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Several new terms for a mans identity

Hello All;

Its been a long time coming, but men are finally getting many catagories–their idenity can fit into…other than John Wayne macho.

Now, we have the Metrosexual and the Ubersexual.

 (Goggle both terms…as there are lots of articles).

Please read the two new catagories for straight men!

I am not sure if there is a TG that may be out there…that fits into one of these …but I wanted you to be aware of it, if needed. Denae

Then, my dear ladies, you need to call in a metrosexual. I interviewed a local metrosexual recently, a man who can dress, speak articulately and knows the secrets of moderate hair product. When asked what makes a metrosexual he replied, “Style. … Definitely style, we know how to dress and we care about how others perceive us.
Fox Features: Ubersexuals Leaving Metrosexuals at the Spa, Author says women are looking for a return to manlier men. … He’s the ubersexual (search) — the man who can talk fashion with women but also compete for them with the fireman at the bar.
The authors who popularized the term … Now the “ubersexual” is replacing the metrosexual, Salzman writes in The Future of Men, a book she co-authored with Ira Matathia and Ann O’Reilly. … In contrast, they claim the ubersexual is less concerned with fashion and more inclined to develop his own sense of style.
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What Is Ubersexual? … What Is Ubersexual?. Modern men – Credit: iStockPhoto.com … ubersexual men…