Finding the right skirt for your figure

Hi folks, this is Robin your occasional contributor to Denae’s blog. Denae is taking a few days off for the July 4th Holiday and asked me to contribute something for her. Rather than be creative and make something up on my own I found this great article on Wikihow on picking finding the right skirt for your figure. It was not written with TGs in mind but it has been so helpful to me that I thought I would share it with everyone. No matter your body shape, you will find this article helpful.

I will include an extract of the article here and if you like it you can follow the link the wikihow site. Have a happy Independence Day!

  • Short figure: The best skirts for short figures are tapered straight (slim) skirts and A-line skirts but avoid stiff A-lines as they can make you appear squat. Length should be around the knee; if it’s either too long or too short, the skirt can make you appear even shorter although if you have shapely legs, a shorter skirt can make them seem longer. Suitable styles include button-fronts and wraparound skirts, as long as they are not stiff. And off-center slit can help to elongate the legs. Vertical embellishments or detailing will also help create the feeling of length. Things to avoid include hem detail, mid-calf length skirts, patch pockets, and girly skirts.
  • Thick waist: If you have a thick waist, wear skirts that draw attention to your legs and away from the waist. Wear long and full skirts or short skirts. Avoid skirts with any embellishments around the middle, as these will draw attention to the waist.
  • Curvy figure: Skirts with subtle tapering are ideal, and A-lines and wraparounds are also suitable. Choose skirts with a flat front, side or back zippers, drop-waists or no waistband if you’ve a thick waist (or keep if you have a waist to show off), flat-textures with little stretch, and soft, fluid fabrics to float over curves. As with the short figure, an off-center slit can help draw attention to the legs and not the curves. Skirts to avoid include box styles, stiff fabrics, pleats, patch pockets, full styles, and any horizontal patterning. Don’t wear any skirts that are too tight.
  • Larger stomach: Wear lightly tapered pencil skirts and A-line skirts that drape. Avoid waistbands or remove them, avoid anything clinging or tight, bias cuts, pleats, wraps, darts in the front, gathered or bulky styles, and front pockets. Dark colors and flat textures are best. Don’t wear sarongs.
  • Boy-like figure: Skirts suitable for this type of figure include most styles although if you are concerned that your legs are too skinny, wear a long skirt with a slit or buttons on the front to increase the leg appeal. Pleating is good for slim hips and you can wear slanted pockets, patch pockets, gathering, belts, and thick waistbands. A small waist can be given added attention by the use of a wide belt.
  • Bottom-heavy figure: This figure is flattered by a moderate A-line style or loose,softly draped skirts, and wraps, and the good news is that skirts flatter your figure more than pants. A tapered knee-length skirt can work if it’s not too severe, and avoid waistbands. Details should be vertical, and prefer dark colors. Avoid pockets on the skirt, pleating all the way around, bias cuts or trims, Lycra fabric, hem detail, a lot of flare, or horizontal embellishment. Don’t wear any skirts that are too tight and avoid any skirts that have pleats above the hips.
  • Flat bottom: Wear Lycra fabrics, tight skirts, and bias-cut skirts.
  • Long waist, short legs: Select straight skirts to give your legs length. The best length for the skirt tends to be between mid-thigh and above the knee. A belt in the same color as the skirt can visually shorten the upper body. Wear short tops or jackets, tone the pantyhose with the skirt, and rely on vertical embellishments to give a sense of length.
  • Short waist, long legs: Look for skirts which are straight and have a dropped waist. Skirts that hip-hug or are low-rise, no waistband, and low-slung skirts are also a good choice. Tops that fall past the waistline can swallow up some of the leg-length and fluid skirt fabric can hide the short waist. Avoid anything on the skirt that interrupts the line of the top coming over the skirt (for example, pleats), belts that don’t blend in, high or wide waistbands, and horizontal detailing near the waist zone of the skirt.
  • Large thighs: This figure is flattered by skirts that are loose and drape or have soft pleats. Avoid wearing Lycra-blend narrow skirts.
  • Thick ankles: If you have thick ankles, skirts are best when long and loose and with above-the-ankle boots. Any skirt with hem detail, embellishment, or flare in the lower half will draw attention to the ankles, so avoid this.

Here is the full link:


Hello Brenda, to respond to your question..where to purchase the new LIFT your tush jeans, they are available at Macy’s. Very resonable, very tight on lower leg, and lift your tush. You will love them! They also have new leggings that are more like tight jeans, and not the previoius cotton leggings. These are great with the longer tops–if you want to cover up your tush!

Enjoy your shopping!


The Ahh Bra and a New Shoe Store

Its now been almost 2 weeks since my last post (in which I promised to post more) and I have not posted anything…I have often found that the best way to get (re)started on something is to start with little things rather than doing the big task. In that spirit, here are some little posts..

One of the gifts my BFF gave me for Christmas was an “Ahh Bra”. I had seen informercials for them on TV and noticed them on the shelves of my local drug store but had never seriously considered them. At around $20 they seemed a little too expensive to buy without the opportunity to try one first. My friend thought it would be a fun gift and so she got it for me. The Ahh Bra is more like a sports bra than anything else. It is all stretch with very wide shoulder straps and band. The cups are wireless and are formed of the same stretch material. You pull it over your head like a tank top.

I wore it the day after I received it and found it to be really comfortable. It fit very snuggly but did not pinch. The wide bands stayed in place without much adjustment throughout the 14 hours I wore it. The bra held my forms in place very nicely. After a few minutes, the sense of wearing a bra almost went away as the bra and my shirt seemed to blend together. It was the most comfortable bra I have ever worn (just like the commercial says!).

I wanted to find some more and so I went to ebay where I found that the bra is made by “Rhonda Sheer” who has a whole line of similar underwear. I recalled that I had bought some stretch shapers by her years ago but I had never really worn them. I found bras in lots of very pretty colors (and not just the nude color in the stores) and I was able to buy a package of 4 in different colors for around $25 (which is about what the infomercial charges for one). I have since worn one of those and found it to be also very comfortable. They may become my new bra of choice from now on.

Over the Holidays I also stumbled across a great chain of shoe stores called “DB Shoes”. They are located throughout California and Nevada but also have a web site ( In some ways they are like a smaller version of DSW Shoes but are much less expensive. They have all sorts of shoes ranging from flip-flops to heels and boots to running shoes. Some were well known designers while others seemed “house brands.” Most were between $15 and $50. They were very friendly and I ended up buying three pairs of boots, for only $20 each. None were really “designer” brands but all look nice and are very comfortable. One was a calf high black boot made out of a suede-like material. It had about a 1 inch heel. The second was a knee high, brown boot with almost no heel. It is cut fuller so that I can wear them over jeans which makes a look I really like. The third pair were black ankle boots with laces. They are sort of casual but look really nice. They also look great with jeans.

I will be heading back to their store soon. At $20 a pair, one cannot have too many shoes!


How long does it take you to get dressed?

I was recently reading the blog of another part time girl and she wrote that it took her 2 hours to get ready to go out. Another blogger mentioned that she took 4 hours to get ready. Now both of these ladies looked very nice and of course there are endless jokes about how long it takes all women to get ready but it seemed to me that these times were rather excessive. My typical “get ready to go out in public time” is more like 15-20 minutes (although Denae does call me “Robin the speed dresser”). Given one has already decided what to wear, I don’t know how I could fill up 2 hours getting ready. I recently timed myself and it worked out as follows:

  • get naked    – 30 seconds
  • underwear and padding – 1 minute
  • top and pants – 1 minute
  • foundation (Revlon Colorstay Minerals – my new favorite foundation) – 1 minute
  • socks and shoes – 1 minute
  • brushout and style wig (I usually keep it in curlers) – 3 minutes
  • foundation cleanup, mascara and a little blush – 2 minutes
  • jewelry – 1 minute
  • apply nails (press on) – 5 minutes
  • general “get act together” – 3 minutes

That is about 19 minutes. The thing that takes the longest is applying the nails as I have to apply adhesive and then the nails.

If I am wearing a skirt or dress for the symphony, I could take another 2 to 5 minutes. Still that is a long way from 2 hours.

I have always suspected that for some tgs, the getting ready part is a big part of the life and lets face it, some of us are a little obsessional about getting everything exactly “right.” For me, the goal has always to get out the door as quickly as possible and spend as much time “out” as I can.  While of course I want to look nice and presentable, for me getting ready is sort of time wasted that I could use exploring the world and interacting with people.  I don’t get nearly enough femme time and I don’t want to spend it in front of mirror making sure that every item is exactly right. Acutally looking about half put together makes me fit right into how the most rest of the women that I know look, at least those who don’t come from Texas..

So how long does it take you to get dressed?


Shopping on ebay

I am a complete ebay shopaholic. I bought my first femme item in 1999 and since then I have bought over 1000 items from various vendors. I have bought everything: wigs, tops, pants, dresses, shoes, underwear, makeup, and jewelry. Probably more than half of my wardrobe comes from ebay. For me ebay shopping is mostly about getting a great deal. I have no problem going out and shopping in femme, but doing it on ebay can save lots of money. It also sometimes serves as “femme time” when I cannot get out for one reason or another.

For my this post I thought I would share some of what I have learned over the last 10 years.

First, set a budget for what you buy. I have a rule: No more than $20 for any single item. This includes tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.. I cheat a little when it comes to dresses and suits but they are “really” two pieces (or at least that is what I tell myself). What I typically spend is usually a lot less, probably around $10-12 per item.

Second, really know your measurements and don’t believe sizes. If the item does not have measurements, don’t buy it. Women’s clothes have become “larger” over the years so that what is now a 14 used to be a 16 or an 18. It also helps to know the difference between Misses, Juniors, and Womens (or plus sized). A 14W is quite a different garment than a 14. Again the trick is to know your measurements and that of the garment.

Third, find your favorite designers and buy their items. I have 5 to 7 designers that make up most of my wardrobe (including shoes). I have found their products fit me well and leads to a consistent look. Your favorites will take into account your own style, your age, and your body shape. Of course one can always get something from an unknown, but the risk of it not working out is higher.

Fourth, buying multiple items from the same seller at the same time can result in significant savings in shipping costs. Usually they will “combine” shipping costs so that the total is less than for the same number of individual items.

Fifth, expect to toss anywhere from quarter to half of what you buy. It will not fit right, it will not look right, the color is not what you expected, etc.. Most of the time it will not be worth returning, even if the seller allows it. I think I have returned something maybe 5 times. They have all been dresses that  I paid between $30-40. If I have paid $15 for a skirt and want to return it, the postage is probably $5-7 plus my time. Usually it is not worth it. This is part of the reason why I have the $20 rule.

Sixth, if you are just starting out consider buying “lots”. These are usually used items that a seller has bundled together that are the same size and often coordinated. Sometimes one can get 20-30 items for $100-150. It is a great way to start a wardrobe. Of course, you will toss half of it but it is still a great deal.

Finally, figure out how you are going to pay for the items and have them shipped to you. Given my situation, I cannot have them shipped to my home and so I got a Post Office box (it is only $64/year) under my guy name. All my ordering on ebay is under my femme name but I still have it shipped to the PO box. The Post Office will usually accept mail for a PO box with a different name than is on the registration. I “trained” the people at my local post office by mailing all sorts of “dummy” items to my PO box using my femme name and so they got used to delivering it. I have never had them reject a real ebay package. If they ask I just say a friend is using my PO box while she is traveling and they are okay with that.

That is for now. If you have any useful ebay experiences please drop me a note.


Penny’s for Tall

Hello Everyone;   A questions from email.  Where to purchase long pants? Long sleeve blouses?

I suggest JC Pennys, you can purchase a catalog for $5.00 which is taken off your first purchase. They have fabulous panythose, called Total Support. They never fun! Great support.

Try JC Penny’s!


Under-Wire Bras

There is new research out, reporting underwire bras cause more breast cancer–as the lymph glands are blocked–and the metal is not good for us.   So, I checked into bras without a WIRE underwire. There are cloth underwires that lift and give lots of support–so you will need to research where to purchase one. 

There are also new bras out, that look like a Sports Bra, that have no underwire or tight support. The photos of this new bra (that looks like a Sports Bra)– show, MORE LIFT– than the regular strap bras with underwire. However, if you only wear underwire occasionally, I would not worry. This report, stated women who wear and sleep in an underwire–have a 64% higher breast cancer rate. Ouch, lets leave those out of our wardrobe if worn every day!