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) Hello, I had a friend email me.Herewith part of her email and my post about tg and safwty.

There are men approaching women (all women) at gas stations, mallls, etc. They ask the alone woman, what kind of perfume she is wearing. Then they asked if I’d like to sample some fabulous scent they were willing to sell me at very reasonable rate. I probably would have agreed had I not received an e-mail warning of a ‘Wanna smell this neat perfume?’ scam.  THIS IS NOT PERFUME… IT IS ETHER! When you sniff it, you’ll pass out. They’ll take your wallet, your valuables and heaven knows what else.

 From Denae: welcome to the world of women (smiles). When dressed, CD or full time you must have a much higher security awareness when  dressed..  Some men do like to hurt a transgendered woman, we had  here in the San Francisco (Hayward) CA area, and when they realized she was a man (lets say part time transition) they took her life. So, have fun, feel good about yourself, but keep your eyes open. Basically, all the same things you would tell a daughter or friend.  And in closing,, they warned women to not park next to vans with dark windows and sliding door, as it is easy for you to be taken while locking your car….and they pull you into the sliding van door. And, I was thinking of the oldest trick I have encountered. I am driving, and a man will yell out to me, to roll down  my window and he points to my left front tire, and yells my tire is low. Many of you look so good from the FacceBook photos I have been seeing, and from many of my clients at wwwFemImage.com  that you have to havee the same awareness as any woman. So, be ccarreful out there! But, of course have fun looking fabulous