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Hey Everyone;

 I have been asked if I am going to SCC this year. I had planned on it, but many of you may (or may not) know…that my brother Patrick has been very ill. I have been driving into SF to help him out, for the couple of months. So, I should know more by–Mid Aug. If any of you are going, and want to meet with me, do email me personally so we can arrange some time together, before the busy part of the event. If you have any tg conventions in your parts of the woods, do email me…so we can post information to the”Conference” page of FemImage.


Standing In High Heels

I see women (and men) standing with their pelvic dropped. This is the main cause for lots of back pain, especially if you’re walking in heels. If you review my Vol 1 Basic Feminine Movement DVD….I discuss how important “standing” correctly is. Begin a practice time, in heels, standing with the pelvic pulled in (push in your belly button) instead of dropping your pelvis towards the floor. Heels, with a dropped pelvic are causing women lots of lower pain pain and sciatica. So, review Vol 1 ~~

Please be aware of how you’re sitting with shoulders down…. at the computer and standing all day with your pelvis down!













Live Video Class

Hello Everyone-

Many of you have asked, if I can do a series of live, video class. Many of you live outside of California, and I feel this is a great idea. We could take several topics each week, such as foundations, makeup application, voice training, and any topics you email me. We will arrange it, so many of you can watch at one time.

Friday Night, Pacific around 7:00-8:00

Sat Night, Pacific 8:00 to 9:00

Sunday Afternoon, Pacific 3:00  (also International girls?)

The charge will probably be under $10.00 and you will simply click on the link we give you, at a certain time. You will sign up and pay with PayPal ahead of time. We will probably do this on Face Book for Denae Doyle.

Please let me hear from you and give me your best time choice and topic for a temporary seat, so I can determine how many of you are interested. We will begin one the end of July and Aug.

 I think this is a great, new exciting way, to learn, see, experience some of my newest information.

Email me at: Links and PayPal informaiton will be announced, watch my front page Live Net Conferance on Face Book

See you soon LIVE!!!