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These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Yes, it is time to clear out the summer shoes towards the back of the closet and bring warmer shoes forward, If you don’t have a pair of longer boots, do be looking out a pair in brown or black. The longer boats are in style, with lots of metal on them. They are Hot! Wear them with a dress or pants.
Right now several lower cost stores have them on sale, Target and Marshalls. One would not think this would be a place to purchase great looking boots, but they do have some and more coming in. If you’re on a fixed income, try not to pay over $45.00 for the longer boats. The short boots are easy to find.

If you wear more black or white, black boots are best. If you were more tan, brown, wheat, brown boats are best. The rain is coming also!

Kertain Hair Treatment

Hello Everyone, I have very hard to control hair, and spend lots of time blow drying out my curly hair. I went to a salon today, where Larry Zellers at Inspire Salon in Santa Cruz, CA (fabulous hairdresser who occasionally dresses in drag) put a new product called Keratain on my hair. OMG, my hair was instantly smooth and silky, and I have had to try a million products and have had to deal with my difficult curly-frizzy hair for my entire life.

I had heard about this new Keratain product for frizzy hair for over a year, and since I have an important TG event coming up, I decided to try it;, but deep-down inside I was really thinking it would be yet more wasted time, effort and money. What a wonderful surprise. Smooth, silky hair, and the frizzy hair was gone! You do want to find a stylist who has worked with Keratin products before, so they can explain the process to you.

There are two types of Keratain treatments.
The first-(heavier treatment)- will help frizzy, or really curly hair straighten and be more smooth. The second type -(less strong)- is simply a hair “smoothing” treatment. This has to be done in a salon and is truly miraculous. This will last for several months. Yea!

For TG women, if you’re using your own male hair or hope to grow it out one day (and not wear a wig) and you also have frizzy, curly guy hair… check the yellow pages/or do a computer search and locate someone who does Keratin treatment (for men and women). You will not believe it is actually YOUR hair.
Also check prices, as every salon is different. Another plus, is I do not have to style my hair, the next day. The new, straight, smooth hair…stays for days! I love, love, this hair product! If you test out using Keratin on your male or female hair, do blog me and let everyone know how it looks!

New Bra For Holiday Dresses

Hi All, as I blogged yesterday, I have been looking for a sensual but sophisticated holiday dress to wear (for Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, or even maybe New Years Eve). I have found, from previous years….that it is very smart to buy a red, black, type dress…about this time of the year, as women shop early for the holiday dresses, and shoes. You will get to wear it so many times. As I told you, go to http://www.bostonproper.com if you’re looking for a really sensual but fabulous looking dress. I bought one on the cover and one other solid black. Okay, herewith the problem.
Most of the evening or cocktail, or dressy long dresses have a low front. What Bra to wear??
I was shocked, a normal bra is to high in the lower cut fronts of these dresses. So, I shopped on line to SOMA. They have the best. sexy, bras. For the lower cut dresses for any TG woman, I would suggest a push up bra, in black. Wear pads if needed. I recently lost about 10 pounds, so I am now a cup size lower, so I will be putting pads in my strapless bra too!
Try http://www.soma.com for great bras and panties. If the dress is short (two or three inches above the knee) shop for thigh highs that will STAY UP. You may have to pay a little more, but when you cross your legs while sitting, they will not come down.

If you have any holiday party or New Years party, start shopping now!!
I love shopping for bras!

Sexy Christmas/Holiday Dresses

Hi, from Denae. OMG, I looked at the “Boston Proper” web site today to look for a hot holiday dress. They have so many fabulous dresses, you have to type in their site and look!
They also have a new bra product Called Tweakers which is designed to creat3e cleave! And it hides the bra straps. I will order it, and let you know how they work with their sexy new bras! Take a look!
Tweak Your Bra- Hide Your Straps
Customizable bra-strap concealer enhances cleavage and hides bra straps comfortably by simple snapping in place. Each package comes with two different size flexible center straps with different adjustment on each. The center straps bend for complete comfort. No looping or weaving to put on, just slide under your bra strap. Tweakerz design is great for women who long to create cleavage, need lift and support or want to hide their bra in tank tops. Perfect for wearing with racer-back styles. Tweak Your Bra-Hide Your Straps!
• Hypoallergenic Plastic.
• Mini 32AA-34D, original 34D-38D.

Secret In Lace


Nov 2013

Hello Girls, I was sent this ultra feminine web site from a clients. Take a look at http://www.SecretsInLace.com This site has many separate sections to observe–from panties to bras in silk and lace and sizes that fit the TG woman. Thank you to a client you sent me this information.

Stay tuned, I will blog next about going on a flight with a soon to be TS who had never been able to get on a flight, for fear of the screening process. When I saw her pulling back for fear of being “clocked” I would simply step forward using a very feminine voice, movements and walk. This set everyone at peace. On the flight home, she had over-come her fear.

I have had so many exciting consults, I will begin blogging (never using your name or city) and I am told this helps others. If any of you have any fears or have found a way to over come them, please do email your story. Also, read Robins Blog. She just recently finished a 100% professional photo shoot, wearing very feminine under-garments but in very good taste.

Stay tuned!

Denae Doyle/Founder FemImage

Beauty Suplies

Hello All, from Denae.
I wanted to caution you, not to use old makeup brushes, pencils or items such as emery boards, and not to use others. For example, if you go to the nail salon, take your own emery board–so you do not catch a fungus on your toe nail or finger nails. Old makeup pencils, should be sharpened. Don’t use any other persons makeup supplies.
Q-Tip has a new pointed Q-tip which is wonderful to use for your eye makeup. The pointed side is great for applying makeup under your eyes and the oval side is great for spreading your eye makeup. Then toss it away! Wash your blush brush and other brushes with hot water and soap. Many nail salons do NOT clean their instruments, as they should. Take your own polish, and supplies….there is yeast, and bacteria which can give you yellow nails and give you an infection in your eyes.
Stay safe, stay clean!