting with someone else. Just don’t be rude. Tell softly and move on.
3. Don’t brag.
Yes, don’t brag. She is not there to hear all about your achievements. It is not a press release. You have to be realistic and understand that it is supposed to be fun for both of you. So keep it within the fun zone. No one likes to hear about the latest ‘nanotech robot’ you are working on.
4. Don’t whine either.
I have some guys that just whine about everything. They whine about the traffic, food, their pathetic life, etc. You can name anything they’ll whine about it. Don’t do it. She is not your psychologist.
5. Don’t look at someone else and flirt with her.
How will you feel if she looks at someone and flirts with you? Please this is a real turnoff even if you are doing everything you’ll lose her trust.

Tips For Singles – How to Break the Ice With a Girl You Just Met

It has been a real problem for most of the guys, if not for all of them, to initiate a conversation with the girl you just met. Let her be a friend of a friend or you just met her in a bar or any other public place. So what should you do?
The best start-up line ever.
‘Hi.’ Yes, believe me that is the best start-up line ever. Nothing can beat that. If you get a ‘Hi’ back then you are good to go. If you don’t get a ‘Hi’ back and she just smiles you can proceed with a question like “How are you?” or “Can I get you a drink?” etc depending on the context. You have to be really creative in the questions you ask. If you are not getting a smile or even a nod then it is better that you just leave her alone.
So you have started. The real question is how to proceed? There is no fixed rule and there can never be a fixed rule to proceed. All you have to do is go with the flow. Have a positive mindset that you can have an interesting conversation. You can try to help her in something that she is trying to do. You can carry her grocery bags if you are in a grocery store. You can pass her salt if you are in a restaurant. You can even get her a drink if you were in a bar. This way you can make her interested in you. Then she’ll just open up a little. You have to grab the opportunity to break the ice.
You have to flirt with her. Flirting is a magical art that can convert a simple ‘Hi’ to ‘I do’. I am not exaggerating. If you can really flirt well you can, not only break the ice, but can go home with her.
==>> I am Alex Jones, Author of the book ‘The Magical Art of Flirting’. I wrote that book with my own experiences and with an intention to help Guys who are single and struggling to strike a fruitful conversation with any woman.
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Tips on Dating
make things happen. If you could depend on them to get things started, you wouldn’t need to flirt. 2. Don’t tease. Offering others more than you intend to give always backfires. 3. Don’t cling. Don’t monopolize one person all night long. Wait for them to indicate their desire to continue being with you. 4. Don’t dwell on flirting. Do it and forget it. Keep your playful tone at all times. 5. Don’t fidget. It’s annoying. You are fidgeting when you let your nervous tension out in unintentional ways. You are not fidgeting if you are tapping your fingers to Stevie Wonder. You are fidgeting if you tap them throughout a supposedly flirtatious conversation. 1. Use Flattery Flattery is to flirting what a match is to dynamite. Explosive. So to refine the power of flattery, you must be sincere. Expert, mutually rewarding flattery is harder to pull off than most people think. Here are some guidelines: 1.Figure out what strikes you about this person. 2.What potentially flattering statements would he or she most like to hear from someone else? What area of his or her person, accomplishments, or activities have not been totally confirmed by society? 3.Once you determine this, use it. Flattery is most effective when there is an element of surprise. When someone doesn’t expect the compliment. Telling a CEO that he is “doing great things for his company” is nice. But saying that you “love his sense of humor and his smile” will make his day. The first compliment he knows himself, the second he may suspect, but the fact that you mentioned this is delightful and surprising. 2. Say Hello With Energy When you say hello, pretend that there is an electrical current pulsating through your body. It is brief–like turning on a light bulb just for a second. Remember that what follows from an introduction or meeting depends on how your new acquaintance perceives your hello. Practice it. Listen to your voice on a tape recorder. Does it sound like you are happy to see them? Or does the tone project boredom, lack of interest, low energy, anxiety, or fear? Put a little sparkle in your voice, a lilt; but keep the overall pitch low. 3. Shake Hands Handshakes are too formal for people interested in flirting, you think? Think again. Reaching out, touching a hand, holding it, squeezing it, and letting go are all very sensual, tactile, personal activities. When else, unless you make it to the hand-holding stage, will you hold this person’s hand again? So make your first handshake count. As in saying hello, a handshake needs special energy. Before you shake hands, mentally dwell on the sensations you expect to feel and receive in your right hand and arm. Focus attention to that spot, put energy into it, but not strength. Try these: Flirtatious Handshake #1: The Politician In this handshake you reach out with your right hand. If you are a woman, you should then reach out and slightly brush the fingers of his right hand with your left hand. This must be done quickly, so it’s barely noticed. If you are man, with your left hand touch either her wrist, the top of her right hand, or the fingers on her right hand. Flirtatious Handshake #2: The Squeeze At the end of this shake, you finish with a tiny, extra squeeze. This should not be tight but merely a surge of energy. Then let go. Doing this signals that you are warm, confident, and that there is a definite attraction. 4. Make Immediate, Direct Eye Contact If coordinated with what you are saying, this is the most effective and direct flirting technique. And even when not coordinated, it can be dazzling. Eye contact establishes intimacy: it can be either intrusive or caring. So the power with which you lock eyes for the first time will determine the starting level of the conversation. If you lock eyes in a tentative fashion, expect a tentative conversation. If you feel a thunderbolt, fantastic! But watch out–overly sexual or inviting eye invitations are the main cause of misinterpretations of motives between two people. 5. Repeat the Person’s Name Follow the three-times rule regarding names. Repeat the name when you are introduced. “John?!? Great to meet you.” Do it again when talking to your flirting partner or when referring to her in a three-way conversation. And mention it a third time when saying goodbye. You can increase your chances of flirting success by doing your new companion a favor. Remind him or her of your name. Include it in an anecdote you are telling. Remember, if someone doesn’t know your name, they have nothing to attach to the phone number you may have given them. search Login | Free Memberships | Help 6. Ask “No One Ever Asked Me That Before” Questions People are always interested in themselves. In fact, one definition of love is “What another person feels toward you when you reflect for them a view of what they’d like to think they are.” The same holds true in flirting, only on a more fundamental level. Each person loves to have someone as interested in them as they are in themselves. One way to satisfy that common desire is to ask questions. Not overly personal questions, but questions that are uncommon. 7. Do a Double Take Have you noticed that people can tell when you are staring at them even in a car? How they turn and stare back? A double take has the effect of staring, but is 100 percent better. In effect, you are saying that something (another person, object, or activity) caught your attention. Since humans are by nature curious, this person will want to know what you see. He or she will meet your gaze, and–Eureka!–from across a crowded room something will have begun. 8. Ask for Your New Friend’s Life Story Everyone loves to talk about themselves–and after they’ve revealed some of their inner thoughts and ambitions, they feel so close to you. A magical bond has been established. But the trick here is to go first. If you ask a person out of the blue to tell you about themselves, it amounts to a demand to perform and puts them on the defensive. But if you go first, they’ll feel much more open and will reveal more. Carefully choose the place for all this. If there are people around who can hear, then don’t exchange life stories. 9. Have Something to Say by Keeping Up to Date One of the plusses of being with another person is that you are stimulated intellectually. Another person makes you think of things, do things, try things, and vicariously experience things you normally wouldn’t. So, make sure you are a good partner when you flirt. The easiest, fastest, and best way to keep up to date is to familiarize yourself with the news of the day; best-selling books, records, videos; top-grossing movies; etc. One really great way to do this, of course, is to read about what interests you online. 10. Play with a Piece of Clothing For women: Dangle a shoe in a rhythmic way, play with an earring. Applying a tiny bit of lip gloss from a pot can be very flirtatious, but avoid powdering your nose, it makes you look old. The secret here is not in what you are doing, but in the rhythmic movements you are making. Rhythm is both sexual and comforting. For men: Adjust your tie, your cuffs, your hair. Twirl your drink. Pacing is very masculine, and if done in a steady tempo can be somewhat appealing. It also allows a woman to ask why you are doing it. 11. To Get Subtle Attention–Whisper Should you want to get the attention of someone across the room, try whispering into someone else’s ear close to you. It will make others wonder, “Why is she excluding me?” or think, “What is that man saying about me to his friend?” Whispers invoke fear and intrigue, and make people want to be included. You do need a partner for this technique, preferably one of the same sex, if you have your eye on another person. Now face in his or her direction but whisper in the ear of a friend. Now smile at the recipient of your flirtation–you’ll certainly get his or her attention. If they’re close, they may even approach you. Once you have started a conversation with your intended, you can still use this potent force. When talking to them, whisper. Now, try whispering (it doesn’t matter what) in their ear. This has very potent sexual overtones. Don’t do it unless you are sure you like them, as it is easy to lead someone on by doing this. 12. Help Someone Get Out of an Old Routine, and Into a New One We are all creatures of habit. Some of them are good, some bad, but most of them are just routines that make life simpler. And boring. If you can help someone out of an old routine and into a new one, you automatically become an integral part of the new ritual in that person’s mind. One of the pleasures of flirting or responding to flirting is in the new adventure that awaits you. Whether for a moment, or an evening, or a lifetime. (What, you’ve never been on a roller coaster?) And as a flirt who becomes ingrained in someone’s daily routine, you have something else going for you: your flirting power carries over to the activity itself. 13. Leave Them Wanting More When you flirt, you are giving someone your undivided attention. There is nothing more flattering. However, people want what it appears they cannot have. An expert flirt will emote until the woman he is trying to attract responds. Then he will back off. When things are going well, a good flirt won’t wait around until the conversation hits a bump. He will leave. So, follow the successful flirts. Leave the second you know you’re hitting it off fabulously with someone and you’re sure you’ll see or hear from her again. Or you’re sure you can make this chance encounter recur. 14. Create and Use Nicknames When you observe happy couples, you’ll notice that they call each other by special pet names–reserved for them alone. The use and creation of nicknames can precede or follow new relationships, but it is a very important stepping-stone to intimacy. So as soon as you can find a clever nickname to call someone, do. It can be a short phrase, but one or two short words is best. And make sure the other person creates one for you. Normally this will happen as a basic outgrowth of fumbling around to get to know each other. An effective nickname must not be too common or too flattering, and it should never be mean. 15. Drop Names When you are flirting, names give you cachet and credibility, and add to your social profile. Plus, people like to feel connected to you in some way. If the gorgeous brunette just happens to work with your friend Jennifer, tell her so. This is the connective tissue of social interchange. For male flirts, dropping names of local heroes, dignitaries, or well-known people in the community can be quite helpful. It gives a woman her proof of your stability, which enhances your attractiveness. 16. Wear, Bring, or Carry Something Unusual In decorating, this would be called the conversation piece. It can be a piece of clothing, jewelry that is more outrageous than pretty, a book you carry, or any personal quirk. Once you have this invaluable item, if people don’t ask you questions about it, you can use the object to begin conversations. The fact that you are discussing not you or them, but your object, makes the flirting so much more discreet, and effective. 17. Use the Old 1-2-3 Routine Picture a moth flirting with a flame; there’s a dance in and out. Duplicate this for the 1-2-3 flirting technique. Your boldest move is the first one. It is the time you are as assertive as you are ever going to be. The “1” is your approach. It is dazzling, outrageous, flirtatious, bold, appealing, overly forward, and spontaneous. The “2” is a complete back-off. After two or three minutes of displaying your delightful personality, back off. Distance yourself from your flirting companion. This gives your partner a chance to assess you. Not to scrutinize, but to take in your presence. If there is too much of a rush about you, it not only seems too forward, but also threatening and undesirable. The “3” is a renewal of flirting. But not to the degree of the initial flirtation. The best guideline is about 80 percent of your original intensity. Continue between 60 and 80 percent for the rest of the time you are with someone. By this time, your flirting partner will be contributing to some of the flirting, and if they’re not, it’s time to move on. 18. Try Intermittent Reinforcement Studies have shown that the most effective way to get someone to do something consistently is not to give them constant praise or constant criticism, but to intermittently give rewards. This is equally effective when flirting. For example, consider the man who flirts with a woman for a while then pays no attention to her at all. Did she do something wrong? Or the woman who tells a man, “Call me sometime,” but never answers her phone and never returns any messages, until she’s good and ready. This is intermittent reinforcement working overtime. And this is a fabulous–albeit a bit calculating–technique for making someone start worrying about your opinion. A word of warning: Don’t do this more than once. The intermittent reinforcement tactic should only be used when you are close to desperate. It is not necessarily nice, but it does work. 19. Limit the Amount of Time You Flirt If you are afraid of flirting, but would really like to give it a try, help yourself out by limiting the amount of time you flirt in any one day. Give yourself a limit to the amount of time you’ll devote to the opposite sex. Say, “I’ll flirt for only 30 minutes on weekdays.” Or flirt only on Thursday nights. At a party where you are trying out your flirting wings, make up your mind to flirt during the first 20 minutes of the party, and then relax. 20. Set a Numerical Goal Tell yourself you’re going to flirt until three men comment on how well your gorgeous blue dress matches your eyes. Or until three women agree to have coffee with you. Or five customers smile at you. One benefit of having a number in mind is that it disassociates you from a person (which is good for beginning flirts, although this eventually could harm intimacy), so you are not as threatened by the flirting encounter. For example: If you think of Judy as the most desirable woman in your neighborhood, you put yourself under needless pressure. Lift this burden by thinking of Judy as the fourth woman who commented on how cute your dog is.

Summer Long Dresses

Hell everyone– The long dresses are in this summer and they are easy to wear..
Target carries them, and you can put something over your shoulders. They come in easy to wear cotton T. Colors are big this summer, and so are T-shirts….so pick colors such as apricot, melon, yellow, red. Try breaking out of your “comfort zone” with dressing. With the long holiday, there will be lots of sales. The stores will want all their summer items out, as they buy their next new Winter season in
Sept, so again, you will see lots of sales this weekend. Also, many of the less expensive stores, are really catching on and carry a lot of what you see at Macy’s, Nordstroms, etc. It’s not your grandmothers Target, K-Mart. Use the better end stores for your important items you will wear most days, such as a leather bag, leather shoes, nice coat. Now, have some fun and go shopping. I am going again Sunday, the items at Target were so great! Pay less for clothing such as blouses and dresses that have limited life. However, go strong on your items you will wear summer and winter for 2 years or more.