Tips For The New TG Woman

Mirror Behavior For TG Women


I was recently at a cocktail party, and an interesting person asked about my work. They discussed “Mirror Behavior”. Goggle for details, but I am very interested in….how this will help the new Trans woman, with her movement. I found about 5 sites on Goggle, full of information.

To apply to how to look more feminine, herewith a few “jewels” I found.

1. Leaning forward towards the person speaking to you. (shows interest in him or her).

2. Straighten your jewelry, or move your hair.

3. Make direct eye contact and do not look at anyone else in the room. Show him interest. All of us are quility of doing this. However, when you’re interested in dating someone…this is very important.

4. Act shy. Okay all males. This is important, Don’t take control. This is probably the one personality issue, my clients have the most difficulty changing.

5.Keep a prolonged look (but do not make them uncomfortable).

6. Practice not blinking. In fact, practice your facial “looks, smiles, eyes, teeth, etc. before you begin going out, so you get comfortable with your new image.

7. Ask the other person, about themselves. Wait until they ask about you…before you mention very much about yourself.

8. Women are comfortable with more space between them…than men are. Generally about 2 feet.

9. When you shake hands, keep your hand shake light, and keep your fingers and skin soft.

10 And, be sure and lean into them briefly when you are introduced or say hello.

11. Remember their name!

12. This is a must, keep your new feminine voice soft. Use the feminine gestures, I showed you in Vol 3 (Gestures When Speaking)

13. Try to point your toes, towards your date.!

High Waist Shaping Control Top For Winter
Yes, cool weather is coming in, and be looking for long boots and a new product in hosiery I just found to coordinate with the tight look. They are called “Hanes Solutions”, called Silky Ultra Sheer. These High Waist Shaping Control Top prevent your hosiery and clothing from rolling down. Don’t you hate, your hose rolling down!

Try finding them on the Internet for a store near you. Closed toe shoes, will go also gp with them–for cold weather. NUDE is your best color. Why? You want your arms to match your legs. This is an excellent color choice for winter and summer–for a one color body!
If you can’t find high waisted…try this one… maternity panty hose work great, in preventing your clothes from “ROLLING”.

Today, I am wearing the new hosiery, thick belt, boots with buckles and a form fitting dress.

Purses are smaller this season. Leave everything at home or in the trunk of your car!



Beard Concealer and Wigs

Wearing Wigs and Makeup

When wearing several layers of clothing– you may experience perspiration (lets just say sweating!) you want the best beard concealer and foundation for your skin type. Using as little foundation as possible is obviously most important. But for many Cross Dressers who can’t have laser, here are some tips.

For Cross Dresser the summer heat can be difficult when wearing a wig and heavy beard concealer. Not only is it hot, but perspiration can run down your face and ruin your makeup and even drip on your blouse. Being a “pageant girl” in Texas, we needed our makeup to stay on our face and off the stores clothing. Here are some tips that will.

Just before putting on your wig, take roll on clear antiperspirant (not deodorant) and run it along the ridge (just under the tip) of where the wig will touch your face. You should carry a smaller sample size along in your purse, for a second application–when things heat up.

Obtain the closest shave possible. Start with a freshly washed face, and then moisturize.I am told, to warm a moisturizer (any popular brand like Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion from a drug store), in a small bowel to comfortable level in your microwave. Also, have a sink of warm water ready and soak a hand. After applying your warm moisturizer begin with a multi-blade (or a good electric razor if you prefer), shave using downward strokes then shave using upward strokes afterward. Repeat the upward strokes two to three times to get the closest shave possible. Pay special attention to your chin and the area just above your lip, around and on the edge of the lip and under your nose. Having a styptic pencil handy is good idea until you get used to shaving this closely, a styptic pencil will stop any bleeding from cuts. It is very important to take the time to get the closet shave possible. Apply your warm, wet hand towel to your face and hold for a 2 minutes.

With a pair of cuticle scissors, carefully trim all nose and ear hairs. Many cross dressers forget this, and even after you makeup is removed, having no visible nose or ear hair is just a good practice to get into. Remington even makes electric shavers designed just for this purpose. Purchase a good pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror with a light and search for any stray or gray hairs on your nose or between your eyebrows.

Camera flashes will definitely show heavy shadowed beards under most makeup. I recommend purchasing a beard concealer from any TG salon or web site, or make your own.. I make my own, to use on clients…so I can create a custom color…just think this way. You want to use two colors to take out the blue beard. Yellow and Orange. Try a cream or a powder–however a cream is probably best for Tg’s. This allows you to apply the exact proportion of pink and/or orange for your first coat. And, a yellow cream for your second coat. Pink/ Orange and a Apply a Pink (or Orange cream lipstick)– to the beard and mustache areas using a “patting” motion. You don’t need to apply very much, just a light coat over the beard and mustache area will take the “shadow” out of the beard. Then, apply a yellow concealer which is found at any drug store (for dark circles under the eyes). Experiment with how much orange you will need compared to how much yellow you will need. Everyone is different. Like the artist…find the right shade of yellow and orange to mix/blend together– to cover the color of your beard. Again, you can use a cream–such as a orange or pinkish orange of lipstick OR you can use a powder in orange or pinkish orange blush. Finding that perfect percentage of yellow and/or orange…in a cream…is the best way I know to create your own beard concealer for only a few dollars. If you need to purchase a beard concealer, on the Internet, I suggest Ben Nye beard concealer, under $10.00

If you have any suggestions, let me hear them!


These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Yes, it is time to clear out the summer shoes towards the back of the closet and bring warmer shoes forward, If you don’t have a pair of longer boots, do be looking out a pair in brown or black. The longer boats are in style, with lots of metal on them. They are Hot! Wear them with a dress or pants.
Right now several lower cost stores have them on sale, Target and Marshalls. One would not think this would be a place to purchase great looking boots, but they do have some and more coming in. If you’re on a fixed income, try not to pay over $45.00 for the longer boats. The short boots are easy to find.

If you wear more black or white, black boots are best. If you were more tan, brown, wheat, brown boats are best. The rain is coming also!


Hello Fellow Bloggers- This is Denae Doyle of FemImage. I do welcome great questions, that help the new, serious girl. I would like to discuss jewelry today, Yes it is an individual choice, but with fashion….there are two basic groups of jewelry to wear with your clothing–unless you’re just totally casual and having fun!
(1)Gold/Plated goes great with yellow tone clothing while(2) silver goes with the basic black, white, grey, navy blue. For some, anything goes, but as one client put it to me recently in a consult “I just want to get it right”. Yes, I always felt that way, as I had NO CLUE what I was doing when I was out of school.

Consider this….we have yellow in our skin which gives us a darker tan, and it is called “winter”… or we are very pale which creates light skin, hair, freckles, on and o which gives us a very fair glow>>>and dpon”t even try to tan,, I tried it out in college and only got “baked” burned, and very white skin which only peeled. This is how Color gives us tan of Cher or the pale color of Madonna. Most over 30, don’t go into the sun and no sun booth’s .Ask your doctor, but most will say it does cause skin cancer. They stay away from tan, winter,colors (red lipstick or dark brown lips and even look “over tanned” as it can age a woman. Analysis came along.
For the longest, (I have pink skin) and I would wear yellow colors to try and look tan. Once I learned the difference–the color of my face/makeup/eyes changed. Of course I get emails saying I want to do my thing and not follow rules, and again…that is okay. However there are a group of women who want to perhaps wear a business suit, dresses for business interviews, color of hosiery for skirts and brillant, blouses and sweaters, into matching that undertone of pink or yellow into what color foundation to wear (tan yellow, or light, pale very light foundation color, each yellow foundation or pink foundation. It does take some study, but if you enjoy the feminine life, this is a fun place to start. Many students hated it, said it is too difficult. I suggest you purchase on Amazon for $1.00 (one dollars) Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. This is a very simple book which is why I used it to teach, it is actually the first book I taught Fashion Design from, as it makes it simple. Pink or Gold. You can blend this with jewelry, eye makeup, blush, lips and nail polish colors….it goes on and on. If you are a girl who is going to transition, you can establish your ” signature color” and try painingt a few beautiful walls the colors that go with you. I use the scarfs I wear and to wrap around furniture for feminine decoration.I recently tossed the Super King bed and purchased a white antique bed from 1985. I even put jewelry on the scarfs on the bed.

I love white tip nails, or clear nails polished clear. Soon winter will come in, so boots, jackets, leather gloves. In Jan, all winter items are on sale, so with leather coats, boots you can save so much.

Back to jewelry, establish what your season or colors are. For this winter you will want to get brown or black boots and leather purses. If you have a leather store, they will be getting the old merchandise out, with the new Spring/Summer coming in. When shopping, put together a “capsule” and when one capsule is finished, start with another. This will make your so much more simple, instead of saying…..”I have nothing to wear”. I have decided to work with a brown capsule for this winter, as I have plenty of black accessories. And, you can select blouses, and sweaters, colored jeans and jeggings and long tight boots…. to match. Even your fabric is a capsule. For cold weather the thicker fabrics which are lined, will keep you warm, just be sure your colors all bend with the basics and then bring out the bright colors for summer, and this is the year for color. I love color, but it is so much way to much to handle in this short blog. Instead, find a book on color and style, and for fun, relaxing time, begin reading up on colors, and fabrics. For example, I saw a lady today (here in CA where it is beautiful and perfect temp I saw a girl with black shoes, opague black hose, long black sweater, and dark makeup which did not say Spring. The jeggings are great, they are tight around the legs, and wear a blouse, longer in the back to cover your tush.I recently located a pair of genetic womens’ hip pads…..which takes away the hip pad look, and gives a fuller hip.Keep everything clean and crisp, and I LOVE IRONED jeans and a white shirt with a tie. yOU CAN PUT YOU TOGETHER, JUST START WITH WHAT REPRESENTS YOU, START SMALL, DON’T BUY A LOT OR AN EXPENSIVE ANYTHING. i HAVE DISCOVERED kOHLS AND MARSHALLS. nOW THAT I AM TEACHING OUT OF MY HOME SALON/CONSULTS, I CAN CHANGE AND DO MORE SIMPLE FABRICS.mORE DOWD AND LIGHT FABRICS, AND NOT SPEND 2 HOURS. THAT IS ANOTHER ISSUE I WANT TO BLOG ABOUT, WHICH IS WEARING AND TAKING BETTER CARE OF YOUR CLOTHING. HANG JUST OUT OF THE FUN.
Okay, it is almost 2 pm and I have worked on a new DVD, so without much proofing, I am simply going to “Post this blog information. More later, if you have questions, or if you’re to share your thoughts, simply put Share.
More later, my dear Ladies.

If you buy

TG Conference

Vickie,I agree with you–when I work with the serious TG woman–voice is the most difficult. And, combining your voice and your movement (together) will give you the most authentic look and feel possible. Vickie, it is possible. I have clients who can attain and retain both. First, practice my DVD’s on movement…until they become second nature. Next, try downloading a free 10 day trial software program from the net. I like Spectrogram by Richard Horne. IF you like it…he sells it for $50.00 I use this when working with my clients, and voice pathlogist also use this type of program….if you were to go in and work with one (for hundreds of dollars). You will need a mic ($10.00 from Radio Shack). They have great tech support to help you set it up.

Now, once you download the software..find the 185 to 300 Pitch range on the Spectogram. Next, find the BACK spot of the bottom, back of your thorat. As I showed you at SCC…put your index finger on your Adams Apple. Swallow. You will feel a V go down and BACK.

This is the cord stretching out, as you swallow. You want to speak from that spot. Also, remember when I showed you ladies how to practice saying: HA HA HA This leaves your mouth open. Feel your mouth drop open with a HA?

Now try HE HE HE. This PULLS your lips in and pulls your throat muscles UP…and this HE HE HE is the upward pull you want in your throat. Have each word go UP not DOWN.





Today, I went shopping. Again, I am new to Target…but it really does have some very up to date styles. They carry, swimsuits, colorful flowered shoes, matching tops….and my all year favorite item…the hip to the ground long skirt. This does hide so much. You can wear the low skirt under you low on your waist, or even pull it up and under your arms, again(the top has plastic….with colorful shoes, a big with brim sunglasses! Don;t let this scare you, the long top to button long skirt, covers everything and can be worn from the beach out to a place to eat. I wear my why skirt so many different places (in warm places).