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Voice For The TG Woman

Hello Karen, thank you for your email regarding your voice. I feel others will benefit from your question.

What can I do to avoid getting hoarse, on the days I practice the vocal sessions you gave me?

Karen, Warm up your voice before your practice session each day so that you begin with your best voice pitch. Use easy humming to glide up and down. Try, starting low to high going until you hear your voice break, and then back down one note, for finding your feminine pitch (down one, maybe two notes while humming from where your voice breaks)  — Me Me Me– Mum Mum Mum moving up one note when you complete the series and try a higher note  for the next series, and repeat as you move gently taking a breath whenever you need to. This way, you will gradually and gently stretch your vocal folds. The more your vocal cords are stretched, the more feminine your voice will sound.. Karen, it sounds as if you’re trying to hard. Remember, we discussed only doing 10 minutes at a time, so you’re throat does not begin to hurt. Try this easy tip.

As you hum, put your hands over your face and notice vibrations in the front of your face, and keep your throat relaxed for your warm up exercises. Next, repeat the same sequence using “mum” or “num” or “me.” Notice the vibrations in the front of your face. Next, try gently speaking sentences that have lots of “m” words (Meet me on Monday). Me Me Me is my favorite exercise for the beginning new Transgendered Woman.  Again, feel the vibrations of the front of your face. Finally, say some everyday phrases using the same easy sentences or phrases. Your goal is to use this easy vocal exercise for a few minutes throughout the day.

Watch my website, FemImage, as I will have my new Voice CD out soon. It is ideal for the beginner TG or for anyone who just has not been able to speak in a feminine voice. Denae

Voice Tips # 1 For TG Women Speaking

Hello Robin- I enjoyed working with you as welll on voice. Your question:

What does the exercise EEEEEEEEEEEE and then HA HA HA HA HA do.

Robin, you will feel your throat/cords pulling IN on EEEEEEEE. 

 Now say HA HA HA HA. You will feel a drop.  With the EEEE exercise, it helps you feel to pull in and almost tighten your cords some.  On HA HA HA you will feel a downward drop and your tonque stays in the bottom of you mouth, allowing lots of air to go out with each word.(This air increasese your volumn). With EEEEE you will begin to feel a vocal coard pull INWARD IN YOUR THROAT. This is a great beginning exercise to practice BOTH while driving in your car. As you begin to feel the difference between the two, we will move on to tip # 2. Practice is the only way, to change your movement and your voice. Most can purchase clothing, wig, or makeup….but ONLY YOU can prevent forest fires…no, no (smiles) Only you can practice the tips I will be giving you. Also, if you have a tape player, speak into that. Also, my Vol 3 DVD is the most popular of my 8 DVDs– as it helps you feel pulling your movements UP together.  I truly feel movement and voice go together, like a beautiful dance..using your hands and legs. So, lets work on both, and please order Vol 3 Gestures While Speaking, from my home page– and I have Vol 3 in a download now.

Thank you Robin, this was a great question.

Hugs,….Denae (