How long does it take you to get dressed?

I was recently reading the blog of another part time girl and she wrote that it took her 2 hours to get ready to go out. Another blogger mentioned that she took 4 hours to get ready. Now both of these ladies looked very nice and of course there are endless jokes about how long it takes all women to get ready but it seemed to me that these times were rather excessive. My typical “get ready to go out in public time” is more like 15-20 minutes (although Denae does call me “Robin the speed dresser”). Given one has already decided what to wear, I don’t know how I could fill up 2 hours getting ready. I recently timed myself and it worked out as follows:

  • get naked    – 30 seconds
  • underwear and padding – 1 minute
  • top and pants – 1 minute
  • foundation (Revlon Colorstay Minerals – my new favorite foundation) – 1 minute
  • socks and shoes – 1 minute
  • brushout and style wig (I usually keep it in curlers) – 3 minutes
  • foundation cleanup, mascara and a little blush – 2 minutes
  • jewelry – 1 minute
  • apply nails (press on) – 5 minutes
  • general “get act together” – 3 minutes

That is about 19 minutes. The thing that takes the longest is applying the nails as I have to apply adhesive and then the nails.

If I am wearing a skirt or dress for the symphony, I could take another 2 to 5 minutes. Still that is a long way from 2 hours.

I have always suspected that for some tgs, the getting ready part is a big part of the life and lets face it, some of us are a little obsessional about getting everything exactly “right.” For me, the goal has always to get out the door as quickly as possible and spend as much time “out” as I can.  While of course I want to look nice and presentable, for me getting ready is sort of time wasted that I could use exploring the world and interacting with people.  I don’t get nearly enough femme time and I don’t want to spend it in front of mirror making sure that every item is exactly right. Acutally looking about half put together makes me fit right into how the most rest of the women that I know look, at least those who don’t come from Texas..

So how long does it take you to get dressed?


Shopping on ebay

I am a complete ebay shopaholic. I bought my first femme item in 1999 and since then I have bought over 1000 items from various vendors. I have bought everything: wigs, tops, pants, dresses, shoes, underwear, makeup, and jewelry. Probably more than half of my wardrobe comes from ebay. For me ebay shopping is mostly about getting a great deal. I have no problem going out and shopping in femme, but doing it on ebay can save lots of money. It also sometimes serves as “femme time” when I cannot get out for one reason or another.

For my this post I thought I would share some of what I have learned over the last 10 years.

First, set a budget for what you buy. I have a rule: No more than $20 for any single item. This includes tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.. I cheat a little when it comes to dresses and suits but they are “really” two pieces (or at least that is what I tell myself). What I typically spend is usually a lot less, probably around $10-12 per item.

Second, really know your measurements and don’t believe sizes. If the item does not have measurements, don’t buy it. Women’s clothes have become “larger” over the years so that what is now a 14 used to be a 16 or an 18. It also helps to know the difference between Misses, Juniors, and Womens (or plus sized). A 14W is quite a different garment than a 14. Again the trick is to know your measurements and that of the garment.

Third, find your favorite designers and buy their items. I have 5 to 7 designers that make up most of my wardrobe (including shoes). I have found their products fit me well and leads to a consistent look. Your favorites will take into account your own style, your age, and your body shape. Of course one can always get something from an unknown, but the risk of it not working out is higher.

Fourth, buying multiple items from the same seller at the same time can result in significant savings in shipping costs. Usually they will “combine” shipping costs so that the total is less than for the same number of individual items.

Fifth, expect to toss anywhere from quarter to half of what you buy. It will not fit right, it will not look right, the color is not what you expected, etc.. Most of the time it will not be worth returning, even if the seller allows it. I think I have returned something maybe 5 times. They have all been dresses that  I paid between $30-40. If I have paid $15 for a skirt and want to return it, the postage is probably $5-7 plus my time. Usually it is not worth it. This is part of the reason why I have the $20 rule.

Sixth, if you are just starting out consider buying “lots”. These are usually used items that a seller has bundled together that are the same size and often coordinated. Sometimes one can get 20-30 items for $100-150. It is a great way to start a wardrobe. Of course, you will toss half of it but it is still a great deal.

Finally, figure out how you are going to pay for the items and have them shipped to you. Given my situation, I cannot have them shipped to my home and so I got a Post Office box (it is only $64/year) under my guy name. All my ordering on ebay is under my femme name but I still have it shipped to the PO box. The Post Office will usually accept mail for a PO box with a different name than is on the registration. I “trained” the people at my local post office by mailing all sorts of “dummy” items to my PO box using my femme name and so they got used to delivering it. I have never had them reject a real ebay package. If they ask I just say a friend is using my PO box while she is traveling and they are okay with that.

That is for now. If you have any useful ebay experiences please drop me a note.


Penny’s for Tall

Hello Everyone;   A questions from email.  Where to purchase long pants? Long sleeve blouses?

I suggest JC Pennys, you can purchase a catalog for $5.00 which is taken off your first purchase. They have fabulous panythose, called Total Support. They never fun! Great support.

Try JC Penny’s!


Under-Wire Bras

There is new research out, reporting underwire bras cause more breast cancer–as the lymph glands are blocked–and the metal is not good for us.   So, I checked into bras without a WIRE underwire. There are cloth underwires that lift and give lots of support–so you will need to research where to purchase one. 

There are also new bras out, that look like a Sports Bra, that have no underwire or tight support. The photos of this new bra (that looks like a Sports Bra)– show, MORE LIFT– than the regular strap bras with underwire. However, if you only wear underwire occasionally, I would not worry. This report, stated women who wear and sleep in an underwire–have a 64% higher breast cancer rate. Ouch, lets leave those out of our wardrobe if worn every day!


Spanx Cami Tops For Summer

New Spanx control top, is now in the style of beautiful Summer/Spring Cami Wrap Tops. They also have Cami tops with lace above the breast line. This is so great, as no one will think you’re wearing a Control Top–and this is perfect for the TG woman….who may want to have some extra tummy control..without the appearance of wearing a control girdle. I saw these on for April 29th, 2011 Spanx segment. You can see the photos of each top, on line. The colors are great for Summer: Light Pink, White, Cream, Violet and Black.

Great investment, two in one! Control with the cover up of a beautiful Cami. If you want more control, wear the womans blouse (size) you normally wear. If you would like it loose, go one size up.

They run a little more, but so much hold, and style for your money.

Let me know what you think!


Jan 9th Macy's HUGH Sale

Hello Everyone!

Today (Jan 9th 2011) and tomorrow all Macy’s have most womens and misses clothing 50% to 75% off!  I wait for this sale all year!!

 All stores are trying to clear out all their winter clothing, to bring their new Spring/Summer clothing in by Feb. This is a great opportunity to get those expensive winter items such as: leather coats, leather boots, leather hand bags, cute hats, cashmere sweaters, etc etc. I just returned with 3 items which were 75% off. If you’re in guy mode or girl mode–get to Macy’s and save on those expensive items and they are staying open late!! If you’re on a budget as most are in this economy, this is an excellent time to grab a few items you really need. Remember to stay “Basic” and purchase items that can be coordinated with other items. If you love boots, this is the time !

Have fun and shop smart!



Many of you have asked me about the new handbags. I love the new colors, so don’t feel you have to stay with basic black. If possible, put the color of the handbag, in a piece of jewelry or a color in the fabric. Now for the TG woman, who may be a little larger on top 

Women with large breast and heavy shoulders should avoid carrying short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to accentuate your breasts and shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing around your middle, or a  mid size clutch purse, which is carried in your hand.


When Trying On A Dress

Hello Everyone- I was recently shopping with a client, and she did not understand how important it is to SIT in the outfit, especially dresses that are fitted.

When you are trying on a dress, skirt or pants/jeans– always take or wear the undergarment you’re going to wear with it, and the shoes. Also, never, ever forget when you try something on, to sit in the clothes. People do more sitting than standing in life, and you want to make sure it’s not too tight around the hips and tummy. Happy Shopping!


New Faux Fall Coats

Hello Charese; thank you for your email…this is Denae. Yes, I also love the new faux fall jackets in all lengths- short length, medium length, and mid thigh (called duster jacket). The jacket I wore, you’re emailing me asking about…is from the new Rachael Zoe line. I love her clothes, and relate to her as a “stylist” who dresses genetic women. I found, the new long faux fur vest vest (in several colors) and the duster jacket on QVC as they now offer the Rachael Zoe line (due to the sucess of her new television show called Rachael Zoe).  Go for color, or for the colors that work well with your hair.

Thanks for your email, and check out her clothing. I have several of her things, and love, love, love them.