Selecting A Wig For The Transgendered Woman

How To Select A Wig For The TG Woman, by Denae Doyle www.FemImage

 Hi Karen- Thank you for your email, regarding how and where to select a wig.  A good wig is soooo important. I do not sell wigs, makeup or any products. I coach girls on feminine movement and voice, and of course I cover wigs, makeup.

 Now, having said that….I think a good wig that moves in the wind, and bounces when you move—is generally a more expensive wig, as it has some human hair with synthetic—perhaps 50-50.

Next, if you know how to use a curing iron, then purchase a human hair wig, as it IS real hair. I do teach my girls how to use a curling iron, rollers, or a flat iron.

 Another important factor is your budget. I tell my clients more serious clients  to save for a better wig. Also, this depends on how much you dress. If you’re a full time girl, or someone who is transitioning—I put my clients in a real human hair wig I teach them to curl it, as real human hair will go straight. I determine there skin tone and eye tone, and it is important you put several colors in your wig. You generally want darker roots, as the darker root color will bring out your eyebrows and eyes, giving your face dimension and this will bring attention to your eyes. After a layer of darker roots, then  have fun with lots of different colors of highlights, as this looks more natural then ONE color.  These highlights can be ash blonde or golden blonde or even put in a dash of  golden red along with the gold. Look at your skin tone, is it light, medium or dark.?And, your eyes. The darker your skin and eyes the darker base color you can wear. or with dark skin and hair you can wear one dark color of hair. However, if you’re light skin that burns in the sun, you probably need  lighter colors with perhaps a small percentage of darker roots.

 Where to go in your city? Do your home work. Use the phone book and the Internet. Call and ask their prices. Are they a wig shop or do they custom design one for you. Also, I did not mention…there are many new lace front partial wigs the salons will color to match your hair (on the sides and back, and in front if needed) The partials are very light, and simply blend into your male hair, made to cover any balding area. These are also ideal for the tg woman who has THIN hair all over).

Again, if your just going out at night, and having fun…then select less expensive wigs. This allows you to test several colors and styles over time. If you see someone with great looking wig, ask them where they got it! I am never shy to say to another woman, Oh, I love your ___________(dress, shoes, haircut,) may I ask where you purchased it, I really love it. Most of the time, they will be happy to tell you.


I would go in and try on the wig., and only over the internet if you occasionally dress (then I would suggest The Breast Store for the less expensive wig).  I would go for a straight wig, not curly. I would cover your neck and once you purchase the wig, have them taper (cut) the wig so it comes in on each side  with some light bangs to cover any lines on the forehead (like Jennifer Anniston use to wear her hair). This tapering should begin at the chin, then a second layer coming in on both side for any Adams apple, and the third layer comes in at the chin.  If you want it long, your tapering will stop at the chin, and then you ask them to leave the back longer and oval it (not a straight across cut).


Wearing  a long curly cheerleader wig, save those for home. Avoid wearing  a really curly hair. And, avoid a really bleached  all blonde wig, (as it will not have darker roots and will wash your face out, especially if you’re over 45 or 50).

This is the rule I follow when I am selecting a color for a client. Determine the amount of gray you have in your hair. The gray “Lightens” the wrinkles. If you are 50% gray, then go with that percentage of highlights. If you are only 10% do the same. People over 50 generally should put some highlights in their hair. (Remember Elvis before he passed, and he had black hair, with his skin which had wrinkles at his age—this brought more attention to the wrinkles).

 Take some photos , with you of the style you want. And, stand up for what you want, not what they want to push onto you.

Ask pricing, before you make an apt. If you don’t find something you like, then tell them you still want to look. It is like buying a car. You want to find the style that turns you on, the color, and the price!! The right color wig, will lhelp you select the ideal colors of makeup and give you an over-all natural look.

You may need to shop at several places, and when traveling, always try wig salons.

 Are You Afraid To Go In?

 Wig salons probably sell more wigs to CD’s or TS women, than they do genetic females. So, call you make an apt, and say…I am TG and I am looking to purchase a wig that is ———-fill in the blanks. Try on as many wigs as you can. If you’re going full time, a good wig is an investment that you will wear every time you walk out the door, so save your money for the highest quality you can afford, and always remember what their charge will be the cutting the wig into any style you want, or what the charge will be for touch up bangs or a little shorter in the back, etc.  and do your research.

I hope this helps you ,  in your wig journey.

All my best,


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Wig Length ! The Best For TG Women

I recently ran a test, on how the lenth of a wig determined how well a girl blended. I bought a darling short wig, from Breast Form Store. To my surprrise, the shorter wigi blended in better than the longer wigs. Now, I’m not talking about “your grandmothers’s wig”– but a very new more modern or even “edgy” cut .

 If you have any long wigs you no longer wear, take it to your hair stylist and tell her you will not hold her responsible if it doesn’t work out (hair stylist will not cut a wig if you didn’t buy it from them) however iby telling  her it is an old wig   that you no longer like, and release  her of af all   finacial responsibility- many will take these longer wigs and cut them into updated, fun short wig.s Take in a few photos of short styles of women, so she understands what you want. I did this  re4cently, and I am familar with my hair stylist, which helps, and she cut the long wig, on my head–to match the photo. And, I love it–no one even knows who I am.  So, find a stylist,– tip her well always–if she takes care of you, and as you develope a relationship with her– ask her to cut your older, long wigs, with no liability. I was going to toss my anyway, so I only had a little cash to lose, but gained a wig that is real human hair-which looks so fun and even sporty to wear out during the day.

For TG women it is essential to devekope good relationships with your hair stylist (who knows your tg) and a makeuip artist at a store, and someone in the wardrobe dept. Tip them well, or take in a little gift. I tip my hair dresser–she is more important than my mailman or doctor!



. Take in some photos of short wigs to givef her an ifrss, and bring a new life to one of your old wigs!! You can be many womren —and on a budget1!!


How To Lose Weight

Most women and clients, ask me how I keep my weight down(have stayed a size 10)–and have stayed thin for my entire life.  I must admit….I learned how to keep thin from the orginal weight pros…. models. Especially, ‘Run-Way” Models,they are required to be even thinner than Photo Models. Since “Run Way” ( Now you better understand why I love feminine movement) was my love and..I stayed thin to fit into the size required, and maintained it. Herewith what I learned, from an older model…at my first Neiman Marcus show. She explained to me– it was not what I was eating but what I was “thinking” about while eating. Or, better yet…what I’m thinking about the food, as I’m eating. Often, over weight people eat while driving, watching telvision, etc. and they are out of their body with racing thoughts. However, if you ONLY think of each bite, taste it, tell your body it will digest and make you healthy and thin–you will naturally stop eating when you’re stomach is full. Perhaps, that is why…we have been told to “bless our food” ?

Today there is a new approach, using the same technique. It is called The Aware Eating Method, and there are websites, books and even coaches…for this. If any of you are interested, I can blog additional information on the process and tecnique used to turn off all racing thoughts, while eating. This method is also used for smoking. Bottom line, turn off your thoughts, and only be with…your food.  Yes, select a meal which is healthy and low on sugar and carbs…but chew your food, slowly swallow your food, and only think about your food. Don’t think about angry thoughts, or fearful thoughts. Herewith one example I can share with you from my experience. I was recently very resentful–and angry with an investment broker who had lied and bascially taken money from a loved one. My angry thoughts were spinning. I opened the freezer and pulled out a quart of Bryers Vanilla Ice Cream.  Normally, I would scoop out a cup and put the Ice Cream back in the freezer  and  just simply use my conscious eating to enjoy this sinful delight. However, on this occasion…I don’t even remember walking into the kitchen…my mind was like a buzz saw. I finished eating the entire quart. Here is the kicker. I don’t remember eating the Ice Cream!!!  I didn’t enjoy it, I just stuffed my feelings. When I realized what I had done, I knew it was important to not feel shame, guilt and beat myself up…as our Ego loves that. I “looked at” what I had done, I observed the behavior…almost like a third party. Simply put, I was un-conscious and out of my body (anger and fear) while eating as Ego thoughts (Ego is always fear, resentment, shame, guilt, anger…all the bad emotions) took control of my body. Next time, you eat…prepare a healthy meal and “be with” each bite. Aware Eating Method, works…whatever name you want to put on it. Give it a try, and if you would like additional information, do email me!

Have a great meal!


How To Add, Long "Partial Hair Extentions" To Thin Hair

Hi from Denae! Okay, thin hair.  Many TG women, have thinner hair from T than genetic women. I have been talking, talking, about the importance of adding partials to your hair….while in feminine presentation. However, this is even more important for full time girls. This is exactly how models and stars have full, thick hair! Most of you think, extentions are…one piece of hair added at a time…and that is possible. Better, ask your stylist or wig salon to help you with a color that most matches you hair…of longer 2-3 inch strands of hair.

 See the below quick video, which demonstrates for you, how to put these partials  in your own  hair. Most important? Establish your hair color and don’t change it. All your partials, will need to match your hair color or colered hair.

Watch below link!


I love this web show and I think you will too

Extensions 101
Get long and lovely hair in minutes

New Partials Are Being Used By All Women, Ideal For TG Women Who Have Thinner Hair


Often, when I work with a serious full time client, one of the most important areas to work on…is their wig, hair. Many intend on a full transition, wearing a $90.00 synthetic wig, which they have worn for several years. However, with a full time transition it is very important to budget and save for this one important investment. Why spend thousands on facial surgery, to wear a rayon wig that screams WIG!  This is the one accessory you will wear every time you walk out the door. Lets realize (even on a genetic woman) most can tell if she is wearing a bad wig. They are too thick, to curly, and they shine (since they are made of rayon which is the same texture as carpet).

If you prefer human hair wig, I send my clients to a quality wig “salon” not wig “shop” in San Francisco–Hanson Fontana. I have Hanson Fontana, prepare several colors of wigs, so you try on each color against your skin and eye tone. Each colored wig will not be cut…as they custom cut the style and shape on your head!  When I am selecting a wig color for a client, I begin with adding in a thin layer of dark roots, next adding the lowest (darkest) color for your base color (your low light), which is close to the color of your eyebrows and lashes. The third color is highlights in ash, golden, or reddish blonde. These custom colored wigs look beautiful and natural. No one has one color of hair, so why would a wig?

 Hanson Fontana uses Cyberhair, and the next blog, better explains why they use this type of hair in their wigs (and partials). If you’re coming to San Francisco to work with me on a private consultation, we can include a trip to Hanson Fontana. 

Hair that moves in the wind, bounces when you walk!

I have so much to share with serious TG women, on other ideas on wigs–such as partials.

We are putting partial wigs, very light with NO cap on any bald or thin area, then growing out your sides and back and blending them together. This looks so natural, so light. Most stars (female) wear them all the time. It takes having a good salon, which will make one by hand, for your head, adding hair …in locations you do not have hair, and being sure…the color matches. You will have to decide on the color you want your hair, once we select the color to make your partial. Realize, most women have more hair than men. If you’re full time, don’t go with your own male hair, but have a partial made, and have a full head of hair. Partials simply lay on top with tape, no cap. Take on, take off. Easy and I have one I wear, when I want “big” hair!