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Thank you "A" for your post


Hi Denae,

I thought I would send you a message about my attending
San Francisco Ballet last night.  I had a couple of items
I wanted to wear, and I had not been out dressed in awhile.

I wore a silk blouse by Citrion which I bought at Nordstroms.
The blouse was black with a muted floral print.  I wore a black
skirt with sequins sown on a strip of black chiffon at the hem.
I accessorized with a silver sequined chiffon shawl I wore
draped evenly around my neck.

The night turned out to be absolutely fabulous, with the least
of that being the performance.  I deposited my coat at the coat
check and the lady in line behind me remarked how lovely my blouse
was and where did I get it.  We had a nice chit-chat about where
I got my blouse until she deposited her coat.  I went to my seat
for the performance.  During the first intermission the woman next
to me asked my how I enjoyed it.  It turns out she was a former
dancer and had moved to San Francisco about five years ago.  We
talked about the arts in San Francisco during that and the second
intermission, and at the end of the performance said our goodbyes.
I went to retrieve my coat and again ran into the lady I had met
earlier.  She again said how much she adored my blouse and I thanked
her profusely.

I relate this because I was able to keep in my voice all the way
through, and I found it was easier as I was more relaxed.  When I
told the former dancer I enjoyed opera, she asked me what would be some
good operas to see initially, since she had never been.  So I was able
to talk in my voice about things my boyself knew a lot about.

I thank you for encouraging me to find my voice and talk, rather than just
go through letters as one might go through scales on a musical instrument.
I know I made mistakes last night when I talked, but if they noticed, they
didn’t let on.  It was so much fun to go dressed in lovely clothes, and then
converse with other women about various topics.  I can’t wait to go to the

By the way, I called my fashion consultant at Nordstrom’s and told her about
the blouse.  She was very happy about the reaction I got.  One should always
thank people who help you in life.

Best always,


From Victoria, To Denae. Walking In 4" Heels

Hello Miss V- this is Denae. Thank you for your information regarding “high heels”. I will cut and paste your comments, for others to read, and then my reply.

Hi Denae,
I loved your article on heels being someone who loves designer shoes I’ve recently purchased some shoes from Christian Louboutin, Christians Pigalli pump boasts a 5.25 inch heel with no platform, I can successfully walk all day in four inch heels with no issues at all but 5.25 has taken practice and has really even boosted my leg strength. I’ve found one of the biggest issues girls have is improper fitting, In the area where the ball of your feet are (the shoes box) must be snug but no too tight. One of the issues use trans girls have is our feet are usually wider then a gg’s foot so the shoe does not fit properly. I’m lucky enough to wear an 11 and have a narrow enough foot to fit in a woman’s shoe, many girls “vanity” size and buy shoes too small for them. I went to a club last Monday and danced for four hours in am Louboutin; although my legs were tired the balls of my feet were fine. Girls if you like the look of heels have your feet properly measured and get shoes that fit!

Hugs, stay pretty


Denae to V:

Yes, I agree with you, most TGs need a WIDE shoe. I have written 2 or 3 blogs regarding this…as when a pair or shoes….are tight, there is no way anyone can have a graceful, feminine gait. In modeling school, I was taught by some of the best runway models. This was drilled in our head, constantly–that is for us to consider our “runway heels” as a “uniform piece of our wardrobe” needed for runway work.

If you watch professional ballroom dancing shown– now on television– most TG women will learn so
much by watching these graceful women. First, study their shoes! They generally have a “uniform heel” for ballroom dancing, which is a T-strap. That gives the dancer total support, as the heel is covered, there is a strap across the top of the foot, and the toes are covered and supported. Yet, it is a very feminine shoe. Girls must remember, it is not the shoe alone that makes a sexy, or feminine statement. It is the entire outfit. In fact, if one does a good job….your shoes will not be noticed…much. How many shoes do we see on the Red Carpet?

Victoria, you have brought up so many ideas inside my mind from working in the Fashion/Modeling/Fashion Merchandising business…since I was 21 yrs working in Houston TX for Neiman Marcus.I will share, some of these very hard learned pointers. Next point, the taller a girl is….the less thin her high heel can be. And, of course, the heavier your weight, the less thin a heel can be. This is simple engineering!! Now, this brings up the newer look—the shoe with the platform. If you’re tall and some heavier, the platform will give you additional support but still have you and your legs look thin, and have a sexy look. The toe, is actually MORE important…than the heel. Most will see the to shape of the shoe. If you wear a square toe, you will look less feminine. I also feel, a really tall girl (over 6 feet) should not wear flats…as flats will bring attention…to you being the poor tall girl, that can’t wear heels! So, do put a shorter heel on. Remember ladies, most gg’s average is about 5 foot 5 inches. Tall for a GG is 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. When we (I say we because I am also tall, I am 5 foot 9 inches with no high hairstyle) and with hair I am about 5 feet 10 1/2 inches). Being tall and wearing a tall heel, can be difficult for any GG and TG. A few pointers, to get around wearing the taller heels. I have always brought attention to my face, and outfit, and voice. I have used lots of body language==which I have taught you, in my Feminine Movement Vol 1…which shows you hot to create curves and twist and turns in the body. And, remember to always slightly bend your elbows and bend possible… bringing your hands up around your bust line, face, and not allowing your arms and hands to simply hang down…. looking long. I also teach in Vol 1—who to bend your elbows slightly to create a shorter image. Also, break colors. Example, wear one color skirt, and another color blouse, creating a break in your height. Never wear white shoes, or shoes that bring attention to your feet.
Victoria– getting back to high heels. Try pull on stretch boots with a wedge heel, which is about 1 1/2 inches. You will look feminine, your legs will look sexy, you will have lots of good support with the wedge heel (and platform if you wish). Also, wear a Wide, and remember not tight or really pointed toes. They may look great in the store, but get back to your common sense…. regardless of how Hot they look!. Put both pairs on with hosiery, and walk around the shoe department. If you’re not totally sure, buy them. Take them home, and ASAP put a piece of masking tape on the bottom of the shoe and heel. Now, walk in them. Another runway trick! This allows you to walk in the shoe, but if they still hurt after one or two hours, take the tape off…and return them to the store…as the shoe will be perfectly flawless on the bottom, but wear hose. Also, after wearing your shoes, place them out on your patio and let the sun…air dry them. This helps with odor and with shrinkage. Also, another trick I learned at 19 yrs…. when doing a runway show and when I was told to wear a pair of shoes, that did hurt my feet. I bought a shoe stretcher; they are about $25.00 (go to QVC and type in shoe stretcher in their search box). You can widen them or stretch them at certain toe points. Lastly, walk in them about 20 mins a day, until they stretch out some on their own. But, honestly……take it from a girl who has purchased a zillion heels, just find a basic black shoe which fits. Pay more for better quality. Look for support and quality, with a 2 or 3-inch heel.

I often watch the TG women walking around the halls of all the TG conventions –when I attend as a speaker, and I watch girls walk! It is almost a comedy at times; someone should take a camera to SCC and just tape from the back. I feel, this would be a great learning tool, for all types of women!
One day, I was shopping in downtown San Francisco (at a wonderful area called Union Square) as they have the best high quality stores you can find. And, they have very tall street windows. After 6 or 7 hours of straight shopping, I glanced over and saw myself walking, and I didn’t recognize myself at first! I looked 11 yrs old walking in heels for the first time!

So, leave the sexy 4-5 inch heels for home, for play. But, for the girl that gets out in public and wants to blend and be taken seriously as a beautiful women walking (and has men jumping out of their seats to get another look at the beautiful girl that just walked by) then go to a quality shoe store, such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and others. Try on a “support shoe (remember the beautiful ball room dancers) that does not have to high of a heel, and perhaps get a shoe has an open toe, or open sides…. and try several pair on in a size 1/2 larger than the feminine size you normally wear, or try a Wide. Always take nylons to the shoe department, when trying on shoes for a better fit.

Thank you Miss V for your comments regarding heels. Ladies, send me your comments and questions, this gives me a direction to go, when writing the Blog. Plus, I would really like to answer your questions. There are probably hundreds of girls out there that have the same question as you! And, after teaching TG women for 12 years, and GG women for 24 years, I can answer your questions, and if not, I will research it! The FemImage Blog gets over fifteen thousand hits per week, so ladies….TALK TO US!!
Denae Doyle