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San Francisco, TG Convention…..NEW and FUN July 10

Hello All, I will be speaking next Saturday, at the New Pacfic Coast Living TG Conference.  You have to type in Living….Pacific Coast Living Conference .

Take a look, at their web site. If you can’t travel to work with me in Santa Cruz, do email me and perhaps we can do a short mini consultation, while at the convention!

Great speakers, then dinner and dance Sat night. This is their first year, and you will need to stay in your own hotel, which keeps the cost of the conference board, down….as they don’t have to reserve 100 rooms for a year…with a hugh down payment. So, if you’re in the area, or if you’re close and can come by for one night…you  will enjoy the conference and  hear some of the best speakers who are flying in,—ask for a private consultation with them, while there. The New Northern CA TG Hub, which I put together…will all be there–we are all in the SF and San Jose area, and we include: Denae Doyle, Dr. Joel Beck, Dr. Marci Bowers )moved here last month from CO) Dr. John O’Dea who is the only endo using bio adentical hormones, and of course..Dr. Dolug Osterhout is in the SF area.

Come to my seminar! I have so many new things to show…I am excited!

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Gold Rush TG Conference in Denver Co

For any of you, who will be going to the Gold Rush Convention, in Denver…beginning this week, be sure and email me and please come up and introduce yourself to me. I will be speaking on Fri and on Sat. I have the Gold Rush link, on my front page of http://www.FemImage. See you there!!