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Skin Care Tips For Summer

I recently spoke with a beautiful woman, who is 74 years old, and looks 50. She shared a few of her “natural, in-expensive” skin care tips.

1. Avoid soaking in your bathtub, or taking long showers–as this destroyus the substances that keep skin cells intact. And, avoid bath oils in the bath-as the oil is wasted going down the drain and can make for a slippery tub to fall in.  Oils are best applied when you get of of the bath or shower, after you are well rinsed off and gently towel dried.

2. Use a pure plant oil, such as olive oil, after your mositurizer over dry areas. She has used olive oil for over 50 years. I have read about using olive in, in many other beauty books also! I always put lip balm at night to prevent dry lips, which  allows day time lipstick to smoothly glide across. And, gloss (or “Chap Stick” during the day, if in guy mode).

3. Lastly, get rid of all the dry, dead skin! We have many layers of skin, and if you have never removed the first layer…you will be shocked at how gray your top layer of skin is. Turn skin cell over with a good AHA or BHA- which can be found in your local drug store. Ask for help. Many men use this, for a healthy, younger look in guy mode. Shaving does help, but you do need additional help to remove the  years of buildup of old skin cells and allowing them to be replaced by newer, smoother ones. So, for these beauty tips, visit your grocery store, or drug store, and get your skin ready or summer  ~ and for a smoother look while wearing makeup!

Also, don’t forget to wear sunblock on your chest and arms for protection, and to avoid the “male shirt-tan” which is difficult to hide …when wearing a lovely open cut blouse.  And, wear a hat and sun-glasses to protect your eyes from getting burned also! Now, I’m off to the beach, with my hair, eyes, and skin protected! After all, I am in Santa Cruz, CA just one mile from the beach!


My TG Makeup Application DVD Is Coming!

Hello from Denae. I have finally, put my energy into making some new DVD’s. Soon, May 2008 my Makeup Application DVD will be available for sale on this web site. This DVD begins with a LIVE Conference ~ “Tips on Makeup and Skincare” followed by private ~ up close footage of “How To” apply foundation, blush, eyebrows, eyes, liner, and lips. With suggestions on where to purchase different products.

I also am releasing PHOTO POSING I, which is a great new DVD for TG women, who are not comfortable taking creative photos using (1) Levels and (2) Directions. This DVD was born…..after I had many private consultation clients, show the photos I had helped them with, during my training consultation with them. There photos, are unique, and beautiful, compared to the standard photos we all see on the Internet, with one level of standing…and that is generally in front of a hotel room door with the check out sign in the back!

 I realized, I needed to pass on my 8 years of experience as a “Photography Model” who has worked with fashion photographers from Houston, Dallas, LA and NY. These are valuable tips…which  I learned from each fashion photographer I was hired to model for print ads.  However, not to worry….once you understand all the levels, directions, props and background choices you can use for a unique photo…you will love the results you see. And, you will always use these same insights in your everyday life…while sitting or standing. Its fun, its helpful, and there is no one with this degree of experience…teaching the TG community …these feminine skills.

This Photo Posing DVD should be released the end of May 2008 with bonus material on Sensual Dance Moves (not complicated dance steps..but “Dances MOVES!) So, watch my web site, I may be able to include them in a bundle.

My new Voice CD will be relased in June 2008. So, I have been a busy girl!

All my best,


PS: Many thanks to my FemImage assitant, Robin who I thank for all her assistance. Thank YOU Robin, you’re the best!

TG Breast Forms, Which Is Best For You!

What Shape Of Breast Form Should I Purchase?
By, Denae Doyle of
What shape of breast form should I purchase?  I am commonly ask this question, by a new CD. There are three issues:

                          shape, size, and quality.
There are 5 basic shapes

Triangles This shape is the most desirable when thickness and protrusion are important to your look. This is especially important to smaller framed females and many Crossdressers who demand firmness and protrusion. It’s the most popular for TGs

Raindrops:  These are simple half domes without any extra material around the form. They look most like a natural female breast but may not have the projection many tgs want. They are also made by only a few companies.

PALS: I am including the non-destructable Pals. They also come in Round!

Push-Ups These are smaller and more oblong to allow for an even “push-up” effect. This style is often used for the lifting of your bust in your bras and swimsuits. These are often adhesive (Nubra and generic versions). Unless you have significant breast tissue of your own, these are not useful for most tgs.

Teardrops These forms add extra fleshy “full-ness” to your underarm area as the “tear” portion of the breast form is meant to be tucked into the band of your bra. This is especially important to Mastectomy patients and many Crossdressers when trying to achieve a very natural look. The tear portion is not really intended to stick out of the top of your bra although many tgs do so.

The size of the breast form should generally follow the rest of your measurements. Tgs should resist the impulse to have especially large forms. It’s helpful to remember that the average bra size is a 34B. Now, most tgs do not have a 34 band, but stay with a B if you are thin,  but probably for wider shoulders…the C cup, especially if passing is important. We will talk about bra sizing next. In picking a breast form it’s helpful to follow standard clothing chart sizing, so your clothes will fit better. It’s helpful to start with the measurement that can’t change (usually waist) and then adjust bust and hip sizes to match the size chart. That is, if your waist is 34″, you will fit into size 14 clothes. You should pick breast forms that will yield about a 41-42″ bust (measured around the fullest part of your breast and which is not your bra size). . Hip padding, which we will talk about shortly, should yield about a 42″ around the fullest part.
In terms of quality, there is a wide range available. You can spend anywhere from $15 to $300 per breast form ($30 to $600 for two).  The price is often artificially high for Mastectomy patients since insurance will often be paying for it. There is often little difference in quality between a $50 and $150 breast form, especially if it’s for casual use. What does matter though is the softness and pliability of the form. Some forms are very soft and pliable while others may be very rigid and unnatural. Sometimes, but not always, less expensive forms may be firmer. PALS is a very inexpensive breast form, under $50.00 a pair, and you can purchase more then one size! And, they will not rip or tear!

What about self-adhesive forms, for that braless look?

Most breast form vendors offer at least one model that can be worn without a bra. Some involve an adhesive support that attaches to the chest wall and then hooks to the form via Velcro. This works well but the patches are expensive and can only be used once. Make sure the chest hairs are gone before attaching the patch or they will come off afterwards – with a lot more pain!!).

Increasingly forms are appearing that do not require a patch but have the adhesive on the form itself. It may be reused some number of times. Originally only the breast enhancers (Nubra) used this technique but now most manufacturers offer it for their regular forms. It requires a clean skin surface and diligence about cleaning the form afterwards. It also works only for moderate sized forms. One must be careful about wearing them for too long or with too much activity or they can come loose!!

Finally its often helpful to apply some baby power between the form and the your skin (if not using adhesive forms) to counter the moisture that develops. Unlike natural breast, the form does not breath and so there will be a tendency for moisture to occur. This can be uncomfortable and the baby power helps eliminate it. It also has a nice feminine scent!

What Color Of Hosiery To Wear


“What color of hose should I wear?” is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my TG clients, second only to “What color should my hair be?” 

Hosiery is the finishing touch, not the focal point. A lot of women get this wrong by wearing hose that are either too dark or too light for the rest of their ensemble. Of course, if your CD and do not shave your legs, perhaps a darker shade is your option. For others, herewith some basic 101 rules to help you. 

Here are some guidelines: 

1. Hosiery needs to be in the same color base as your garment. Don’t mix warm hosiery colors with cool garment colors. 

2. To instantly look taller and trimmer, go monochromatic by matching the color tone of your hosiery to your shoe and your hem. 

3. With neutral colored skirt or pants, match all three color elements. Example: black skirt, off-black hose, black shoes. 

4. Colored hosiery for dressy or business situations needs to be very sheer. Charcoal gray or off-black is more subtle than a solid black. 

5. Colored hosiery may either match the garment or the accessory/accent color.
If the hose match the color of the dress or skirt, they add the illusion of height and slimness. This concept works especially well with neutrals like navy, gray, brown, beige, taupe, and even burgundy and rust, but NOT with red. 

If the hosiery color matches the accessory/accent color, it should not outshine the garment color. 

6. With a brightly colored garment, choose neutral shoes and match hose to shoes. Example: red dress, taupe hose, and taupe shoes. 

7. Two-color spectator pumps look best with hose matched to the lighter color, NOT the darker one. 

8. Very dark, light or bright hosiery colors and patterns or textures draw attention to your legs. 

9. Off-white or light beige can be worn with black during the summer season. 

10. Keep leg coverings in the same mood and weight as your shoes. Chunky, casual shoes work with heavier, textured hose or socks. 

11. Control top hose are more durable than regular hose, and Lycra extends the resiliency of both. 

12. Avoid emergencies by purchasing hose in quantity and keeping a spare pair in your desk drawer and glove compartment. 

So what’s one of the biggest bugaboos I see? Wearing dark hose to hide spider veins. Unless your ensemble is dark, you’re calling attention TO your legs, not AWAY from them. Dress in darker colors to match the hose, or wear a longer skirt to cover what you want to hide. 

Wearing hosiery gives you a refined, polished look that can’t be beat, so do incorporate it in your wardrobe.  With a few guidelines and a nice hosiery wardrobe, you can look great no matter what occasion comes your way. 

I hope this helps give you a guideline when purchasing and when coordinating. 

Denae Doyle

Have Your Longer, Larger Blouses Made

Hello, this is Denae. For many TG women, finding long enough sleeves, pants, and skirts… to fit, is always a problem.

There is a wonderful web site, in Florida, which custom tailors your female outfits. Simply fill out their size chart, with your own tape measure…(about 15-20 measurements to assure a quality fit). You can then select your fabric, and color and outfit from their web site.  Wonderful quality, and fabulous prices. For example, a silk blouse, tailored made for YOU, for under $75.00. A great fit, is so important. And, no more shopping dread for Tall sizes or long sleeves.

Goggle Tailored Clothiers in Florida. See their on line slection and prices. Once you measure and order, it is very easy for your next order…and you’re given a discount. I am not sure, how they’re able to make these beautiful items, individually for you…at the same price you would pay at Macy’s, but they do. And, if this perfect fit, it not perfect, you can return it, for them to re-sew. Once, you (and they) have your perfect measurements, you simply order everything you want made, from their website selections. No obligation or requirement on orders. Just try it once!

 Any Tall girl… must try this fabulous tip!

Have fun!