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Walking In 4 Inch Heels!

Hello All-

So many of you email me directly, instead of posting on the site. If you’re unable to post, please email me and tell me if something is wrong on the blog. I don’t see what you see!!

Next, so many of you have emailed me regarding walking in the new 4 inch heels.  I have decided to give this as my next new Seminar At Pacific Coast Living Conference, in San Francisco, CA  July 10th 2010. If you’re in the area, bring your highest heels, and come join us! Herewith some suggestions ~ on walking~ from a recent email.

Hello Claudia. I love your question. I am filming a new DVD on how to walk in heels, due to the new 4-inch heel that is on the market. Yes, it is difficult to walk with the heel toe, when wearing the 4-inch heel.

Here is what I want you to do. Take smaller steps. Reach with your lead foot (the foot which has no weight on it)– is the important change… instead of using the standard heel toe, heel toe technique–step out, place your weight on the ball of your foot.

 Next, practice allowing very little weight going into your feet. If you need to use your arms for balance, then do so. As long as they are feminine. I use my shoulders, for better balance. See what works for you, to obtain balance. If you feel your shoulders while walking, you will find…they keep your center of gravity. Next, practice pointing your toe. Yes, it sounds silly, but many men do not know how to arch their foot while pointing their toe (such as a ballet point). This is very important, when wearing heels…and avoids the flat-foot walk (which most tg’s have). While watching television, simple stretch your toe and point it. You will find, as your arch stretches out, you can wear heels..while placing wait on the ball of your foot.

Many tg women, do better with a lower heel shoe, as they are more comfortable with placing their foot (flat foot gait)  striking on the heel….since this is how they walk in “guy mode”.  So, concentrate on arch and toe stretching, and balance while walking.  Also, select a pair of heels, which has lots of strap support. The newer shoes, acutally have a platform glued ….to the OUTSIDE BOTTOM  of the ball of the shoe, will be much easier WALK IN  4-5 INCH HEELS.  Many of the higher quality 4 inch heels, will have a small platform glued to the outside of the ball of the shoe, just look for them when shopping! Next, do exercises, where you’re wearing no shoes. Stand flat, then lift up onto the balls of your feet–really stretching your foot, ankle and arch. Repeat 20 times. This is great for helping your ankle, to be stronger….to  support your stride while wearing 4-5 inch high heels. Watch many tg women walk in heels, they just don’t have graceful steps. Walking flat foot… throws off their entire body–throwing their shoulders down..the way men walk…heavy shoulders and upper arms! Eeeek. Don’t do that. I am attempting to film this seminar, and will have it out in download for you soon. See in SF! I bet my heels will be higher than you’re heels~ Lets have fun!


  Remember These Points:

 Don’t look down, keep your head up.

Remember, chest and breasts lifted up, shoulders back, head back, and your chin parallel to the floor, while reaching out with the upper thigh and placing the ball of the foot directly down. By lifting all the weight UP and OUT of your waist while walking your hips  free of any weight…therefore you are able to have a controlled  hip swing– as they have only a small amount of weight in them. This allows you to control the degree of swing in your hips.

 For all of you, who have purchased Vol 1, go back and review my walking segment. I demonstrate how to use a pole pointed down, in front of one foot…while tilting the pole downward with each step. This determines the correct “length” you should step…in relationship to the length of your arm reach. When your legs and arms are coordinated, you can change your walk to short casual steps, medium, or long. However, as of this printing, I have begun having my taller TG clients, simply cupp their hands slightly behind their hips, this allows them to not have a long arm swing with their gait, and it hides some of their hands. Try walking,  with both arm/hand techniques–with bent elbow and some arm swing, and then try bent elbows with hands hanging loosly behind your hips. See which works better for you!

Let me know how your practice time goes!






San Francisco, TG Convention…..NEW and FUN July 10

Hello All, I will be speaking next Saturday, at the New Pacfic Coast Living TG Conference.  You have to type in Living….Pacific Coast Living Conference .

Take a look, at their web site. If you can’t travel to work with me in Santa Cruz, do email me and perhaps we can do a short mini consultation, while at the convention!

Great speakers, then dinner and dance Sat night. This is their first year, and you will need to stay in your own hotel, which keeps the cost of the conference board, down….as they don’t have to reserve 100 rooms for a year…with a hugh down payment. So, if you’re in the area, or if you’re close and can come by for one night…you  will enjoy the conference and  hear some of the best speakers who are flying in,—ask for a private consultation with them, while there. The New Northern CA TG Hub, which I put together…will all be there–we are all in the SF and San Jose area, and we include: Denae Doyle, Dr. Joel Beck, Dr. Marci Bowers )moved here last month from CO) Dr. John O’Dea who is the only endo using bio adentical hormones, and of course..Dr. Dolug Osterhout is in the SF area.

Come to my seminar! I have so many new things to show…I am excited!

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New Partials Are Being Used By All Women, Ideal For TG Women Who Have Thinner Hair


Often, when I work with a serious full time client, one of the most important areas to work on…is their wig, hair. Many intend on a full transition, wearing a $90.00 synthetic wig, which they have worn for several years. However, with a full time transition it is very important to budget and save for this one important investment. Why spend thousands on facial surgery, to wear a rayon wig that screams WIG!  This is the one accessory you will wear every time you walk out the door. Lets realize (even on a genetic woman) most can tell if she is wearing a bad wig. They are too thick, to curly, and they shine (since they are made of rayon which is the same texture as carpet).

If you prefer human hair wig, I send my clients to a quality wig “salon” not wig “shop” in San Francisco–Hanson Fontana. I have Hanson Fontana, prepare several colors of wigs, so you try on each color against your skin and eye tone. Each colored wig will not be cut…as they custom cut the style and shape on your head!  When I am selecting a wig color for a client, I begin with adding in a thin layer of dark roots, next adding the lowest (darkest) color for your base color (your low light), which is close to the color of your eyebrows and lashes. The third color is highlights in ash, golden, or reddish blonde. These custom colored wigs look beautiful and natural. No one has one color of hair, so why would a wig?

 Hanson Fontana uses Cyberhair, and the next blog, better explains why they use this type of hair in their wigs (and partials). If you’re coming to San Francisco to work with me on a private consultation, we can include a trip to Hanson Fontana. 

Hair that moves in the wind, bounces when you walk!

I have so much to share with serious TG women, on other ideas on wigs–such as partials.

We are putting partial wigs, very light with NO cap on any bald or thin area, then growing out your sides and back and blending them together. This looks so natural, so light. Most stars (female) wear them all the time. It takes having a good salon, which will make one by hand, for your head, adding hair …in locations you do not have hair, and being sure…the color matches. You will have to decide on the color you want your hair, once we select the color to make your partial. Realize, most women have more hair than men. If you’re full time, don’t go with your own male hair, but have a partial made, and have a full head of hair. Partials simply lay on top with tape, no cap. Take on, take off. Easy and I have one I wear, when I want “big” hair!



For Wide Feet ~ Try These Feminine Shoes On For Size!

For Wide Feet ~Try These Feminine Shoes On for Size!

One size fits all doesn’t work when your feet aren’t average, which is why shoes used to come in several widths. These days womens shoe sizes seem to run average (B), so you must be guided mostly by brand: Certain lines are better for broader feet, others for slim ones (and there are a few considerate makers that continue to produce shoes in a range of widths. Whatever your feet need, here’s how to hit your stride.

Wide Feet

What to look for:

  • Suede or soft calfskin that stretches where you need it
  • More covered styles—broad feet “spill” out of bare, low-cut shoes
  • Moderately pointy toes to add length (but beware shoes that narrow radically in front; they can trigger pinched nerves)
  • Shoes the same color as your skin, to make feet seem less prominent (great for TG women)
  • Nonbinding design—feet bulge unattractively around straps
  • Boots with stretch fabric, no zipper.

Where to find:

Alejandro Ingelmo (; Anyi Lu (; Ara (; Birkenstock (; Dansko (; Ecco (; Finn Comfort (; Gucci (; Guillaume Hinfray (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Helle Comfort (; Henry Beguelin (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Henry Cuir (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Hush Puppies (; Jimmy Choo (; KORS Michael Kors (; Manolo Blahnik Classics (; Marina Rinaldi (Marina Rinaldi, NYC; 212-734-4333); Mephisto (; Merrell (; Nina (; Pedro Garcia (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Robert Clergerie (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Rockport (; Thierry Rabotin (; Think! (; Tod’s (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Tory Burch ( For TG Women who need larger sizes, there are many speciality shoe sites, you can search. If you have found a site or store you like, please email and share. I will post for others.

For Narrow Feet Feet

Narrow Feet Or Long Feet

What to look for:

  • A well-fitting heel—too loose and you’ll wobble (and risk a sprained ankle)
  • Straps, laces or ties, so that you can adjust the shoe for a closer fit if necessary
  • Leather rather than suede (the latter is too yielding to give adequate support)
  • Round toes, which make very long, thin feet look more in proportion

Where to find:

Azzedine Alaia (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); BCBGirls (;
BCBGirls (;
Bottega Veneta (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Chanel (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Christian Louboutin (; Delman (; Fendi (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Franco Sarto (; Isaac Mizrahi (; Jean Michel Cazabat (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Kate Spade (; Lanvin (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Manolo Blahnik Collection (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Marc by Marc Jacobs (; Marc Jacobs (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Michael Kors Collection (; Miu Miu (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-206-1272); Pierre Hardy (Jeffrey New York, NYC; 212-753-7300); Rene Caovilla (Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; 212-753-7300); Yves Saint Laurent (

O Magazine on line, thank you for this wonderful information! Denae Doyle

Blog Looking For Two TG Women ~ To Be Guest Bloggers

Hello All;

I am re-doing the front page and FemImage, and adding the blog for all to see.

I am looking for two girls, who feel they have a lot of information to share with others. If you feel, you have learned everything through trial and error, and if you feel you are successful with your look, lifestyle, career…then email me. You can share with thousands of new bloggers. I would love a successful CD and and girl who has transitioned. There are so many tips, places to shop, suggestions on things to avoid, and places that offer the best, quality help.

Email me @!